There Are More Shifts Coming ~ March 25, 2020

By Yvana Bartholomeusz

This Preparation is a much needed, though extremely volatile part of the Change/Evolution for Humanity.

The Reality We ALL Exist In Here on Earth and Experience – is a Projection of Our Collective Consciousness.
What We See Out There Right Now is the Reality We All Exist In ‘here’. It’s the measure of Our Collective Creative Mind and How We as A Collective FEEL and Our Ability to FIND BALANCE WithIN ALL of that.

Right Now there is one side showing absolutely zero interest in their fellow man and what We have ALL Created by way of ‘spiritual bypassing’.
Another side is showing they are lost and Feeling Vulnerable WithIN a World that completely Changed overnight.
Another side is showing zero interest in anything other than how and when they can return to ‘Normal’ and make Money.
Another side is Up in the Clouds proclaiming Love has Won. Just a Heads Up…. Love ALLways Wins! but We have Work to do with Our Boots On Ground Zero…. Earth.

Self Consciousness/Knowing has ALLways been the 1st Port(al) of Call.
It’s ALLways been the Holy Grail…. To Drink from Thine Own Cup is To Taste and Know Your Essence/Energy.
(This Is The 1st Event Horizon)
We can’t bypass this stage of Self Knowing and jump to Collective Knowing (The 2nd Event Horizon).

This is what We Are Remembering on a Huge Scale right now… The Knowing and Power of Self. The Actions of Self Upon a Collective and Our Earth.
We Are Self Supporting, Self Regulating, Self Sufficient Independent Bio Feedback Organisms of Energy. Light InFormation. Electric Magnetic Harbringers of Creator and Creation in UNITY, NEUTRALITY and BALANCE WithIN SELF first.

What Truly Matters is THE PEOPLE. EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING. We Are The VALUE, THE WORTH and The Currency that keeps this Experience Running.
Earth has ALLways Provided EVERYTHING We have ever needed to live In Harmony with Our Very Nature and Each Other.

We can go for another round of Play withIn the Old UnConcious and go back to some sort of ‘normality’ for a short while…
Or We can Use this ‘time’ to Begin to VALUE Our Time and Each Other – for what is coming We Will only have Each Other to Rely On.
It’s ALLways Been About The People.
It’s ALLways been about The Heart.
It’s ALLways been about Knowing Yourself…

LOVE is a FLOW, it’s an Ether, it’s a glue, a base, a Carrier – it’s a Force that Binds Together ALL.

BE The Boots On The Ground.
Be Love In Action.
There are Many afraid and unsure and understandably so.
Too much Light is Blinding and in The Dark We Can’t See…BE THE BALANCE that LOVE IS.
Take the word Fear out Of ‘Dark’ and The Word Love Out of ‘Light’…. Light and Dark have ALLways Been One.
It’s Either Fear or it’s Love that We Flow WithIN.
Our Choice WithIN Self First.

My Heart Expands Out to ALL who Feel Uncertain and afraid…. I Share this Planet With You and I Feel You and I Love You.
My Heart Expands Out to ALL who are having to learn New Ways of Supporting Self, Families and Community… I Walk Beside You.
My Heart Expands Out to ALL who have lost those closest to them or are seperated at this time… I Cry With You.

            We Are ALL In This Together. ALL On The Front Lines as One People 🙏💛🌍💛
                                                                     IN Love ALLways
                                                                           Yvania 💛☀️❄️☀️


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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