The Early Edition for April 8, 2020: The Plan is Unfolding for All to See [videos] ~ April 8, 2020

Thanks to the crew, as always, for fleshing out the overview. It’s a team effort too much for one captain. Be sure to peruse the comments below each post for more links and information.

The shockers will continue… or not, but history certainly seems to repeat.

Sanders drops out, paving way for Biden Hillary/Michael

In case you missed it… important news, and not unexpected.

BREAKING… President Trump: We Are Looking at Defunding “China Centric” World Health Organization (VIDEO)

Amazon Suspending Amazon Shipping Service to Handle Surge in Orders

Amid the drama and turmoil, misinformation, lies, revelations, and relentless attack on the President, if you’re like me you’re left wondering what the “Trump card” QAnon spoke of might be, and when the Earth Alliance will play it.

I believe the answer lies in the video below. If you have not watched Part 10 of 10 of the series entitled, The Fall of the Cabal, you’re missing a fantastic vehicle to inform and potentially transform.

It is my belief that this particular segment, called “Return of the King”, summarizes all the clues we’ve presented over time and perhaps a few more that JFK Jr. did not die in a plane crash in 1999, and that he will probably be the Trump card. The King of Hearts, perhaps, or a even full suit.

As we discussed recently, if the Earth Alliance is indeed planning to red pill the public via their television screens whilst they are sheltering in place or “under house arrest” as the case may be, to let them know what has happened on this planet and why we are experiencing what we are, it cannot be Donald Trump, or Putin, or any other political figure I can think of who breaks the news. Definitely not the Poop, nor the Dalai Lama or the Queen.

I thought an unknown voice-over like Joe M uses in his video, Q – The Plan to Save the World would be ideal. If you have not watched that video, or know someone who has recently showed signs of emerging from the trance and might benefit from an overview or introduction to a new reality, it’s here. Millions have viewed this one, so it is making the rounds.

Perhaps in other countries and in other languages there is a voice best suited for their revelations, but I believe that JFK Jr. would be the ideal person—at least for America and the English-speaking nations—to bring closure to Humanity and make it believable. He is an icon, has virtually no enemies other than the deep state, and like denim blue, resonates as “neutral”.

Can you see him coming forth in the very near future, in a LIVE address, grabbing the attention of the entire planet, stating the situation, AND announcing he is running for Vice President of the United States as Donald Trump’s wing man? Wow. Would that leave one person still unaware of what has happened on our planet? Would that not put the “conspiracy theories” to rest and open the minds of Mankind?

And what if, in addition to all of that, JJ dropped the MOAB (mother of all bombs); that he is the one who has been speaking to us from the 8Chan/8Kun boards as the QAnon spokesman? Can you imagine the frequency of Humanity skyrocketing and lighting up our planet?

Click the link below if you are interested in knowing why we believe the above scenario is a very strong possibility as a defining moment in the war for planet Earth. Over time I have presented even more evidence that almost makes this a shoe-in, but we shall see.

By the way, are you aware that his close friend called John, “King”, for whatever odd reason?

Watch, The Return of the King on Bitchute. The other 9 portions of this series are equally highly recommended as they consolidate basically all the material we have presented over the years in video form, and additional research as well.

Some may recall that when asked point blank, QAnon replied, negative; John F. Kennedy Jr. is not alive. As this brilliant researcher points out, however, since his father was assassinated, he would now be the only John F. Kennedy. Technically there is no “Jr.”

Some took it a step further and surmised that JFK would be POTUS #46, with Donald Trump Jr. as VP. Can you even conceive of that? Wow. We have also heard that Donald Trump is the last President, which suggests a major restructuring of government—but that’s another story.

Back on track, I believe that potential live address from John F. Kennedy Jr. signalling the culmination of a 20 year plan to defeat the evil on our planet would be the end of the cabal; the last nail in the coffin; the Trump card, and the TKO.

As President Trump often says, “Think of it.” And there might be a twist or two in there, as well. I do believe it’s entirely possible. “The best is yet to come”, and President Trump always keeps his word. After the endless jeers currently in the propaganda and echoing through the lunatic left, there will be many tears, and many cheers in the near future, my friends.

Once Humanity has some difficult truths under their collective belt and is assured people with their best interests in mind are have assumed at least temporary leadership positions on the planet, it will pave the way for additional truths and a whole lot o’ healing will ensue. I’ll leave those truths up to your fertile imagination. The power shift will be monumental, and the People of Earth/Terra/Midgard will begin rising to their true potential.

LT has a new update for us. Must watch.

AWK News 4.8.20: Level of corruption so severe THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY!

Human trafficking will be known by all before long. Thanks, L.

Again… reading between the lines. Every able-bodied man and woman has been deployed to address the current situation unfolding in America, and on smaller scales, probably other countries.

Army Halts Basic Training To Stop Spread Of Coronavirus

Headlines we never expected break every day along with more reality bytes. This is a travesty considering the nutritional value of raw milk and the children who have gone to school without breakfast for so long.

Shadow government restrictions are unfounded and criminal. This is just one more way they have attacked our food supply; forcing most of us to drink “Pasteurized” milk—which destroys many of the best nurturing qualities.

The brainwashing was effective and while farming families enjoy the health benefits of raw milk, the rest of us make do with what the powers-that-were dictated were “safe” decades ago.

Do you suppose this “shortage” will touch Starbucks? Doubt it. And they don’t seem to care if they use milk and cream loaded with hormones and herbicides and pesticides despite pressure from the public to clean up their act.

Raw Dairy Milk is being DUMPED!!!

I don’t imagine this would go over well. Would New Yorkers and tourists want to play in a grave yard? Is it really necessary? Will they make this exquisite jewel of the city—the core of the Big Apple—into a place associated with death?

New York City Announces Plans To Bury Virus Victims In City Parks

Veteran investigative journalist Jon Rappaport continues to shine the light of fact on the coronavirus issue, bringing sanity to a world some must feel is on the brink of extinction. Not so. It’s not nearly as bad as the legacy media is making it out to be. The illusion they create may feel real, however it’s anything but.

Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests

Not to cloud the issue, but this alternative view is interesting. Of course those in the know understand why we are honouring the “lockdown”. Multiple classified military operations are underway and it’s not the flu bug they’re after. We sympathize with those who are under such strict rules that it is severely impacts their freedom and enjoyment. It will all be worth it in the end, and I believe it will be over shortly.

Alt. View: Epidemiologist claims Coronavirus could be ‘exterminated’ if lockdowns were lifted

With censorship at an all-time, Orwellian high, we can expect interruptions in “the truth”.

David Icke has been heavily censored and vilified over the decades he has been spreading truth. He is in the spotlight again now, with some saying he is a reptilian.

That may be true, and it’s not to say all reptilians are our enemies. Just as not all Humans are fine, upstanding people, other races of Beings can’t be categorically lumped into a positive or negative bent.

David has educated us on many topics over the years, and certainly doesn’t seem a bad sort. It’s a miracle that he has survived the “conspiracy nut” label and just keeps coming back.

True, his material can be alarming, but so can the truth and he’s left asking the same old question: What will it take to wake the world up?

He was so far ahead of the curve but his knowledge will be in high demand in the coming days as Humanity remembers who they really are.

Now, it seems to be 5G that is getting the attention of the People due to censorship.

UPDATED: Censorship of David Icke is Waking People Up!

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