Headlines and Updates for April 25, 2020: Another Green Light [videos] ~ April 25, 2020

What better place to begin than the “green light”? The US military seems to be declaring, “It’s on!”  What, exactly, we don’t know. It could be the media’s new assault on Trump or something else. Thanks, R.

Sec. of State Mike Pompeo did publicly confirm there is a military operation. We understand there are  multiple layers of mil-ops currently underway.

The US department of defense says…

Our adversaries are not standing down. We will continue to make sure that the @DeptofDefense is ready to protect the #USA. pic.twitter.com/RfeRK019rN

— @EsperDoD (@EsperDoD) April 24, 2020

Visit The Cat Report from American Intelligence Media for the updates on General Michael Flynn. Big news.

Simon Parkes reported on his blog, the following in the update on “War Against Trump”:

Now that he has not been gotten rid of due to economic closure, virus and the impeachment failure.

World’s media told to go all out against President Trump. ‘It’s us or him’

Media moguls ordered by deep state to – Wage war on Trump.

Expect to see the attacks go through the roof.

Sigh. I thought they were already through the roof. I know the patriots on social media, the keyboard warriors and digital soldiers, are armed and dangerous and will keep the record straight as to what the facts are, who the villains are, and who needs to be banished from society. The corporate media are the propaganda arm of the deep state global El-ites and they are the enemy of the People.

Even the twits on Twitter make it difficult to like and share posts. People are stating that “likes” they awarded are removed, and many times when I try to Retweet something, the option box for retweet with or without a comment plays cat and mouse so my pointer can’t contact the RT and I have to have lightning fast reflexes to hit it just right; either that or go to an original source of the tweet.

The deep state psychopaths would love for violence to erupt. We’re keeping an eye on gatherings, esp. when guns are now in the picture.

The lockdown crowd is losing this fight. People losing their livelihoods, & trying to feed their kids, don’t give a shit about your polls, your political party, or your cute speeches. The lockdown crowd has grossly miscalculated. I genuinely fear what’s next if they don’t wake up https://t.co/ETTyTiU3Yt

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) April 25, 2020

Releasing convicts into the general population but arresting a mother for pushing her child on a swing at an Idaho park… it’s crazy out there. Residents of that town surrounded the home of the arresting officer and it’s obvious that the People are waking up and not liking the tyranny.

A heat wave hit the Southwest two days ago and we’re out of the abnormally chilly weather and into sudden 100-ish temps almost overnight. In California thousands of people hit the beaches and ignored the “social distancing” measures. We’re seeing the full spectrum of lockdown vs resistance in America now. State to state, city to city it’s all over the map.

Fortunately, being outside in the sunshine, heat, and fresh air is a healthy choice now that we understand those elements weaken the coronavirus. Keeping people inside, festering in their own potential germs, isn’t helping anyone. It only makes sense to protect the high-risk people and leave the rest of the population to do what they do—like every other year.

Trey Gowdy’s compelling argument on stay-at-home orders

Number One shared a video that puts the threat into perspective:

Dr. Erickson: “0.03% chance of dying from COVID-19 in California.”

Planet-wide we are learning how world leaders were manipulated and controlled to do the bidding of the New World Order. Jeffrey Epstein knew all about these tactics and recorded everything and everyone. That is why his second arrest and disappearance caused such a ruckus. There are a lot of freaks out there who know their name is going to come up… eventually… if not for having sex with children, for something far more appalling.

FULL STORY LINK:https://t.co/6Cd5Kw0FkT pic.twitter.com/TfSpM9EY84

— Greg Reese (@gregreese) August 18, 2019

We continue to learn more about cutting edge treatments for disease, including the “coronavirus”. Soon they won’t be “alternative therapies” they will be the norm. Drugs, surgery, radiation, and invasive and dangerous practices will fall by the wayside as better methods go mainstream and enjoy success.

“The device is called the ‘HEALight’…”

Clear your mind.

H/t Anons pic.twitter.com/wuWa2iuVvN

— M3thods (@M2Madness) April 24, 2020

So, we can see that the coronavirus “pandemic” is the vehicle to deliver a great deal of previously little known information that needs to have a light shone on it. QAnon told us a new world is coming, that the world is about to change and we can see the early stages already.

Knowledge changes how we see our world, and the illusion is slipping away. We are beginning to see a lot more truth, be it in politics, the medical field, the financial system, and who we are.

Between Dave’s X22 Report and LT’s news updates on the And We Know channel, we learn of the more subtle aspects of what is unfolding we might otherwise have missed, and their significance. Dave’s report from yesterday was no exception.

The People Need To See & Learn The Truth, Timing Is Very Important – Episode 2157b

Dr. Bruce Lipton provides a sane, sensible overview of the coronavirus situation. I think you will agree this makes sense. It’s logical thinking, as QAnon promotes. Just 10 minutes, and you’ll know all you need to know. This virus is marginally more potent than the flu that goes around every year and the only big difference this year is that the media chose to promote a fear campaign that was successful because most people didn’t know the statistics about the hundreds of thousands of people who died from influenza before. Again… lying by omission.

The coronavirus is not our worst enemy. Ignorance and fear are our worst enemy.  So let’s get real, understand the facts, and take control of this situation that went off the rails so the deep state could destroy America, President Trump, and the world.

“People Need To Know What’s Really Going On!” Dr. Bruce Lipton

Here’s some more “unreal” evidence of something unusual happening with our home. Related to “the Shift”???

Meterage for 4-24-20: Square Returns

We can clearly see that the cabal’s agendas work in the reverse to the way the controllers say they do. The media does not tell the world what is unfolding, they cover up the truth, make up a narrative and present it as real.

Planned Parenthood, Child Protective Services, etc. claim to have the best interests of the children and parents in mind, but they operate in the reverse; breaking up families, and stealing children for their child sex trafficking and organ trafficking rings.

Some of the law enforcement programs appear to work the same reverse way. Kids encouraged to “just say no to drugs” had skyrocketing drug problems. And then there’s this. These creatures know where to hide so the average person would never suspect—but now we know where to look for them. Everywhere.

Ohio: Highly Decorated DARE Cop Arrested For Running An Enormous Child Porn Ring

Corruption is inherent in the system and the greedy corporations and cabal outfits know how to grab the money. They’re being exposed in what may have been a trap as President Trump named a few like Harvard, Stanford, and others in his press briefings. From now on there WILL be consequences for behaviour not in keeping with guidelines set up to benefit the People.

Treasury Department bars larger firms from small business loan program after uproar

And finally, please keep producer Mike Smith and his family and team in your thoughts.

Many are at risk when they tell the inconvenient truth, and with over 10 million views, this film is telling it.  ~ BP


To all my patriot and Christian friends, I Just spoke with Mike Smith (@Crux41507251) and he asked that we all pray hard for him and his family.

The enemy is not happy at the success of Out of Shadows documentary. Can you all spread the word to be praying for him and his team

— Sun_Q_Tzu (@Sun_Q_Tzu) April 18, 2020

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