Headlines and Updates for April 27, 2020: The Dead and the Undead Tell Their Stories [videos] ~ April 27, 2020

Q may be in “silent running” mode but we’ve got big stuff today folks. I warn you, I’m in a sarcastic, scathing mood. Be sure to scroll down and check out our news so you don’t miss the best. I like to bury it.

You can’t make this up. The media has lost the plot. They don’t know they’re supposed to report facts. They’re supposed to be unbiased. They’re not Stephen King; they’re not Alfred Hitchcock; they’re not writing screen plays for serial television—but they act like they’re all the above—inserting and removing characters at will.

It seems Kim Jong Un-dead is alive and not even in grave condition! He’s just peachy. Like Trump said, fake news.

Not dead anymore? As Pyongyang cites Kim’s message, media downplays death rumors after Seoul adviser says he’s ‘alive & well’

So begins another week of exposing corruption, lies, and coverups. Coronavirus or no, evil stopped at nothing to protect and enrich itself.

American billionaires have gotten $280 billion richer since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

Countless people have died in an effort to reveal the shams and conspiracies to destroy Humanity.

“What if the cures already exist? Q
When does BlGPharmá make money? Cures or containment?” Q

When did the AMA form?
When did the FDA form and ban Cannabis use? Why have over 90 medical researchers and natural cures doctors been killed or #suicided in the past 20 yrs? https://t.co/InDuncv1aj pic.twitter.com/5UPIQSZ2bS


Listen to this brief discussion with Rudy Giuliani and K.T. McFarland to learn why the CCP must convince everyone the COVID-19 virus originated spontaneously in a “wet market” and cannot afford to allow the blame to fall on the Chinese government as a lab-created contagion. It also explains why YouTube and other platforms are censoring reports that claim the source was the Wuhan lab. The video at the link is Q’d at the appropriate place.

Rudy Giuliani and K. T. McFarland Reveal the Sinister Reason Why China Claims the Coronavirus Came Out of a Wet Market (Video)

The New World Order is alive and well in Canada but now the People are getting braver and more desperate and through social media are organizing protests over the Stasi tactics said to be about preventing the spread of the greatly-exaggerated coronavirus.

On Sunday, April 26th a fourth protest march wove its way through downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and some felt the numbers had quadrupled since the first one. Word is getting out, and the Vancouver police have been escorting the marchers. Yesterday an agent provocateur appeared, complete with weapons, some reported, and the police isolated him from the protestors, searched his gear and arrested him.

The freedom fighters got a little angry when they came close to being pelted by eggs from apartment dwellers on the route, but it was overall quite civil with chants of, “I want to go to the bar”, “I want a haircut!” and other services denied for many weeks. For humour, there was a, “Bring out your dead.” If you’re not a Monty Python fan, please don’t be offended.

Dan Dicks of Press for Truth covered the march and encouraged viewers to realize that nothing will happen if the “suggested” restrictions are ignored. It certainly was interesting, however, to see the number of “sheep” who were angry that the miscreants had the audacity to flaunt the government’s cautionary guidelines which they believed put others at risk. That video was censored by YouTube, as Dan expected it would be, and he will upload to Bitchute soon.

As for the Nova Scotia mass murder on April 19th, our initial pronouncement was correct, it seems, as we hear conflicting details from the April 24th RCMP press conference that don’t jibe with the time lines, video evidence people on the scene published, and the layout of the crime scenes.

Worse, victims’ families learned of the deaths of their loved ones on social media and other people before the RCMP notified them. That is unacceptable and unforgivable.

The fact that the RCMP put out a lame notification on Twitter about a gunman rather than using the EAS is laughable and further underscores the repeated warnings that the RCMP is deeply infected with globalist psychopaths.

If in any doubt as to whether this was an orchestrated event, one need only look at the new gun control legislation Trudeau immediately convinced the public to accept. How many times does this have to happen before people wake the hell up? Do you watch nothing that happens in America?

Justin Trudeau and biological father, Fidel Castro

UPDATE: Trudeau promises swift action on gun control following Nova Scotia shooting

We know the best way to pull off a really gruesome mass murder is to include law enforcement in your plan. Last time I checked we can’t buy RCMP uniforms and cruisers on Amazon.ca and the fact they wouldn’t immediately reveal what kind of weapon(s) the shooter used in the murders is suspicious in itself.

Now they have decided to cover all the bases and claim it was both hand guns and long guns and some of them came from the US. Well, there’s a shocker for an operation that was probably brokered by the Clowns in America.

The Turdeau cabinet is talking “assault-style” weapons, of course. They incrementally remove your right to keep and bear arms. Same old, same old. The totalitarian tip-toe is waltzing across the Great White North, just as they tried to do south of the 49th. It seems the Americans are the only ones who will steadfastly protect their second amendment rights—or die doing it.

Billy Joyce examines the evidence of the assassinations, including an RCMP constable, looking at the roads, press conference statements, video from people who filmed at the scenes, etc. A real head-shaker, folks. The RCMP are not being honest and their official statement was—like all those prepared by law enforcement after false flag events in America and elsewhere—massaging the details to fit the narrative. Disgusting.

NOVA SCOTIA SCHOOTING – The DEVIL is in the details! A province in mourning!

Tim Horton’s launched a charitable drive, but the money goes to the Red Cross. Good grief. Just keep funding the globalists!

That’s money in them thar Red Cross containers, folks. They ship it across the pond and all over the world disguised as medical supplies. Money raised under the Red Cross name rarely makes it to the intended victims; it goes much farther, and into the pockets of the deep state psychopaths.

Tim Hortons launches Nova Scotia Strong doughnut to raise money to help those affected by shooting

Just to be clear… we’re not saying there is no coronavirus. There is a virus. There is always a virus. That’s the point. Flu viruses make their rounds every year. This was a planned event—a “plandemic”—blown completely out of proportion by the cabal’s weaponized media and supported by the hoaxters at the WHO, CDC, NIH, the communist Chinese government, etc. There may be a “twist” to this one, however, since it was a bioweapon.

If you’re researching the coronavirus scam, there’s a gold mine below of testimony and evidence from multiple sources you may not have seen. Have at ‘er. Dr. Judy Mikovits survived her jail term levied by the NWO thugs years ago to shut her up, has outlived her gag order and tells us the Coronavirus is caused by vaccines—and much more. It’s a subtle, compound effect. A time bomb, you might say.

Thanks to Number One for featuring all this outstanding material.

And this causes me to ask, “Who gets the most flu shots?” Probably the elderly, and those in nursing homes, in particular. And might that account for the appalling number of deaths in long term care facilities? Absolutely. Number One says…

If I understand Dr. Judy Mikovits, COVID-19 is really caused by a cocktail of vaccines, flu shots, and glyphosate (ie. RoundUp) and is quite possibly activated by 5G.

She even says that some of the symptoms doctors are seeing in this plandemic are consistent with radiation burns (ie. 5G in the 60GHz band)

Read more and see the many videos here.

It will be interesting to see what trajectory this takes. Fox tells more truth than the other big networks.

Trump Calls for Alternative to Fox News

It’s abundantly clear the objective was to destroy America. It just won’t die, though. In the words of Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes (another revealing exposé from the global El-ites) “Damn them all to hell!”

LT brings us another brilliant interpretation of the “news” and the silent war raging to save Humanity and the World. Eyes on Flynn.

AWK News 4.27.20: Gen. Flynn Exonerated!? [DS] PAIN coming.

If you still don’t believe the “PAIN” is coming, you should have listened to Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call last night. NAMES ARE BEING NAMED for the charming upstanding members of the US shadow government John Durham has been investigated. This is information given to these broadcasters because they want the information out there.

I’ve not yet had a chance to listen to the whole thing—I’m more than 30 minutes in—but it begins about 4 minute mark, and addresses DOJ info regarding arrest warrants and the sealed indictments.

They said folks at the DOJ are excited, and so is this host. They say there are “eyes-on arrest warrants” ready to be executed once the indictments are unsealed. Conspiracy to overthrow the government.

They tell us this particular source has never, ever been wrong or inaccurate. They did say the charges listed could be updated in the future by the Grand Jury.

You will recognize all these names, 12 of them, and the multiple counts against them. Don’t miss this. It’s a long list of counts for Brennan, and they say probably more coming. It’s already at “treason”. GET YOUR PEN OUT!

Dave brings his reliable, astute perspective to current events and it’s outstanding, as always.

Precursor, Nothing Can Stop The Truth, Relevant Events Are About To Unfold – Episode 2158b

More good news…

Court Blocks Virginia Governor’s Closure Of Indoor Ranges

Keeping it as light as we can, Timothy Gutfeld’s monologue was able to inject more sarcastic humour.

And so ends the Monday edition. For now. Let’s hope the Hundredth Monkey Effect kicks in very soon. This “holding a space for the sheep” is getting old and I’ve seen this “movie” too many times. Ommmmm…  ~ BP

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