Moving From Doing Into BEing ~ February 17, 2020

By Grace Solaris

Moving from doing into being, is the gamechanger that will bring your focus from mind into your heart and into the present moment. No need to do anything… big challenge for ego, which is addicted to having to do something to feel alive and feel in controle… or it might also consistently being on the move to harvest acknowledgement and love, as it believes, that you can only achieve this by doing something great, saying or acting in a certain way, to please others or be there for them.

When things start to be too calm the ego goes into alarm mode….. oh god what is happening… it can no longer predict what you will be doing, as you have left the mind-set of having to do certain things in a certain way… when you have left the comfort zone of your mind, you are in uncharted waters. The heart space is the “unknown”… the 0-point where anything can happen and that is very uncomfortable for ego.

So it will rather create a bit of drama or trauma, as it literally feeds on drama, read, the frequency of turmoil… physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually… it really doesn´t matter. So it will attempt to create fear or pain… the two fastest ways to create turmoil within your field and have you leave your heart space and force you to figure out what went wrong. To avoid this trap of ego it is important to observe yourself, your thoughts, your motivations to do things…. every time you feel you need to do something though you do not really feel like doing it… take a rest… take a breath… and consult your heart… BE present and FEEL in…. what if I just choose to BE right now, what would it feel like… would I risk anything, would I miss anything or mess up anything… the answer will most likely be no. We are so conditioned to having to do something. But often we can achieve much more by being and holding the divine intent for something instead of desparately trying to get it right. By interfear-ing out of the need to be in controle, we interupt the cosmic flow of creation and the naturel unfolding of things… welll of life itself. Allow yourself to BE a cauldron thru which life plays itself out. Action thru non-action as it is called in Taoism. It doesn´t mean that you don´t do anything, but it is a change of mind-set of having to into allowing and surrendering to divine will and divine timing in the knowing you will always be at the right place in the right time for anything to happen and the best way to do so is thru BE-ing PRESENT here and now in your heart space… in the 0-point of infinite possibilities… ego will try to have its way but your are the vibrational alcherace myst that have it in your power to decide who is in power. Your heart is simply into BE-ing as it knows that is all it takes… no matter how desparate ego gets, being in the stillness of being will always cater for your highest good and what needs to be done thru action, will be done with ease and grace. This is indeed the way or the new earth, the way of the divine feminine and the only way you can successfully be in complete harmony and balance within self. ~ Grace Solaris


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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