Energy Of Collective Consciousness – February 24 ~ February 23, 2020

Editor’s Note: Ah! The importance (and difference) between Light and light is defined and explored by a scientist. Please read on below and learn just how Light affects humanity physically, how Light affects humanity mentally, and more importantly, how Light affects our hearts, leaving us to BE…



Energy Of Collective Consciousness. By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

There are essentially two types of light which we should consider as we study the profound changes occurring on planet Earth/Gaia and in the entire Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. First, there is the scientific aspect of light: electromagnetic radiation which can be perceived with human eyesight which is considered to have particular wavelengths or distances between sounds. It is this light which allows us to see the sky, a tree, a vehicle, an animal, another person, etc. Thus, it is of the material plane.

However, next there is the type of LIGHT (which is capitalized) that is spiritual or filled with Divine life force and with Soul which is higher consciousness. This is the LIGHT of SOURCE which is beyond average human sight and sound. It can, however, be felt and made to manifest as certain situations that are actually allowed to be created by human free will–used wisely or unwisely.

For example, when hatreds, warfare, greed, tampering with Nature is done by the misuse of collective human free will (consciousness), then SOURCE sends cleansing energetics in terms of unseen LIGHT which clears cellular debris of its toxic records and transforms DNA to a higher vibratory power. The Earth/Gaia has its cells and DNA transformed as well. Then, both Earth, it’s home galaxy, and humans who choose to use their free will (consciousness) wisely, experience SOURCE LIGHT as it pulses thru the physical vessel, the mind, and the emotions in varying ways which are like being in a “labor” of “re-birth”. The “new birth” results in a higher understanding (consciousness) of how unseen LIGHT works thru the “perceived light” of the material realm to transform creation to its original “Divine Design”.

So, LIGHT (capitalized) is not the same as light (small case), but both are created by SOURCE–one for earthly life in the perceived universe and one for our elevation to greater realms.

The “Energy of Consciousness Currents” (ECC) determines the strength of the cleansing experiences that humanity must endure as it is “re-birthed”. When we desire and act in ways that engender love, peace, healing, etc. then the pulsations of SOURCE LIGHT thru our cells and the change from carbon to crystallization form will be easier. Consequently, we must begin to discuss the vibrations of Earth/Gaia beyond just the scientific terminolgy.

Yes, we are grateful for the research of Dr. Weinfried Otto Schumann for whom the “Schumann Resonance” was named in 1952; however, it was SOURCE which allowed him his discoveries, and now it is SOURCE that is elevating human consciousness beyond the material perceptions of sight and sound.

We are being made capable of the greater knowledge of Spirit (life force) and Soul (higher consciousness) and our eventual residence in the “New Golden Age”.

Energy Of Collective Consciousness - Schumann Resonance January 2020

February 2020


LIGHT Energy Coming In Strongly
As the New Moon Builds on 2/23/2020
By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

One of the most challenging symptoms/activations of the intensified incoming SOURCE LIGHT to Earth’s/Gaia’s magnetic (inner) field and geomagnetic (outer) field is exhaustion–the type of major fatigue or tiredness that makes the physical vessel feel weak, that can also cause emotional anxiety and mental non-focus. A person may be exhausted but at the same time be unable to sleep, so insomnia can contribute to not easily being able to move thru the activities of the day with relative ease. The exhaustion is due to extremely strong pulsations of LIGHT coming into Earth/Gaia as just mentioned. Let us explore this in some depth.

The SOURCE LIGHT pushes into us and pulls out toxic energy from atoms, sub-atomic particles, molecules, cells, etc. of every aspect of the physical, mental, and emotional “being-ness”. Further, LIGHT seems to be even more potent during New Moons and Full Moons as well as when comets or asteroids or super-novas (exploding stars) soar thru the cosmos which bring certain kinds of energetic frequencies of light too–all orchestrated and allowed by SOURCE. A New Moon began today at 10:32 AM (EST) in Pisces in the Tropical/Western Zodiac and in Aquarius in the Sidereal/Vedic Zodiac. Pisces governs elevated spiritual consciousness and Aquarius governs humanistic love and compassion and the creation of helpful healing technology (not the dangerous types). However, in whatever way (good or not good) collective humanity chooses to use its free will, SOURCE still continues the cleansing and illumination process of creation–everything and everyone, and age is not a factor. All ages are being “lighted-up”! It is quite a laborious experience!

Exhaustion can be mitigated by resting the physical vessel as much as possible and not forcing unnecessary activity, by drinking beet juice, by drinking Nettles tea, taking sea salt baths or showers, by eating organically of fresh fruits and veggies, and by wearing Amber gemstones (they have energizing but also calming, stress-reducing, healing succinic acid; it is a fossilized resin that is over 50 billion years old; the best is Baltic Amber). We must realize, however, that extreme fatigue is an ongoing symptom/activation which is a sign of being leveled-up just like Earth/Gaia is being leveled-up as it moves thru the Photon Belt to receive higher vibrations.

For the next several days as Mercury Retrograde continues (until March 10th) and as the Moon waxes up, exhaustion may be a big issue. Nothing is wrong! We are receiving much stronger spiritual LIGHT as it is acted upon in the material realm–on Earth/Gaia and throughout the galaxy. This is a good thing! Regardless of the unwise scientific experiments done at times in Nature, SOURCE is at the helm of the creation ship.

Ride the waves!

February 2020


Potent and powerful LIGHT energy currents are streaming into the fields of Earth/Gaia today Friday, February 21, 2020, and “Energy Consciousness Currents” (ECC) may ramp up further as this is also the special time known as “Maha Shivaratri” (February 21st and 22nd according to where people reside on the planet) when the transformative aspect of SOURCE profoundly cleanses the elements of earth, air, fire, water, and ether.

It can, therefore, be a time of major symptoms/activations physically, mentally, and emotionally as people adjust to the intensified LIGHT. Many people will probably feel tremendous fatigue, some dizziness, lack of appetite, a bit of anxiety, trouble sleeping, and rapid heart rhythms. These are all due to increased spinning of bodily atoms and clearing-out of molecular structure. It is best to relax as much as possible, drink lots of spring water (for its minerals, hydration, and oxygenation), and chant the calming mantra “AUM” (also written as “OM”).

Everyone must know that they are not alone in their experiences. LIGHT will continue to increase throughout this year as collective consciousness elevates.

Peace and Light,

Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Energy Of Collective Consciousness

It is often a good idea to offer an example from human experiences to explain spiritual as well as scientific phenomena.

This is the case with what is known as the “Schumann Resonance” named after the German Physicist, Dr. Weinfried Otto Schumann, who researched Earth’s vibrational (oscillations/movements) and frequencies (cycles per second).

His profound work was published in 1952. Essentially, the Schumann Resonance deals with lightning strikes deep within the Earth’s (Gaia’s) core which become excited or affected by cosmic energetics such as solar winds which carry plasma waves or particles of radiation to the planet.

In scientific terms, these are called “spectrum peaks”. Each vibrational cycle is given a numerical level. Based upon research into ancient times, what we call the “Schumann Resonance” in our modern times was known as the “Pranava” in the Sanskrit language which translates as “Cosmic Sound”, and it was also called the sound of OM. It calculated at 7.83 cycles per second which today we call “Hertz”.

Here is how this can be understood in human experience: Suppose a person sits calmly, takes a deep breath from below the navel, and begins to chant the sacred “Cosmic Sound” of OM strongly aloud pushing out the solar plexus and abdomen and exhales the sound pulling back on the solar plexus and abdomen.

This type of breathing is known as the “Yogic Breath”. The OM will pulsate from the breath all the while of the exhalation. Even the sinus passages will vibrate along with the throat. The length of the pronunciation of OM is the resonance or cycles per second, and the depth and strength of the sound within the body is the amplitude.

Pronouncing the OM attunes the central nervous system, sympathetic nervous system, parasympathetic nervous system, and the autonomic nervous system. The chant might be done to the tone of “A” or “B” or “F sharp”, etc.– each tone having a specific numerical value. Earth (Gaia) also has tones and numerical values, and these are its vibrational frequencies which we call the “Schumann Resonance”.

In other words, Earth (Gaia) makes music!
Some of Earth’s or Gaia’s music is deep and long, and some is lighter and quick in tone. The music itself is the vibrational frequency, and the depth and length of its “song” is its amplitude.

Thus, a human chanting OM will do so with a certain vibration or oscillation which will itself have a particular strength and depth. The person might, for example, chant OM over and over for an hour at the same tone or rhythm (frequency), but that tone or rhythm might have a strong deepness (amplitude).

Schumann Resonance Today

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Time UTC+7AmplitudeQualityA+QFreq.Base Freq.DeltaECC IncreaseTOTAL ECC
23/02/2020 11.15.0076,313,37,637,830,22,6615,96
22/02/2020 17.00.0095147,557,830,283,9217,92
21/02/2020 10.00.003710477,497,830,3415,9862,98
20/02/2020 13.00.001515307,267,830,5717,147,1
20/02/2020 8.00.00285337,637,830,26,639,6
19/02/2020 15.00.007820987,247,830,5957,82155,82

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