Golden Disc Activating – Celestial Gateway of Amaru Meru – Yellow Cosmic Sun ~ March 30, 2020

Elaine Degiorgio 

March 13 at 5:36 AM

As I am sitting in the Presence connecting with my Higher Self and with Heru and my Spirit Guide Team I have the following update.

Sacred Portals of Light are now activating and opening up in South America Two Places I have received… Peru Lake Titacaca – Celestial Gateway of Amaru Meru and The Sacred Pyramid of Yucatan.

Preparations are underway now to facilitate the Golden Age of Light on this Planet and this System of Worlds.

Labyrinths of time unfolding….

The Divine Director is now facilitating the Energy Portals working through significant beings of Light that have come back into incarnation to pave the way of preparation of Soul Ascension and Collective Ascension upon this Planet.

The Energy of Light at the Celestial Gateway of Amaru Meru to the Celestial Gateway of Tibet – The Himalayas connecting to the Portal Doorway of the Shambala.

This in essence shall activate the Earth’s Kundalini Serpent that connects Peru to Tibet… North meets South East meets West.

Connecing the Ancient with the New….

We open the Sacred Door of Light with the key of Divine Light and Life Force… Primordial Light and Energy emitting from the Great Central Sun activating This Planet Of Light – The Planet of the Divine Mother – The Rising One. Her Light and Energy Shines Forth now for all to see and bear witness to…

The Golden Disc of Light activating This Divine Earth Mother as She Connects and Aligns with the Solar Sun – The Great Central Sun.

The Golden Spheres of Light now activating the Great Serpent of Wisdom…

Cosmic Knowledge unfolding As Above to the Sky – we connect with Shambala of Light to Below we connect with this Planet of Light through the Golden Disc activating The Divine Doorway of Light…

Mu – The New Lemuria is rising…. activating the ancient knowledge and energy in this new Golden Age of Light.

I am dear ones connected with Lord Meru the Keeper of the Golden Disc I am connected with the Temple of Illumination on the Ancient Isle of Mu…from the times of Root Races past….

I traveled back in time to receive Light Information from a Source of Divine Light and Wisdom – The Lake is now activating once more….

Divine Balance and Healing is the Key for the Earth at this Time.


Elaine Degiorgio
Heru’s Medium

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