Headlines and Updates for Q’sday February 18, 2020: The Illusion Comes Crashing Down [videos] ~ February 18, 2020

Editor’s Note: Oh… when I read this daily news from Starship Earth, in conjunction with the Q post last night (see here), I got really excited and still am feeling this way right now! Please read this report, know wonderful things are happening for us behind the scenes as humanity edges ever nearer our FREEDOM, and really BE…



Q patriots are activated.

The world we thought we lived in is crumbling as the deep state actors and their illusory structures disintegrate. Their deceptions are exposed at every turn and the light scatters the cockroaches. Our war cry is, “You came, we saw, you die.” Game over for the El-ite rep-robates.

These are interesting times indeed and the novel coronavirus is very much under the spotlight. Depending on where you look, it originated with bats, snakes, Canada, and LEAKED accidentally. Uh-huh.

Peers/Want to Know published this coronavirus update today (email excerpts)

Explore below key excerpts of revealing news articles on Chinese officials potentially overestimating the number of coronavirus cases and deaths by testing for the virus with only basic lung scans, military bases in the US setting up quarantine centers for possible coronavirus patients, location data on millions of Americans gathered from smartphone apps purchased by the US government, and more.

Note: So now anyone who has regular pneumonia will likely be diagnosed as having Coronavirus. This intriguing article suggests that many of the Coronavirus deaths are pneumonia not associated with the virus.

For more showing how the fear around this is being blown way out of proportion, see thiswell researched essay. Then explore concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on health from reliable major media sources.

Fear porn? Oh yes, there’s plenty of that, they tell us. A military worth its salt is over-prepared for any eventuality. I don’t consider this news frightening. Rather, it is comforting because they are anticipating rather than being reactionary. Note the February 22 date, below. What does that tell you? It sounds like they don’t anticipate a crisis to develop, but I’m sure the plan is fluid.

Military preparing quarantine centers for coronavirus patients in US, Pentagon says
February 7, 2020, Miami Herald

Eleven military bases near major airports in the United States are setting up quarantine centers for possible coronavirus patients, the Department of Defense said. The Department of Health and Human Services asked the Pentagon for quarantine space in case beds fill up at other coronavirus centers around the country, according to a DOD statement. The Pentagon already agreed to house up to 1,000 people for quarantine after they returned to the United States from areas with the virus, the Associated Press reports. As of Friday, more than 31,400 people have been infected with the 2019 coronavirus worldwide, with most in mainland China, according to the AP. More than 630 people have died from the virus, almost all in China, the AP reports. “These are tertiary locations, and HHS already has primary and secondary locations identified that are not DOD facilities,” the Pentagon said. Each base will be able to house up to 20 patients along with public health personnel and equipment. The agreement lasts until Feb. 22, the DOD said. “DOD personnel will not be in direct contact with the evacuees and will minimize contact with personnel supporting the evacuees,” the Pentagon said. If anyone tests positive for the virus, public health officials with DHHS will move them to a civilian hospital, according to the statement.

Note: Read an excellent article suggesting there is much fear mongering taking place around the Coronavirus. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on health from reliable major media sources.

Number One shows us how the media has valiantly tried to inform people about the coronavirus epidemic. They’re in there like a dirty shirt—hyping it up, AND failing to mention that it is only lethal to people who are Asian. Look at this shameless string of replicated “4 am talking points” all over Facebook.

Coronavirus Propaganda? #COVID19

There is also a highly dramatized account, supposedly from a senior Chinese military officer, making the rounds on the Internet about how the coronavirus escaped and infected millions of Chinese people, as mentioned at the beginning of the Epoch Times interview at the link below.

It’s so graphic CirstenW wouldn’t read it in her videos. What does that tell you? That’s the typical over-the-top detail the deep state puts in all their propaganda and fabricated accounts. They continue to do this, thinking it’s more believable the more detail they inject, when it’s just totally UN-believable from my perspective. TMI—like that video of the doctor on the phone screaming at someone to get the bodies off the floor.

In the first few moments of this interview, they discuss the colourful dramatized fiction from Chinese intelligence and some other coronavirus disinfo, and why it may have been put out there. The rest of the video discusses fake news and then is more on topic. China needs to be reined in, and they appear to be in the White Hats’ cross hairs at this point. They’re being exposed.

LIVE: China is Quietly Taking Over Latin America

Max Igan presents a sane approach to the various reports about the coronavirus I recommend listening to. He includes that report from the “Chinese intelligence officer” who went into all the gory detail, as well as that on-board video from the military plane with all the players in absurd haz-mat suits. We need to get a grip, people.

Coronavirus Update

The viral finger has been pointed at Canada, the United States, the UK, and Israel, but in the year of the boomerang that finger is now pointing right back at China.

China’s Xi Threatens More Crackdowns As Scientists Say Coronavirus May Have Originated From Wuhan Labs

There aren’t that many Chinese people in America, relatively speaking; hardly enough to warrant “martial law”, as some flagrant fear-porn articles suggest will unfold to contain the coronavirus.

The Asian American population in the United States is estimated to be approximately 20 million, 5.6% of the total population.

I doubt the military is going to waste manpower and resources on martial law to round up a few infected people, but they might to keep the citizenry safe while they round up a few thousand TRAITORS! Like these… who are still walking the streets looking pretty grim. Tick-tock.

Don’t they know we have spies everywhere? The Patriots never sleep.

EXCLUSIVE: Estranged bedfellows! Grim-faced exes Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are spotted together in rare NYC outinghttps://t.co/FOCH8jqBYH

— l E T 17 (@Inevitable_ET) February 18, 2020

Game over could also apply to the new Quantum Financial System. It could mean a number of things are going to happen very quickly and publicly. We already know PLENTY is going on behind the scenes.

“Game over” could mean the exposure of more fraud… more traitors… like the ones below. Spread the word. Name and shame.

Kirk Pendergrass and E-Clause scammed Field McConnell, Timothy Holmseth, and others. The FBI is now investigating these imposters who took over Field McConnell’s studio, his YouTube channel, and his audience/donors and failed to adequately represent parents in CPS court as agreed. The digital soldiers at the Glow channel bring us this update. Subscribe for timely news on Field and more and tell people not to give money to the E-Clause fraudsters.

E~Clause LLC is a Fraud.. See link in the description

The patriot minds are whirring away like a wind-up toy and connecting dots. Sarah Tonen presents some thoughtful tidbits you may wish to pursue if you’re of the mind that there are no accidents and everything is planned far, far in advance and major events repeat in cycles; things like… viral outbreaks.

My Theory on Their Playbook thus far

Only President Trump could run the victory lap in place of the pace lap at the beginning of the Daytona 500. He writes his own rule book, regularly turns the establishment upside-down, and may have been signalling that it’s “game over”.

LT at And We Know brings us up to speed on the real news, and possibly some you missed, as check out that Q math. Wow.

It was a brilliant strategy for Trump to go after the NASCAR community. It’s big, patriotic, generous, loyal, they’re into their numbers, and they love red.

AWK News 2.18.20: Start your ENGINES! Hold on Tight! It’s going to be a very hot [spring/summer]

As for the status of the gun grab in Virginia, we have this update saying despite this victory, it’s far from over. Be vigilant. Protect your rights, your Constitution, your country, and your President.

Virginia “Assault Weapons Ban” Killed in Senate When 4 Democrats Joined Republicans in Voting Against It

This deep state actor who is a petulent little girl in an old woman’s body and has been in Washington over 30 years has no business having anything to do with running the country. She can’t even control her own emotions. She’s over the hill, past her expiry date, lies, and as head of the Pelosi crime syndicate needs to be removed and returned to the dark nether world.

Nancy Pelosi Says She Ripped Up Donald Trump’s Speech To ‘Get Attention’ From The Press

It’s a turnkey system. Exit Trump, enter Bill Barr and Roger Stone. As long as a Trump-friendly or Republican figure is under attack, the demonrats are happy and have something to work towards so they don’t have to do their jobs, serve the People, or Make America Great Again.

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch explains the attack on Roger Stone and the unfair tactics there and we hear Mueller is back in the news for round two. This time, it just may be dealt with appropriately. The natives are restless.

DOJ-Mueller Operatives ABUSED POWERS to “Punish” Roger Stone

We also want justice for Julian Assange who is scheduled to be in a UK court on Monday, February 24th. It’s time to end this “Russian operative” bullcrap once and for all.

The DEMOCRATS are the ones who were colluding with Russian oligarchs/Ukraine officials to smear the President and his administration and ultimately have him removed from office. That’s called a “coup d’état” and it’s treason; the punishment for which is the death penalty. Right Barry?

It is NOT a crime, however, to reveal information concerning the conspiracy to commit such a crime, which is what Julian Assange did after DNC staffer Seth Rich provided him with a thumb drive of highly incriminating information from within the Democratic Committee servers where he worked. They murdered Seth Rich to send a message, and imprisoned Julian Assange for years despite having committed no crime. It’s how the deep state cabal/NWO/Clowns in America deal with threats.

The People demand Julian Assange is freed, all charges dropped, never to be harassed again. He is a hero for having alerted the People to the criminal acts perpetrated on the Trump administration; duly elected in an honest election, unlike all the previous ones the deep state manipulated to ensure their “men” would always be in power.

JOHN PILGER: Julian Assange Must Be Freed, Not Betrayed

Meanwhile, in Gainesville, Florida… Since when are researchers, doctors, police, or anyone permitted to take Human body parts to their homes and keep them in pails where they just might inadvertently, totally by accident—forget they’re under the floor boards? Who hides anything legitimate under the floor boards?

Not buyin’ it. Were they “human tongues” or “fetal remains”? I wonder what else might be buried around that home.

Jars of preserved human tongues found under NW Gainesville home

Great… More fetal remains found under a house. Person who found it posted these to plebbit. Claims he phoned the police then left this link to a local ABC news station. Dunno…
Human remains found under NW Gainesville homehttps://t.co/90r5l6FyEQ

— l E T 17 (@Inevitable_ET) February 18, 2020

That’s enough truth for one post. Peace and equanimity, folks.

Kevin, you’re hired.  ~ BP

The Senate debates whether or not to call the, “whistleblower” to testify. Dear Senate: He is not a whistleblower, he is a leaker, who forfeited WB protection when he met with Schiff’s staff. I have an idea, just give me 10 minutes with him. https://t.co/p7CHh1J9i3 pic.twitter.com/xgRjuLOgfo

— Kevin Shipp (@Kevin_Shipp) February 18, 2020

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