How to shift to the highest Organic Ascension Timelines/ Realities: ~ April 23, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…a guide for “how to do it”. How to feel and BE in a new state of consciousness with the ability to manifest that which you wish in your life. Know this is all based on the way you, in your depth of BEing (your heart), feel. This is what is known as your state of consciousness.

Find a new state of internal awareness based on Love, and then expand yourself into a state of…

Quantum Joy!


We do this by visualizing, feeling, sensing in as much detail as possible the realities we wish to experience/ live in, personally and collectively. This is how we manifest this. Do it as often as possible throughout the day. Feel these realities deeply with all your senses, when in meditation or whilst going about your day and overwrite the current reality this way. Again, as much detail as possible. How does the grass feel, look like, smell etc. How does the air smell, feel like, look like. Do this with your home, family, friends, work, community, the world.

See yourself walking in a new reality that we have already created and already exists in a parallel timeline. See everyone happy, at peace, in joy, living in equality, in perfect health, in abundance and prosperity. A collective joined in unity, everyone respecting one another and everyone living in FREEDOM with all their needs provided for, living in reverence with all life and in alignment with the Law of One.

Time exists simultaneously, so we tune into these realities knowing they already exsist. Feel into this with much gratitude as (if) it has already manifested. See everything and everyone in your reality as perfect or at least be as neutral as much and often as possible, as even difficult experiences all carry their blessings that our ego may judge as good or bad, ultimately everything just is and serving a Divine purpose, but then we shift to the realities we wish to experience and prefer.

Feel what you need to feel, let it arise, any anger, frustration, fear etc., whatever it is, let it purge without judgement of self and others and without causing harm to another being. Then transmute it and let it go and keep coming back to neutrality, balance and inner peace. Keep relaxing every part of your body, go into nature, meditate, be creative, do what brings you joy.

See through the illusions that the old matrix holds and keep overwriting them.

Being in state of Pure Divine Love clears, neutralizes and overwrites all lower frequencies, experiences and realities.

In gratitude for your willingness to be of service to yourself and ALL Life πŸ™

Infinite Love, Miracles and Blessings,

~Ramona LappinΒ πŸ’š

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