Headlines and Updates for February 21, 2020: Winning the Game & Trump KAG Rally in Las Vegas, NV [videos] ~ February 21, 2020

Editor’s Note: Are you ready? Once again, I repeat to buckle up your heart and mind in order to ride out the oncoming storm of truth which is about to explode, leaving us all to process, with the end result of BEing…


he Trumpinator speaks at 12 noon in “Sin City” today. Hopefully RSBN won’t have the technical issues that plagued them at the previous two rallies this week. They’re live now.

President Donald Trump Keep America Great Rally LIVE in Las Vegas, NV 2/21/20

There is also a rally scheduled in North Charleston, South Carolina on Friday, Feb 28, as well as the March 2 rally in Charlotte, NC. Tickets here.

They’re free, and do not guarantee a seat inside the venue. You have to arrive very early to get inside because thousands of people attend every Trump rally. They camp out overnight, and the lineups go for blocks and/or snake back and forth across the parking lots. President Trump is a phenomenon… kind of like the QAnon Phenomenon.

What they are saying about the Democratic debate—of course, “Trump won”. These people are so busy throwing each other under the bus they forget why they’re having a debate and that the world is watching. Programmed zombies.

Add to that the quips about Bloomberg coming up a little short and you have a recipe for a political fiasco no one can take seriously. I’m not into torture so I don’t watch debates but the brief clips I saw were truly cringe-worthy.

These people are not deserving of leadership positions in America, or even a banana republic. They should be embarrassed but they know no shame. It’s no wonder they can’t accomplish anything in Washington; they’re like children in a sandbox. Do they ever say or do anything positive? All they do is throw sand at their opponents, whether it’s Donald Trump, General Flynn, Roger Stone—or each other. As the Patriots grow their unity, the enemy loses theirs.

Tom Steyer: Trump won Democratic debate in Nevada

What  happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—unless we put it on social media. Watch.

Watch what happens at exactly [17] seconds into this video.

Message sent? https://t.co/DKayEDg5pH

— Praying Medic (@prayingmedic) February 21, 2020

Tales from the Twitterverse…

Claim vs Truth:

Donald Trump ‘offered Julian Assange a pardon if he denied Russia link to hack’

Breaking: @DevinNunes says he believes feds began investigating Trump campaign ties to Russia in late 2015, far earlier than the July 31, 2016 start date the FBI has given as official start for Crossfire Hurricane probe. https://t.co/98kTVR9Nys
We knew it!@GenFlynn @POTUS

— Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐ (@SidneyPowell1) February 20, 2020

There’s a storm in Canada, too.

BQQM BABY!!!!!!!
It Haaaaaabbeeeeeeeniiiiiiing In Alberta!!!!!!!@PatJone29703057 @ShineBr10868153 @SusannarussoP @warrior4humanit @willlove17 https://t.co/QDQNXKdu0q

— Terri (@terridahl05) February 20, 2020

Trump rallies are political events—they’re celebrations. It’s festive, fun, and friendly.

The Democrats might as well surrender now. #SuperMajority #Landslide2020 https://t.co/ywgvklTtJx

— CJTRUTH (@cjtruth) February 20, 2020

Q army at the Colorado Spring KAG rally. What a great flag.

Found some Q followers @OptimistPlanner pic.twitter.com/mynT2K1jJS

— l E T 17 (@Inevitable_ET) February 20, 2020

If you watched the B2T video I shared yesterday you saw the Q army in action at the Phoenix KAG rally. Two patriots “fireman carried” a WWII veteran into the coliseum and to his seat right at the front. One had a “17 WWG1WGA” on the back of his shirt. Q is ubiquitous. Q is global. Q is the enemy of the New World Order/deep state satanists. Q bypasses the limited channels of communication and activates the patriots in many countries.

The President saw the heroic video in the coliseum while en route to the rally, and he had Don Jr. get three ball caps signed and he presented them to these gentlemen (gentle men) during his address.

You can see that touching scene at the beginning of this And We Know video. It might bring a wee tear to the eye.

I thought it odd that Democrat voters would attend Trump rallies, but apparently they do, and some marvel at the friendliness of the Trump supporters. Why would it surprise them that the majority of people are decent folk and don’t attack others based on their political bent? Some people are misinformed. Republican voters are not the enemy, as they seem to believe. I wonder where they got that idea?

LT also goes into an excellent lesson on occult Satanic symbolism and things you may have missed.

AWK News 2.21.20: A public awake is their GREATEST FEAR!

Gitmo’s kind of maxed out on space now with all the new additions Trump made, being on an island and all. As Gene Cosensi told us… Greenland is the new Gitmo.

Trump has a PLAN for GREENLAND:

why I’m not surprised?

Greenland has a much better climate than Gitmo…
and a lot of space there https://t.co/aryt2kOPiu

— Greg Rubini (@GregRubini) February 19, 2020

Have you been watching “the Giuliani files?” You might want to do that. Here’s Part 8.

Officials in #Iran confirm five cases of coronavirus.
Two individuals died on Wednesday. The three new cases are in the cities of Qom (central Iran) & Arak (western Iran).

Footage of Qom – Farghani Hospital being evacuated & readied for coronavirus patients. pic.twitter.com/mM89zfLhzq

— Heshmat Alavi (@HeshmatAlavi) February 20, 2020

For a little perspective… the community suggests…

1999/2000: Y2K is gonna kill us all.
2001: Anthrax is gonna kill us all.
2002: West Nile Virus is gonna kill us all.
2003: SARS is gonna kill us all.
2005: Bird Flu is gonna kill us all.
2006: E. Coli is gonna kill us all.
2008: The bad economy is gonna kill us all.
2009: Swine Flu is gonna kill us all.
2010: BP Oil is gonna kill us all.
2011: Obamacare is gonna kill us all.
2012: Mayan “end-of-the-world” is gonna kill us all.
2013: North Korea is gonna kill us all.
2014: Eboli is gonna kill us all.
2015: Disney Measles AND ISIS are gonna kill us all.
2016: Zika is gonna kill us all.
2017: Fake News is gonna kill us all.
2018: Migrant Caravans are gonna kill us all.
2019: Measles is gonna kill us all.
2020: Coronavirus is gonna kill us all.

You watching this? Seeing?
Oh! You must be alive!
Indeed, we are survivors!

What is REALLY going on in China?

Not what you think. We came to save the world, did we not?

“The best is yet to come.”

Thanks, L. We’re watching.

U.S. Marines and Navy Prepare to Execute Pandemic Plan As Questions Resurface About Coronavirus Origin

These measures shouldn’t concern us. What would be scary is if no one did anything—which is what appeared to be happening before the election of Donald Trump. Of course, we don’t know that the virus issue is what they say. It appears to be something else.

We have to have peace on our planet, and this is a start. I can’t imagine a more difficult job than bringing peace to the Middle East. Do they even know what it is? Can the People even imagine it or dare hope for it? Kudos for a job well done.

Trump Admin, Taliban Announce Peace Deal: ‘Significant’ Reduction In Violence, Release of Prisoners

You may have seen Q’s late drop from yesterday echoing my statement that the Patriots are ready for whatever comes next. We went through boot camp and graduated. Q doesn’t need to hold our hand through the coronavirus operation or “the storm”. Whatever comes next, we are ready. Our Commander-in-Chief will set the tone and it will all work out fine. We’re taking our planet back.3880

Prepare for the Storm Anons

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 20 Feb 2020 – 6:59:58 PM Anonymous 20 Feb 2020 – 6:53:44 PM >>8200590
They fear an awake public. Each Q Proof proves our strength too. Thank you, Q and Q+! >>8200718
You have come far, Anons (Patriots).
You are ready.
Prepare for the storm.

I’m sure the dark would like to believe the white squall is a figment of their imagination, but “The Storm” is very real. There’s a lot to ponder in the trailer Q shared. Watch below.

When you put it together with all the clues from JFK Jr.’s “George” magazine 20 years ago, the Arlington Cemetery “Q”, the Kennedy yacht’s ship’s bell, and Q’s messaging… there’s little question at this point as to who is behind this operation.  ~ BP

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