Headlines and Updates for Q’sday February 25, 2020: New Q and The Long Road to Freedom [videos] ~ February 25, 2020

Can you believe it’s Q’sday again already? It’s clear that 2020 is going to be an interesting year, and will probably shake a lot more people awake and spur them to action.

I’m getting recurring error screens and alerts about connection lost as I work and don’t know what’s causing it. Century Link Internet has been dropping the last two afternoons for just a minute or two so working online is challenging at times.

Q left some more drops last night which you can read here. Yes, it will take at least another 4 years to fix America and the world. It took hundreds of years to put the system, people, corporations, and programming in place and it won’t come down overnight.

The criminals are still trying to save their arses and prevent the truth about what they have done from becoming known. In case you missed it the first time we published this story, here it is again.  They don’t hesitate to murder people who are threats to them. Haney co-wrote a book so it’s foolish to think his information died with him. There’s no doubt a thumb drive or two in safe keeping.

Whistleblower Against Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood Dies of Gunshot to the Chest

I’ve said this since Deep State was called New World Order Shadow Government when I was forced under MK Ultra mind control to work for them on White House/Pentagon level. Roots are planted deep – all of u.s. need to pull together to restore justice, freedom, and secure elections. https://t.co/HX77t9aNNs

— Cathy O’Brien (@RealCathyOBrien) February 25, 2020

The “Glow 4” channel, which was featuring Field McConnell updates, is now uploading videos attacking Field McConnell and Donald Trump, so if you subscribed, you might want to unsubscribe. It’s disgusting—and so predictable. The pedophiles are trying to make everyone look like a pedophile. It won’t work.

This won’t take long, did it? And who volunteers to be a guinea pig? The uninformed and people who desperately need cash. They know where to find them. As soon as we heard about an outbreak we mentioned that Big Pharma was going to cash in, but we’re just conspiracy theorists. What do we know?

Moderna’s New COVID-19 Vaccine Ready for Human Trials; Stock Up 15%

If you trust the CDC, this might mean something. Otherwise, we base our knowledge on what we can see, and past experience. We’re basically on our own to anticipate and prepare. We can see what’s happening globally, so… we can anticipate that a lot of already feeble and stressed people will be on their way out. Find out further down in this post how to avoid becoming a statistic.

BREAKING: Top health official warns coronavirus spread in US is inevitable: ‘It’s not a question of if this will happen’

Since Italy has already seen panic buying, there’s a good chance we will see that elsewhere, so for anyone who has not stocked up on food, water, cash, meds, pet supplies, and daily necessities, now would be a good time so you can avoid crowds in the event your locality gets locked down.

It’s time that we all take personal responsibility for our situations because the government cannot personally care for everyone. It’s simply impossible.

Where I am, where we have hundreds of thousands of seniors from out of state flooding the valley every winter, if there was an outbreak of coronavirus it would be bedlam.

State of Emergency Declared In Italy: Food Market Shelves Cleared Out At Many Locations

Possibly due to the fact that so many Chinese people travel at this time of year, the outbreaks continue in new locations.

I’ve been listening to a lot of opinions on the viral outbreak and there are some who still believe it was an “accident” the Chinese didn’t intend to happen. An escaped contagion.

At this point I totally disagree it was an accident. It was an engineered virus that is a-typical and we don’t know who infected the Chinese people, but it was intentional. Some even agree that it was in part done to affect Trump negatively. The timing was no accident with respect to the US election cycle and the Chinese Lunar New Year. We don’t even know for sure if it is a “coronavirus”, SARS, or a hybrid virus. Some are using HIV in relation to the virus. It’s not likely we’ll be told the truth any time soon.

The shadow government puppets like WHO and CDC cannot be trusted to provide true information. I believe President Trump would like to take responsibility for the protection of the American People but I don’t see it as being under his control.

He can take measures to ameliorate but it’s a wild card at this point because it appears that one person can infect 7 times the number of people someone infected with a regular cold or influenza can. With an incubation period of 28 days and the possibility of a complete lack of symptoms, the potential is there for the “coronavirus” to sweep a nation in a matter of weeks.

Typically, the very young and the elderly, and those with weak immune systems, are the most vulnerable, as with any disease.

1,000 tourists in Tenerife quarantine after coronavirus diagnosis

Hotel guests have been confined to their rooms after an Italian doctor on holiday tested positive for coronavirus.

Coronavirus: Switzerland, Austria and Croatia report cases as Tenerife quarantines hotel – updates

Again… personal responsibility. Knowledge is power and forewarned is forearmed. If you don’t know how to look after your health then you may be forced to allow the “medical professionals” to take you into their care and there’s no telling where that might go. In areas where massive outbreaks of illness occur, hospitals will be overwhelmed and you’ll be on your own, so it’s best to be proactive and protect yourself.

There are other steps you can take in and around your home to reduce the risk, such as using a veterinary, hospital, or military grade disinfectants used to protect EMTs, military medical staff, and pet breeding facilities or veterinary hospitals from bacteria and virus contamination.

When we bought our first puppy the breeder was fastidious about protecting the whelping area and her home and made us leave our shoes outside, bring an extra pair of thick socks to put on when we entered, and she also sprayed those down with disinfectant because she said it’s so easy to walk in something on the sidewalk or the grass and then contaminate any surface we walk on with parvo or bacteria.

We got some of that same disinfectant which is what they used at the University of Guelph Veterinary College to keep our puppy safe until his immune system was stronger.

If there were an outbreak of “coronavirus” in our area we can wipe down doorknobs, vehicle handles, steering wheels, gas pumps, and any solid surface with disinfectants like these that tackle the most virulent contagions. It’s just easier to avoid going out in public. Period. WASHING HANDS FREQUENTLY CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH.

This is an encouraging and informative discussion about not only coronavirus, but viruses in general, and how to deal with an outbreak naturally so you don’t get sick and don’t spread germs. Dr. Glidden is a naturopath, and Dr. Janda is an MD who often speaks of the “medical industrial complex” he fought against in Washington. To fortify the body and avoid illness they discuss how to use colloidal silver and olive leaf extract as well as the importance of washing hands. Did you know copper blows up viruses on contact? Fascinating.

Corona Virus: Boosting Your Immune System

Here’s a comprehensive VIDEO from Corey’s Digs on how NGOs control our entire healthcare system & other industries, in particular Bill Gates and the UN, while using our taxpayer dollars. Plus complete review of chapter 3 of AIDS slush fund book.

Watch full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsCCz3MBjK4

There are interesting things going on with bank accounts belonging to “dead people”. First, it was Jeffrey Epstein’s offshore accounts. And Mifsud didn’t kill himself. In fact, he’s considered, “missing’.

Italian News: Joseph Mifsud Recorded Deposition for John Durham – New Bank Accounts Appear – But Maltese Professor Still Missing

An unusually blue aurora appeared in Norway. It’s normally a fluorescent green, but we sometimes see red now, which is also very uncommon. Thanks, D, who also points out, in case you missed it, something else in view. Nice.

Gina Hill has what might be her most spectacular slide show yet of what her iPhone and clip-on lens photograph in the night sky. Just beautiful.

My system is painfully slow, so I’m gonna go.  ~ BP

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