Headlines and Updates for February 28, 2020: Rally Day & Dimms Shooting Themselves in the Proverbial Foot [videos]

President Donald Trump Keep America Great Rally LIVE in North Charleston, SC 2/28/20

Today is a KAG rally day for President Trump and the patriots/converts so there’s the link to watch on Right Side Broadcasting so you can see the lineups in the early part of the day, the crowds, all the speakers, if any, and the entire Trump speech with no cutaways when he mentions “fake news”. LOL.

I hope everyone took QAnon seriously when they told us to prepare for The Storm. This voyage on the high seas is going to get us close to some rocky shoals and sand bars and some of us may get a little nauseous but Q says the Patriots are “ready”.

We have the psychopaths trying to instigate WWIII again in Syria with Russia, Turkey, etc., the coronavirus hysteria, murders to silence people who might talk, the economy on the downturn due to the coronavirus hype, treasonous Democrats trying to ram through a new Patriot Act while we’re distracted to further erode Americans’ rights, amped up media lies, Earth changes, and direct hits on President Trump. We never know what we’ll hear next, but the “Teflon Don” is still our President and dealing with it all very calmly.

Thankfully, thanks to the Q team, our friends upstairs, the Looking Glass Technology, and thousands of patriots working hard every day, we trust the White Hats saw all of this coming and are dealing with it strategically.

In the end, the psychopaths will expose themselves for who they are, and when the masses learn what they have done, they’re gonna be pissed.

My, my, wouldn’t it be awful if the Poop died from coronavirus? It would be ironic if they scored on their own net—BUT—being who they are, they might use this to fake their own deaths to escape prosecution. Wouldn’t be the first time. I sure wouldn’t miss the old pervert. The pedo church needs to go.

Pope cancels event due to ‘illness’ after touching hands and kissing heads at Vatican https://t.co/JCXUYsXW3o

— Octothorp #LPEEP (@selvestekjetil) February 27, 2020

When Q published this…3890

US Military Troops Pose Next to US Flag

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 25 Feb 2020 – 10:12:52 PM Anonymous 25 Feb 2020 – 10:05:32 PM


… I said it looked like there was another dangerous operation beginning. Yesterday on the Blessed2Teach update insider/researcher Gene Cosensi told us the US military embarked on the next DUMB raid in Afghanistan. I fell asleep during the prophecies, but woke up to hear Gene’s update. Impeccable timing. We ask that all the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day are protected; no matter where or what sort of operation.

We get an extra day this leap year and on Saturday, Feb. 29th Rick, Gene, and CirstenW are doing a show together on B2T. Since Cirsten speaks 2 Chinese languages/dialects she brings information from SE Asia from her contacts; 5:30 Central Time on B2T channel.

One of our crew brings us this credible coronavirus update today, which refers to a previous one we shared. Thanks, J. Good news. It’s a little different from many of the brutal and unbelievable reports we were getting out of China, isn’t it?

Got a new report from a german living in Wuhan who got put into quarantine for 4 weeks while visiting fam. of his wife outside of Wuhan. Part 2 says the epidemic is declining.

Also he could go home to Wuhan with his wife soon but will probably be put under house arrest another 2 weeks for precaution. He reports the whole fam. was never sick and always had enough food. Donations from other communities outside the critic zone were divided. An emergency no. could be called and food would be brought to the house. They could go for walk and fresh air some time but not drive by car. No awful reports that are seen here on the net came to his attention inside of his area.

If you don’t believe the powers-that-were created and tried to spread disease (including in America) in the past, read the following I just happened to come across in an old post of ours about a video we featured which might generate a couple of “aha” moments for you.

In this article, Gordon discusses the information US Intelligence has gotten about the current Ebola situation in the United States. Gordon’s information leads him to believe that Ebola is an organized terror plot on behalf of financial entities to spread Ebola through the United States. VT personnel now have evidence that people are being given money and airline tickets to fly into the United States to cause a pandemic.

He believes the airlines, hospitals, DHS and TSA are involved in this plot. People with Ebola are being put on airplanes and flown to the US and then making stops on their way to hospitals that they are told will cure them! US Intel estimates that as many as 5,000 Americans could be infected. They have tracked financial operations behind this to Switzerland, UBS as a handler of operational funds and a number of CIA contractors as prime movers.

The remainder of the show was talking with Dr. Rima [Laibow] about her successes treating Ebola in Africa using her recommended 10ppm Nano Silver. This product is made using 10,000 volts of electricity and high pressure and is NOT the same as colloidal silver. She had sent a huge amount of the product to Africa only to have the shipment lost for 5 weeks. It was only sheer luck and the grace of God that allowed them to locate and get it into the country. They then packed suitcases full of the Nano Silver and brought it into Sierra Leoen to begin treating people.

Dr. Rima says that the World Health Organization (WHO) stopped the first clinical trial they were doing with Nano Silver and said they could not use the product even though earlier they said they could use all experimental treatments since the situation was so dire!

Finally, the President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma stepped in and told the WHO to leave his country and they were going to use anything possible to cure his people! Since that time, Dr. Rima has gotten reports that many people now in Africa no longer have signs of the virus in their body!


And today look what the WHO is up to…

All the WHOs down in WHOville are up to no good.

WHO raises coronavirus threat assessment to highest level

Dare I say that my concern has been that the deep state will purposely spread the disease to make it a disaster when it wouldn’t ordinarily be?

Yes, the Trump administration is going to have some rough waters to navigate with this one, but President Trump will prevail. People will see that the “coronavirus pandemic” is an engineered, fake, pandemic designed to take advantage of flu season, weakened immune systems, and widespread travel out of China—not to mention the public’s gullibility and programming to believe what comes out of the lying, treasonous television/print/electronic propaganda. It gives the fake news and social media the opportunity to spread lies and theatrics to manipulate people in a massive psyop—not that there aren’t viruses out there making people sick—but it isn’t what they want us to believe.

Jon Rappoport tells us how it’s done.

How to stage a fake epidemic (and brainwash billions of people)

Cities like San Francisco and others in California where the demonrats run free are hyping up the drama. Globalist Gov. Gavin Newsom is the latest to jump into the circus tent. It’s easy to see where this is going now, isn’t it, folks?

Chinese Reds Set a Trap for Trump

Military vet/ret. law enforcement officer Douglas Ducote Sr. gives us the straight goods on the coronavirus from his military and family medical sources. Just common sense, folks. Don’t bother getting a mask unless it’s HAZMAT/NASA astronaut quality. The first few minutes of the video are very good if you need to get solid information for your peace of mind.

Coronavirus Update! Plus Your Live Calls

We know there is pushback from the Democrats over the amount of funding President Trump requested to address the coronavirus issue in America.

These people/clones are stupid. In the first 5 minutes of the video below, former Secret Service/NYPD patriot Dan Bongino shows us just one more example of how the democrats kill their own message. Listen to what Pelosi says in the video clip (once she finishes chewing her cud) about funding. It makes no sense.

And neither does Bernie’s math. It must be the common core “new math” and Dan explains why his rhetoric about the middle class not being one iota better off than in the fifties is a lie—and that Sanders knows it’s a lie. That’s what the dimms do; they spout lies like a firehose and hope enough Americans who don’t do any research—and don’t want to—will believe them.

Ep. 1191 They Knew the Whole Time! – The Dan Bongino Show®

Most importantly, Dan says, the traitors are attempting to pass another revised Patriot Act behind closed doors and it must be stopped. Dan asks us to contact our representatives and stand up when it matters = NOW.

If you’re not aware, the “Patriot Act” was about anything but protecting patriots, and all written and ready to push through Congress shortly after 9/11. It destroyed privacy, and introduced the indignity of searches of personal property and pat-downs at airports, etc. It turned all Americans and travelers in the US into potential criminals while the real criminals roamed freely, protected by the deep state cabal.

Search and seizure and toxic backscatter X-ray machines (purchased through cabalist corporation owned by Michael Chertoff – a true menace to society) at airports exposed innocent people to potentially cancer-causing radiation and generated degrading nude photos for the perverts to gawk at while they pretended to look for weapons that no one had.

They didn’t need weapons to blow up or crash planes, did they—since they could use the “uninterruptible auto pilot” (UAP) which is what Field McConnell tried to testify about with respect to 9/11 and warn the authorities and now he’s just out of jail on bail—but that’s another long and complicated story. Good news on Field farther down.

Despite their claims that these “security” imaging devices have been modified to show less detail and that they’re safe, know that any radiation is potentially dangerous, and cumulatively, from dental offices, doctors, hospitals, airports, train stations, cell phones, WiFi, microwave ovens, smart meters, etc., some people are getting dosed at dangerous levels. And we wonder why cancer is skyrocketing?

This disgusting piece of legislation needs to be shredded. Ignore this new attempt to steal your rights at your own risk. Contact your representative and tell them not to approve it or they’ll be out of a job. Show them you’re watching their every move.

Spying on criminals with “probable cause” and foreign intelligence surveillance is one thing; spying and trampling the rights to privacy for average citizens is unacceptable and should be against the law.

Dave brings us another top notch update and interpretation on what we see unfolding on the X22 Report.

Future Topic Coming Into Focus, Wait For It, Timing Is Everything – Episode 2108b

The White Hats are collecting the low-hanging fruit of the criminality tree and it’s quite a harvest this year. Nearly every day these sickos and bad apples are removed from our midst and shown “crime doesn’t pay”. Not any more, and Kip Simpson is all over it, collecting these proofs that the deep state minions are going down.



Speaking of criminals… some believe they’re trying to back-door HRC into the White House. Clone for President! It ain’t happening.

Oooooops! Failed again… a petition to get Hillary the witch Clinton to run for President. She should be running—for the hills—because we’re going to ‘lock her up’.

This is hysterical. It was started 9 months ago and only 1,746 signed it. (they claim)  LOL  Take note of the language. We need to “heal”, don’t you know?

Actually, we do, from the gaping wounds inflicted by the psychopaths that have been hemorrhaging Human blood for centuries. Many of them are psychological and lodged in our DNA, but we can fix that. We can all forget and move on once the new technologies are released.

An excerpt from this pathetic appeal:

As Russian attacks continue, we are coordinating with Change.org to strip out fake signers from this petition.

It is indisputable that, despite winning the popular vote in 2016 by nearly three million votes, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was denied the US presidency by an Electoral College process corrupted by foreign adversaries. These adversaries shamelessly worked in concert with hackers and Trump Campaign officials, who gladly accepted campaign collaboration with these hostile foreign nations, and then disseminated stolen files to deceive voters. Even redacted, the Mueller Report and indictments detail all that and more.

After the catastrophe of the Trump years, it would be cathartic and healing for this nation to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton as the 46th President of the United States. It would also announce convincingly that the USA will not allow any foreign nation, no matter how sophisticated its hybrid warfare active measures, to succeed in undermining free and fair elections in our country. We support Secretary Clinton as the Democratic Nominee for President in 2020.

See the lame petition here. Unbelievable.

‘The Five’ reacts to media, Hillary Clinton’s Russia hysteria

The deep state hijacked not only Washington, but the medical/healthcare system. It’s not about healing and curing. It’s about generating new and long-term patients who can be milked for every cent they have before they die a painful, undignified death.

“Something is happening to the nervous system and the immune systems of our children, and the powers that be continue to insist that vaccine ingredients have nothing to do with these challenges that we are seeing in children,” Pulaski said. He continued to get into the science and falsehoods behind vaccines, and the human anatomy. It was a very compelling and informative statement – certainly worth a listen.

Following is an informative and uplifting article from Corey’s Digs about the medical industrial complex and what critical thinking parents are doing about it in some states.

The system isn’t going to fix itself, folks. We have to take action. We have to speak up, and hold those who supposedly represent us in our communities, accountable. The laws have to be changed to protect us. If they won’t do our bidding, they won’t be re-elected. It’s time to perform and earn the outrageous paycheque—or else.

History Was Made: They Hijacked Our Health, But It’s Not Lost

It’s difficult to keep up with developments in all sectors but Agent Margaritaville brings us news in the video below on Field McConnell and also New Canada with respect to Matthew’s Law and the NSA and access to phone calls, etc. conducted by Canada’s pedophiles.

Gee, good news, a margarita, some great jazz… what more could a girl want?

And from other video updates from Agent M, I gather Timothy Holmseth is in hot water. He has been posting questionable material about Field McConnell’s wife, Denise, on his website and suggesting Agent M has “illegal files”. I’m convinced he has files the pedo-masters would rather he didn’t—but it’s too late. Some of the people he has approached about the nationwide pedophilia problem in Canada claim to know nothing about “adrenochrome”.

Agent M tells us he has files from a researcher he’s been working with who landed in hospital due to what they found. QAnon told us that the truth would put people in hospital. What the NYPD cops who viewed the Hillary/Huma “frazzledrip” video put some of them in the psychiatrist’s office. How can we underestimate the horrors perpetrated on Humanity at the hands of these demons?

Agent M uploaded a new video today from Ottawa where he visited the US Embassy and they say there is no “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”.

Isn’t that interesting? Did the pedos pull one over on Field McConnell? That’s how it’s looking, folks. See Field “in court” via video below when he was released on bail. He is not permitted to use any electronic devices or social media so we won’t have any “Field Reports” from him and we thank Agent Margaritaville for keeping us in the loop.

I hope the treasonous turds won’t be able to steal Field’s 100 acres of land that he had slated for the McConnell Veterans’ Ranch in Texas. They’ve been trying for a long time.

Wastin Away Again in A FloridianField Searching For That Pentagon Pedophile Taskforce! #Gumballmodel

As for pedophilia, people need to wake the hell up. Many of us know the reality, but far too many don’t, and they don’t want to look at it. I don’t understand how they can close their ears, do nothing, and let it continue and believe it’s okay; that they aren’t required to be aware of the extent of it, who the perpetrators are, and help to stop it.

The reality is, if it’s not their child, or a child in their family, they can easily ignore it. And they look down their noses at us for even mentioning it. Are we misunderstood? Are we freaks for wanting to know the truth and sharing that truth to alert others? Are we scorned for wanting to protect children from not only sexual perverts but being used for food?

And now it’s the truth about the coronavirus that is taboo.

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.”

Read the special report from Sister Ciara about the people all over the world being eliminated for speaking the truth. Thanks, J.

They Died For The Crime Of What They Knew—Where Is Your Name On The Death List?

And if disappearing people isn’t “woo-woo” enough, have you been paying attention to our skies? Where I live, our normally clear blue has been covered with chemtrails to the point the sky has been 99.9% grey or white for two days.

Yesterday I saw that NASA has told us Earth suddenly has a new “moon”. Not a “new moon”—a brand new hunk of rock orbiting our planet. They basically said it’s the size of a large boulder. Really?

People who watch our skies up close all the time have seen the most remarkable things, and share them while the lamestream media is focused on trying to make President Trump the cause of a fake coronavirus pandemic and crashing the stock market.

Mr. MBB brings us this story. Thanks, L.

Earth has picked up a NEW Mini-Moon! – For some reason, Jupiter looked PURPLE this morning

I could go on all day due to the geyser of information erupting all day but I’m going to sign off with this excellent video about China and what we don’t hear about going on there, but alluded to by many. It’s a very popular one.  ~ BP

It’s time to call out China’s BS!

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