The Late Edition for February 17, 2020: The Media is the Enemy and Betrays the People [videos] ~ February 17, 2020

Update: Prayers please, for Ryan Newman, NASCAR driver, involved in a very serious late crash at Daytona today.

What the lying, lamestream media don’t say is as important at what they do. Lying by omission is still lying.

I asked if the coronavirus was a bioweapon targeting the Chinese; if all the victims who allegedly died of the supposed “coronavirus” had Asian DNA. Some sources suggested a couple were not Chinese and that they were Caucasian.

This article says differently. Who is telling the truth?

STILL No White Deaths from Coronavirus – Why Won’t the Media Talk About This?

They put this out but it’s so subtle that most seem to have missed it, and heaven forbid the rest of the media should point out that it’s only lethal to Asian people. This is disturbing on so many levels.

It can be emphasized enough that 60-year-old American who died in Wuhan was not, despite the implication of the Quartz headline, descended from people arrived on our shores in the Mayflower. She did not have a collateral ancestor who was hanged at Salem. She bears no hereditary guilt for her ancestors having held slaves in South Carolina. According to CNN:

The US Embassy in Beijing confirmed a 60-year-old American national had died on Thursday at the Jinyintian Hospital in Wuhan, while the Chinese government offered condolences for the death of “a Chinese-American.”

The Chinese government may be one of the most secretive in the world. But, fortunately, when it comes to “race” they are an honest to a degree that should Americans public officials and journalists blush. And China’s honesty only confirms that this is not a virus from which white people die.

Fake news, people. Fake news. They will lead us by the nose, down the garden path if we’re not paying attention.

Of course we are horrified at the apparent treatment of our dear brothers and sisters in China but we will not be bullied into quarantines, curfews, poison vaccines and toxic cocktails. We hope Chinese people everywhere can be protected from whatever it is that is attacking their immune systems. It sounds SARS-related.

The evil regime torturing the souls in China has to go—AND SO DO THE LYING, TREASONOUS MEDIA TURDS.

There are no accidents, but there might be the odd coincidence… lol.

No Coincidences,

Royal Family blunder as web page promoting Harry’s charity links to porn site

— ]intheMatrixxx[ (@intheMatrixxx) February 17, 2020

As for the unfortunate story of patriot Field McConnell, I can’t believe what I’m reading. Poor Field. He doesn’t seem able to catch a break. I hope it’s one of those instances that is the reverse of how it looks. It seems like everyone is betraying Field. Timothy is even questioning the intentions of Field’s wife, Denise!  Our prayers go out to Field.

Massive insanity behind the scenes in the Field McConnell case (with nudes)

The deep state actors are everywhere, involved in everyTHING. People are not who you think. TRUST NO ONE! I warned everyone about Craig Sawyer and his Vets 4 Child Rescue organization. The thugs are masters of ways to collect money from unsuspecting patriots. Don’t be taken in. You can listen to an audio from Timothy Holmseth at the link below and there are other articles at his website about the child trafficking, as well.

BLACK OP ALERT: Where is Vets 4 Child Rescue $$$ going?

Baby shoes hanging in Oregon tree: see the brief video at Vimeo

If you listened to Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call last night (or since via replay)  as I just did, you heard him say that Joe diGenova in a backhand way suggested that Mike Pence might be leaving the Trump administration. Interesting, yes? And we believe we have just the man to fill his shoes, don’t we? We’re watching, as finally we’re seeing signs of the grand plan beginning to be unveiled. Some how… some way… Pence has to go.

‘Anonymous’ author identified as White House official and will be promptly removed, Joe diGenova says

Scott is also now quoting intel we previously shared from Gene C. about the DUMBS, etc. with Cirsten W. and Blessed to Teach so he must consider it valid after speaking with his sources. He disagreed with the bit about Nancy Pelosi and Justice John Roberts at the SOTU having poisoned darts in their hands in an attempt to jab President Trump in an assassination attempt. Disinfo is necessary, as Q has stated.

In Divine timing, Q dropped the following on President’s Day. It features St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, which is one of the Tartarian structures still standing as testament to that magnificent period in Human history they have tried to erase. I wonder why Time Magazine featured that image along with the White House turning red. Perhaps the article is pointing the finger at Russia! Russia! Russia! Trump and Putin in cahoots. Same old, same old propaganda.3870

Corporate Media is Politically Motivated and Controlled (Fake News)

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 17 Feb 2020 – 3:15:23 PM


Delusional Queen Nancy believes that whatever comes out of her mouth, however garbled and mumbled, is reality. She’s in her own little orbit.

Crazy Woman Nancy Pelosi Lashes Out at Reporter for Saying President Trump was Acquitted (VIDEO)

Kip Simpson just went live with this update on the Biden dynasty. The “untouchables” are not so untouchable any longer.


We’re winding up with Dave’s X22 Report analysis which touches on the situation above as well as many other stories and it’s all about the media. Funny how that works.  ~ BP

MSM Getting Ahead Of Stories, Panic, It’s Going To Be A Very Hot [Spring/Summer] – Episode 2099b

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