Editor’s Note: This is a powerful rite of information/knowledge regarding the human heart as a focal point for the perfection which we ARE. Please read this message, understand the power of asking for an awakening/rebirth for your purity of Self, which yields the ability to consistently BE…



By Patricia Cota Robles

Hi precious heart thank you for joining us for our weekly vlog the company of heaven has shared with us that the divine plan for this decade is for awakening humanity to join forces with the company of heaven in ways that have never before been attempted.

We are being told that this greatly expanded collaboration will result in raising the consciousness of the masses in a way that will literally empower us to transfigure our earthly bodies and the bodies of the elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth into the crystalline patterns of perfection associated with the fifth dimensional New Earth, with the God victorious success of the miraculous events that birthed this new decade.

We have crossed the threshold referred to by the company of heaven as the thirteenth gateway. This shift has moved us up the spiral of evolution into the full embrace of the New Earth the company of heaven revealed that Earth’s ascension through the thirteenth gateway means we have energetically severed ties with the entire third and fourth dimensional fields of the old earth. The door to those dimensions has now been closed and is permanently sealed.

Mother earth and all her life have fully entered the fifth dimensional crystalline field of the new earth now.

We have the ability to transfigure our earthly bodies and the bodies of the elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth in ways that have not previously existed on this planet. The company of heaven is acknowledging that this information may be difficult for Humanity to comprehend with our finite minds however our IM presence is fully aware of this multi-dimensional profound truth and will guide us unerringly through this process. We are being told by the beings of light that as we tangibly experience this truth step by step through the unified efforts of heaven and earth. During this decade we will be set free our physical bodies and our physical reality will be transfigured into the fifth dimensional crystal and perfection of the new earth.

The company of heaven has shared with us information about the significance of the core of purity that exists within the electrons that form our earthly bodies and every other facet of life on earth. This sacred knowledge is a key factor in the divine mission we are being called to fulfill during this new decade. Purity is at the heart of all creation and it is extremely important that that quality must be utilized during the physical transfiguration process.

Our Father Mother God and the company of heaven will guide us through this decade, the frequency of purity within the core of every electron vibrates so rapidly that no discord can enter into it or contaminate its radiance. The miss qualification occurs when we cloak the electrons in vibrations that are not based in love. Every form of pain and suffering is the result of humanity in some timeframe or dimension either known or unknown placing a cloak of shadow around the electrons within our life force. When we send them forth through our negative thoughts feelings words and actions our godparents want us to know that every electron is an intelligent form of life that will respond to the command of our eye in presence.

Since these many light beings must obey the divinity in our heart flames we have the ability to speak directly to them and to command through the power of God I am that they continuously and permanently expand the flame of purity, pulsating at their very core. Our Father Mother God and the company of heaven have recently given us an invocation to expand the flame of purity within every electron on earth today however due to the need of the hour they are asking us to include this invocation with a brand new aspect of the violet flame of Transfiguration.

If you have the heart call to do so please join with me and the thousands of light workers around the world who are empowering this decree with us.

We begin in the name of the almighty presence of God I am and through the full power of the I am presence and the three fold flame pulsating in every heart I speak directly to the divine intelligence within every electron of precious life energy existing in my earthly bodies and the earthly bodies of all humanity.

The elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth blessed electrons through the power of God I Am I command that the flames of purity and Transfiguration in the central core of our being now expand expand and expand continuously and permanently through the power of God I am. I direct the crystal and white flame of purity and the violet flame of Transfiguration to cast off any shadows cloaking the electrons within my physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies and the electrons within the physical etheric mental and emotional bodies of humanity.

The elemental Kingdom and Mother Earth sacred flames of purity and Transfiguration cast all of these shadows into the violet flame of God’s infinite perfection instantly purify and transfigure every shadow back into its original perfection, raise every rate of vibration which is causing any form of limitation in my life or in the world into the heart based frequencies of the new or as the flames of purity and Transfiguration quicken, the vibratory rate of each electron.

I witness every cloak of darkness being cast into the violet flame all shadows created by humanity’s past misuse of our precious gift of life are being instantly purified and transfigured into light from this moment forth through the grace of God and my I am presence I am experiencing the blazing white flame of purity and the violet flame of Transfiguration continuously and permanently expanding expanding and expanding within the core of purity in every electron of precious life energy on earth. I accept and know that through the command of my I am presence this purification and Transfiguration is being God victoriously accomplished through all dimensions all timelines and all levels of consciousness and so it is. Beloved I am that I am dear one focus on what has been shared with us today by the company of heaven allow the truth of this sacred knowledge to be revealed to your conscious mind in a clear and comprehensive way during your quiet moments of meditation god bless you I look forward to being with you next week.



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