Implants Removal – Message From The Pleiadians ~ February 21, 2020

Implants Removal – Message From The Pleiadians. Neva/Gabriel RL.

10 February 2020

You who have doubts and fear in relation to chips, to negative implants, is the time to calm down, harmonize and not worry about it anymore.

A great work is being done all over the planet in its physical and astral part so that there is a complete removal of any and all implants that may harm you, in this special moment of your journey.

​Also consider that your vibrations, your high vibrations, naturally burn these negative plasma chips. So, don’t worry about these negative implants, because they can no longer influence you.

We are adjusting and realigning your energy field, energizing the little black holes that have formed due to these negative plasma microchips, and replacing them with pure and crystalline energy, especially the chips that were placed on you in the umbilical, third eye and basic chakra regions.

All are dissolved and replaced by crystalline energies. You will feel these vibrations in your bodies from now for at least fourteen days.

Please bring this information to anyone who can.

Implants Removal - Message From The Pleiadians

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