Headlines and Updates for February 22, 2020: Patriot Dreams Blossom Amidst the NWO’s Worst Nightmare [videos] ~ February 23, 2020

The prayers may have worked, folks. Agent Margaritaville put out a new video only one minute long and the first second or so reads, “Field has left the building.” He is on his way to Florida. Agent M also says “New Canada” is happening faster than he could have dreamed. Wow. That means a TONNE is happening behind the scenes and the Q army has been busy north of the 49th.

#Freeing Florida Bound Field McConnell, as #NewCanada ROCKS!

The best is yet to come. “A storm is coming.” Pain tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night; flash flood watch. And that’s right here in the valley. How about your neck of the woods? The Q News Network says pain. Lots of pain. Torrential pain.

The Trump Difference…

As Rudy Giuliani said, we have all done things we regret. Does it mean we should be punished for the rest of our Earthly lives and shred the lives of others in the process? Hardly. The old regime flourished and profited at the cost of thousands of people who made inconsequential mistakes. No victim, no crime. Humility and forgiveness go a long way.

However… what sort of clemency do you believe we owe Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro for misleading the American people, posing as an American citizen, a straight man with a wife and legitimate children, and a patriot, when he was none of those and came close to destroying the United States as a nation?

Do we throw the book at he and “Big Mike”?

What sort of world would we create if we strove, daily, to do good things and uplift people, rather than tearing them down?

We’re going to find out what real “justice” is. And so are Barry Soetoro, Michelle Obama/Michael Robinson, the Hillary Clinton double, Bill Clinton, and a host of other imposters. They may get free, all-expenses paid trips to Greenland. One way, of course. Who doesn’t want to retire at the most exclusive ice hotel on the planet?

Today, another feel-good story of justice delivered, thanks to President Trump, who is in a very forgiving mood these days.

Thanks, L.

Clinton Stewart went to prison for over 7 years for not paying corporate bills.

A Federal Judge asked Obama to grant Clint clemency. Obama refused.

Trump’s First Step Act freed him.

Here’s the moment Mr. Stewart was released, embraced his family and thanked @realDonaldTrump. pic.twitter.com/UguknmxHsX

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) February 18, 2020

The duality of the double standards for El-ites and we commoners is on display daily now.

Two Sets Of Rules: DIA Employee Charged With Leaking While FBI Leakers Walk Away

Virginia, the key battleground state for the Second Amendment, continues to grapple with the gun grab attempts of the NWO.

The lie in is over, folks. It’s critical that every legitimate American voter get out and vote—every time there’s an election. If you don’t, you cannot complain about how things are going. If you value your freedom, take up your pen. It’s not just America any more. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance.

Virginia Anti-Gunners Come After Pro 2A Police & Sheriffs

Swalwell says there should be a buy-back. I wasn’t aware the People bought their guns from the government. So they would spend taxpayer money  buying up all the “military-style assault weapons” and forbid the people to have them.

Then, as most of us know, they would have their programmed bots commit more mass shooting/false flags events with hand guns and go after those, as well. The totalitarian tip-toe is a well-known tactic of the NWO and I don’t think gun owners or constitutional people in America are going for it.

They know those guns are the ONLY thing standing between them and re-education camps and guillotines—and that is no dramatization. That is the globalist agenda and well understood in the awakened community.

Tucker Carlson has a conversation/debate with Rep. Eric Swalwell about his absurd ideas. Are the illegal aliens they imported to California going to support them?—because no one else will.

Listen to Swalwell talk around his own statements and try to avoid the fact his proposals would make average, law-abiding citizens felons. He throws out the consequences of “doing nothing” as more children getting killed, more church shootings, etc.

They set up those scenarios for just this purpose; lame excuses for the gun grab—while informed, logical people know the “bad guys” will always be able to get guns. They’re lawless. For a level playing field, all People need to be able to protect themselves. Othewise, they are prey.

This gets a little heated when Tucker calls him on having body guards when the rest of us would have no protection. The El-ites have special rules for them. Walls around their properties and (hired) guns for protection are A-OK.

Rep. Swalwell: Ban assault weapons, buy them back

This next contribution is mandatory reading proffered by Corey’s Digs for an improved understanding of the “system” that kept us enslaved, sick, and in the dark as to who is controlling the world, as well as powerless to change it—until just recently.

Links are included for Chapters 1 & 2. It’s going to take solid research like this to convince some people that what we’ve been saying for years is true: that the diseases Humanity has endured and which cause so much suffering were lab-created, for profit, and that vaccines were weaponized. This kind of medicine is a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s true.

Chapter one revealed the historical timeline, involving three former U.S. presidents, of the creation of the Global Fund and PEPFAR, in addition to the big players that put this into potion, along with numerous NGOs that jumped on board this gravy train. It also exposed two huge factors of how AIDS evolved. Chapter one is a must read before continuing. Chapter two disclosed the three factors in determining if this is a fraud and a slush fund, and dove deep into the Global Fund and the scandals that surround it.

In this chapter, we will explore the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation connections to this $90B taxpayer slush fund, show how money is moved around, Gates’ other charities and investments, huge conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry, health policymakers, universities, and some major scandals involved. By the end of this chapter, there will be no doubt as to who all controls the entire health industry worldwide.

Bill and Mel Gates (Melvin?)

Is AIDS US $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund? Chpt 3: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

This is no more positive news than the above.

We got some disturbing intel from Thomas Williams on Thursday night (2.20.2020) regarding the corona virus. While much of the media bleating is pure propaganda and fear porn, Thomas said the following is fact.

If you vaccinate someone and then infect them with the coronavirus after the vaccine, they die on the spot.

You can hear that around the 123 minute mark here.

Perhaps more people should take our advice not to get vaccinations of any kind because we just don’t know how they will affect us. There is most definitely a reason the globalists want us all vaccinated. Probably multiple reasons.

Still on the coronavirus story… you may have noticed we don’t get into the “number of cases” or “death toll” angles. I don’t feel that’s productive since we have no way of verifying any of it.

However, we are following the story because something is not adding up. The details range from the terrifying to the absurd. We remain open minded and critical at the same time so that we may cobble together some semblance of reality with what is really happening, and why.

Let me ask you; if you subscribe to Qanon, what do you take “Biblical” to mean? Do you take it literally?

This next video blew my mind. I am not religious and never subscribed to prophecy, but in the past year or so have noticed some possibly prophetic elements to what is unfolding. Regular readers might recall I’ve considered what we’re watching to have a “supernatural” aspect to it, because some things just can’t be adequately explained.

Amanda Grace is another messenger besides Mark Taylor who seems to have an inside pipeline to events in the future and the messages she brings are fairly accurate. This is the first I’ve heard of her, but the information she brings seems a strong possibility with respect to the coronavirus.

To set the stage, we are fairly certain there have been “resets” of the planet before; to deal with the “failed experiments” when evil took over and the only way to disinfect the Petri dish was to wash it clean and start over. The remnants are everywhere —except our school text books.

Thomas Williams told us a few years ago that we were very close to that point, but a convincing argument to the “overseers?” bought us a reprieve and Humanity was allowed to stay, if we clean up our act—and we don’t take a lot of credit for the cesspool this place has become due to the marauding creatures who prey on us. Technologies and all sorts of things we didn’t know exist made us easy prey.

So… President Trump and the Q team stepped in with “divine intervention” and began draining the swamp in America (she tells us why America), but also encouraging regime change and the elimination of evil in other nations, improving relations all around as we fight together as one People to oust the dark cabal agents and free Humanity from the largely invisible bondage.

When have multiple nations on our planet adopted someone else’s President as their own; building parade floats with his likeness, etc.? It’s a historic event as far as we know.

parade float in Viareggio, Italy

The “ease” with which the US state department/military eliminated al Baghdadi, Soleimani, and others makes more sense in the context presented below.

From the video from B2T, we can gather that some pockets are very resistant to the spring clean of the May Queen and the plagues of locusts (and coronavirus) may intervene. The nations that have moved forward to bring love, joy, prosperity, and abundance to their people will be spared, but it seems China and Iran (and possibly California, as it seems there may be a CV crisis developing there) may be slated to undergo a purge.

That is my takeaway, but please listen to this entire show and decide for yourselves. It’s a lot to think about. The Battle of Evermore becomes ever more real, day by day. It’s a spiritual war; a multidimensional war—between good and evil. The imagery Amanda Grace describes about the 30-foot tall warrior in full battle regalia wielding a 15-foor sword was riveting.

The connection she relates about America being the protectorate is most intriguing in light of what has transpired thus far with Trump, Israel, etc.

We hope the innocent People of China will be protected. If there is a god it’s hard to imagine savagery of this kind could be permitted on our planet, and we know the people in the Middle East and Africa are suffering greatly. Sweden needs a miracle, too. The terror the Chinese woman expresses in the video excerpts is startling.

Obviously, you can research more of the Amanda Grace work if you like at her/his channel. She looks a little masculine to me. Since President Trump and the Q Team told us to “prepare”, I think it wise to do so, if you haven’t already. Q says we are ready for The Storm. What that will entail, we don’t know for sure, but it will include draining the swamp and waking up more people.

President Trump is heralding good things coming and says he hopes we’ll be happy. It’s difficult to be happy when there is so much carnage in parts of the world.

China Prophesies! Amanda Grace on Coronavirus. B2T Show Feb 21

Perhaps this only clouds the issue, but here it is anyway… Dr. Joseph Farrell isn’t buying it.

Frank Plummer


Another mal from Quid Pro Joe?

Brain Freeze: Joe Biden Says Son Beau Was ‘Attorney General of the United States’

There is no doubt that Joe Biden (at least this one) is not presidential material. Sure, people make mistakes, but I’ve watched a lot of rallies and Trump addresses and he rarely ever even stumbles on a word, never mind confuse facts.

As an aside, Gary Franchi tells us in the video at the link that he has branched out and will be doing a new show on a new channel involving Hollywood. That should be good. See it here.

Watch: Joe Biden Thinks He’s in California When He’s in Nevada

And now we’re pretending Bloomberg has a chance. He has the personality of a worm. (Apologies to the worm)

Does this man give any indication that he cares one whit about America or her People? It’s the worst televised material ever seen. How could these people accomplish anything in Washington? Together, these morons are the perfect storm, and the shipwreck is on the horizon. It will be gratifying to see them all washed up as flotsam and jetsam. Shop Vacs at the ready, patriots!

Hannity: Bloomberg had worst debate performance I’ve ever seen

The stats revealed here are interesting and impressive, are they not? Even Democrats are drawn to see President Trump like moths to a flame. He’s a “deplorable” magnet.

For example…

Wow, Arizona! Big Phoenix rally.

✅ 67,516 Tickets

✅ 29,990 Voters Identified (87% from AZ)

✅ 26% Didn’t Vote in 2016

✅ 18% Democrats

…and there were even more tickets issued in Colorado Springs! Trump is a rock star!

President Trump’s Western Rallies Identify 20,193 New Voters Who Did Not Vote in 2016 and 14,706 Democrats Who Now Support Trump

I hate to tell you this but, we’re back to “Russia! Russia! Russia!”  Please, make it stop. Do people actually watch CNN? It’s only for Trump haters and snowflakes who can only handle fake news now, isn’t it?  The “talking head” in the video featured by The Hill is a disgusting liar. Off with his head!

Limbaugh: Dems who ‘set up’ George W. Bush to go to war with Iraq are now ‘deploying every weapon’ against Trump

It takes nerves of steel to go into the ring on The View across from vile, swamp creatures like Meghan Mc-no-name, but Matt Gaetz did it.

Trump Ally Matt Gaetz Defends Roger Stone During ‘View’ Appearance

The clowns are leaking classified information and may be going to court.

Nunes drops a bombshell, reacts to reports of Russia trying to help Trump

Inconvenient people continue to be eliminated.

Google Cloud Manager’s Wife Found Dead – He Was Arrested For Her Murder Hours After Claiming She Was Missing During Hawaii Vacation

Whistleblower Phil Haney shot dead last night. I knew Phil. He was exposing the penetration of the US government by Islamic cultural jihadists. He was instrumental in exposing Keith Ellision and Obama’s concealment of radical Islam in America. pic.twitter.com/q6THMFhQ8y

— Kevin Shipp (@Kevin_Shipp) February 22, 2020

I’m including this because as usual, when President Trump Tweets something “colourful”, there is deeper meaning behind it.

Donald Trump Refers to Pete Buttigieg as ‘Howdy Doody’

Howdy Doody is a character favoured by certain pedophile perverts, we heard. Previously implicated… James Comey and possibly others. I bet Agent Margaritaville has visuals for that.

Someone suggested they dress up little boys like this because at least some pedos have a Howdy Doody fetish. This one is easy to tie up.

These people are sick.

Protests on behalf of Julian Assange today, live from RT.

LIVE: Assange supporters and public figures hold march in London ahead of extradition hearing

Signing off in anticipation of more positive news on the horizon.  ~ BP

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