Your Sunday Digest for February 16, 2020: Pedos R Us Exposed: Keep Watching [videos] ~ February 16, 2020

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We’re happy to be a little blog with a small crew and don’t feel the need to promote ourselves anywhere. We just are, and do the best with the time we have to devote to this mission.

The war on pedos is heating up… starting at the bottom and working our way up to the high value targets in Congress, police forces, schools, universities, the church, etc.

Prosecutor breaks down charges against man accused of ‘doing unspeakable things’ to infants

Country Singer Daniel Lee Martin Dies by Apparent Suicide Amid Child Sex Abuse Allegations

How can they prey on children or anyone at all? Not all are Human. Check out some of these characters in Congress. Do they look Human to you?

no need for that:
ET’s are here since 1947.
ask EG&G.

no: make it 1933 – I have the documents.

well, since 300,000 years ago…
Sumerian King List – Univ. of Oxford – Faculty of Ancient Oriental Studies

but let’s not tell anyone: it’s Top Secret [Classified].

— Greg Rubini (@GregRubini) February 15, 2020

A great read…this thread…explains what is happening today and why. The corruption in government is done to cover up this evil.

POTUS45 is taking them down and bringing justice….we’re here to do the same.

— Susanna for New Canada (@SusannarussoP) February 15, 2020

How does a nobody get to be a somebody and move up through the ranks like a star? You do the bidding of the globalist controllers. When you’re a member of the club and you’ve gone through initiation, you’re golden; well rewarded for your silence and compliance. Protected. Living a glorious life on the taxpayer’s dime while scarcely doing a thing to earn it.

Until now.

When I broke the first Justin Fairfax accusation and he threatened to sue me, I said on CBS News to bring it on, discovery will be fun.

This week he had his $400 million suit against CBS DISMISSED and he lost the Dems a major donor for gala tonight

— Patrick Howley (@HowleyReporter) February 15, 2020

Here’s a blast from the past from twelve years ago… We’re ready! WWG1WGA

Thanks, R.

North American Military Agreement Signed by the U.S. and Canada

This is rich. The real Hillary’s dead, so a clone/unreasonable facsimile would be VP of the greatest nation in the world, lol. Easy to control.

Not happening.


DRUDGE: Bloomberg himself would go as far as to change his official residence from NY to homes he owns in CO or FL, since electoral college makes it hard for a POTUS and VPOTUS to be from same state.

— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) February 15, 2020

Note that in the video below, Newt mentions Bloomberg’s millions may be associated with the Chinese influence in Bloomberg News.

It’s all the same people trying to retain power. Criminals. Traitors. Pedophiles and Pedovores. The El-ite. Destroying America from within. Lying, cheating, stealing, shredding the Constitution, murdering people who get in their way. How many people are in Hillary’s body bag now? I’ve lost count.

These puppets must never be permitted to have any power again. They are not interested in serving The People or America; only themselves and their masters.

How desperate are the El-ites to wrest power from the People? They are shameless and will do anything. If it’s crooked and underhanded, misleading, or outright lies, they’re all over it. They can’t win honestly because they have nothing to offer.

ALERT! Texas PAC Scam — “Republican Voters of Texas PAC” Has Nothing to do with the Real Republican Party

I find it hard to believe that the patriots who follow QAnon have a problem with the handling of McCabe, but if you missed it… no worries. He is FAR from off the hook. Trust the plan, folks. Bill Still assures us it’s not over for McCabe—not even close.

The public are in the middle of an education process and what is unfolding is getting their attention. It’s all part of the show. If you don’t deliver shock and awe, they don’t even notice.

2942, Justice for McCabe IS Still Coming, 2942

And my man Matt Whitaker again on the Bill Bar story, below. I think he’ll have an important, more public role before long. He’s too good to sideline and he already has his fingers on the pulse of everything going on so he can hit the ground running.

Matt Whitaker weighs in on Barr’s push back against Trump’s tweets

I forgot to share this. There she is. Just look at her. Fresh as a flower.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg presents inaugural Leadership Award to philanthropist Agnes Gund

Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call is coming up tonight… like clockwork. Dial in and listen or ask your questions at the end. The summary for this week is below.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY 16, 2020 beginning approximately 6 PM PT / 9PM ET.


As we have discussed during previous Miracles Intel Calls throughout 2020, many important steps for the launch of the Global Reset have already occurred. These steps have included the Brexit law becoming official in the United Kingdom on January 31, 2020.

As well as, the new trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada which were signed in January and nearing completion. Therefore, we now have seen very solid evidence of the foundations for the Global Reset have been put into place piece-by-piece.

And now, we have gotten word this past week of yet more major developments regarding the implementation of the new Quantum Financial System (QFS) has definitely been put into full motion!

The privately owned Federal Reserve System, which acts as the de-facto control over the global economy, is by far and away the biggest slavery system on Earth. Yet each and every week we are seeing more and more positive signs of the world inching ever closer towards its total emancipation. Hallelujah!

  • The purge of Deep State operatives within the U.S. Government began on Friday, February 7 with the removal of Colonel Alexander Vindman and his twin brother from the National Security Council. And, it continued with the firing of Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland.

  • This past week we have also learned a further 70 more Deep State operatives have been removed from the National Security Council, with even more to come.

  • Last weekend there were rumors arrests would soon begin of several big name Deep State players connected with FISA abuse and the spying campaign on candidate and President Donald Trump. The names which were being floated were former FBI Assistant Director Andrew McCabe and Special Agent Peter Strzok.
  • Instead we learned on Friday, February 14, the charges against Andrew McCabe for allegedly lying to agents about a leak to reporters were to be dropped by the Department of Justice.

  • However, “Q” came out later in the day on Friday, February 14, to inform us in Q drop #3865: Bigger [slam-dunk] charges coming?
  • In addition, on the Sean Hannity program on Fox News on Friday evening, Hannity and his guests also discussed bigger action which are still to come.
  • Realize, there are a great deal of MAJOR actions ongoing behind the scenes which are never reported. And what we are witnessing are a number of significant signs of the strategy and optics by Attorney General William Barr and the White Hat Patriots in order to set the table for bigger actions from the DOJ for prosecutions and arrests. Do not think for even a second, Andrew McCabe — or any of the other Deep State criminals — will escape the long arm of justice.
  • Finally on our upcoming call, we will also decode some of the latest “Q” drops over the past week.

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598 Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402 Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

Backup Number: 425-535-9162

Scott Mowry
Follow us on Twitter:

As I warned not long ago, it’s going to get crazy in Canada as it appears the Canucks are the next to get a wake-up call. Red pills for everyone! The antics of Trudeau, the media, and many other players are so outrageous now the People will not be able to go on sleeping. They will be forced to at least open one eye and pay attention.

Canada got a leg up as many folks are part of the Q army and have been watching what has happened south of the 49th thanks to the intervention of Donald Trump and the White Hats. There are many patriots in Canada working behind the scenes to lock up the pedophiles and get the new Republic of Kanata under control. It’ll happen, but everyone needs to play a part.

I had hoped to have a day without coronavirus talk, but this video from David Icke is not to be missed. He’s on fire and igniting patriots’ torches. Fire the pitchforks! Britain’s not having forced vaccinations and free speech is mandatory.

If you haven’t guessed, Icke is one who believes the coronavirus op is designed to achieve a long-time globalist goal of forced vaccinations. Not just children—every man, woman and child on the planet—except the El-ites, of course.

The ploy seems to be, scare the people so badly they’ll beg for a vaccine; a vaccine that not only doesn’t prevent any disease, but may kill them, as may have happened in China. We just don’t know at this point

We know one thing, however; if your government is forcing you to do things against your will, it’s past time to get rid of them. The People direct their government—not the other way around. Unelected officials don’t get to run the world. It’s time the People took the reins and drove this wagon.

UK Considers Making Vaccines Mandatory for All and Criminalizing Criticism of Vaccines

David Icke is at his best in this analysis of how Big Pharma is in the final phase of its long march toward forcing every human on the planet to accept vaccines and to imprison anyone who attempts to provide information that questions the narrative that vaccines are scientifically proven to be safe and effective. He is relentless and passionate in this presentation and concludes that mandatory vaccines and censorship of debate are the line in the sand for freedom. Not to stand against this tyranny is not an option. -GEG

Just before press time this popped in. What are the chances?

Nearly 10K Military Personnel From 110 Nations In Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak!

Mike Morales goes into a number of interesting stories in his latest edition of Above Ground World News.

Chemtrails exposed, a genetic splicing experiment with a dolphin revealed, and another mass bird death; this one in North Carolina involving the bald eagle—the symbol of America. Coincidence? Blaming it on hunters?

Also climate chaos effects like blizzard conditions in the deserts of the Middle East and deadly avalanches in Afghanistan. That’s the second time there’s been snow in Baghdad in 100 years. There’s more wild and crazy stuff at Watchers News.

A particularly pertinent story in Mike’s update is the article from 2012 describing the ability of nano robots to attack the replicating mechanism of the Hepatitis C virus. If they were doing that in 2012, I’m sure they have a cure for the “novel coronavirus”, too. How will they weaponize it? Can nanobots assist in the replication, as well, enabling the virus to kill the host?

He shows one article after the 18 min. mark stating that Chinese scientists say the body doesn’t develop an immunity to the coronavirus after you get it and you can be reinfected and get it again. There’s your fear porn, folks. They want everyone to be so terrified of getting this virus that we run out and get vaccinated—which will probably not cure us or prevent us from getting it again but it may kill us.

It’s pure psyop because they know people are getting wise to their toxic vaccines and are refusing them. This is their last stand; their last chance to survive and take Humanity down.


Record Cold, Deadly Blizzards, and 6 Meter (20 foot) Snow Drifts Batter Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq

20 foot snowdrifts in Iran February 2020

To close, I’m including an update on the latest medical technologies from Advanced Technology 7 distributed by Dr. Richard Presser. He reports that most of the Keshe products have gone out of circulation other than the plasma GANS solutions, but the new technologies that incorporate the Keshe technologies along with others are performing well for healing, pain relief, etc. so I wanted to make you aware of this.

You can see the products available at Dr. Presser’s store at the link below, and learn more about each one.

If you’re not familiar with Richard or the Keshe and Advanced Technology 7 products you can refer to this older post for more information.

As we learn more about the Human body and what runs it, scientists and researchers are able to engineer better products to relieve our issues. I’m always happy to find ways to keep us out of the “medical industrial complex” and heal ourselves or at the very least improve our functionality and comfort levels to avoid pills, surgery, etc.

See the wide array of products here and learn more.

Following is the AT7 wrist strap which addresses a litany of hand, finger, wrist, and arm issues as you’ll see below. Richard reports that many of the AT7 products are flying off the shelves and are difficult to keep in stock.  I’m going to have to get one of these as I’ve developed a swollen thumb joint and thought I’d pass this on rather than keeping it to myself. Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that it’s my mouse thumb.

Here’s the official blurb:

The Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health wrist strap is a semi-rigid cylindrical wrist strap designed to relieve wrist pain due to carpal tunnel inflammation, arthritis and tendonitis, thanks to the use of three different types of technology. The Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap is ideal for additional support during everyday activities.

This video introduces the Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap.

The inflammatory processes are balanced using the following technologies: Weak magnetic fields that penetrate up to 5 cm under the skin, Biophotonic technology and Radionics technology. (Click on this link to read a technical introduction to the technologies).

These technologies help to restore balance in the body by reducing stress and, in the specific case of this device, reduce tension in the wrist, hand and forearm. They also improve circulation in the arm and wrist.

The Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap relieves muscle stiffness and pain.

It provides healing relief from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendinitis, sprains, carpal tunnel pain, and general pain and discomfort.

It is ergonomically designed to support a complete range of movement, with comfort and superior mobility.

Easy to wear, the light and soft, unisex wristband keeps you dry and comfortable even with extended use. It is very comfortable to wear all day and all night.

Health conditions the Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap can assist with:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

De Quervain syndrome

Wrist and hand tendonitis

Osteoarthritis of the wrist and hand

Arthritis of the wrist and hand


Osteoporosis of the wrist and hand


Great for frequent burning sensations,
Effective for tingling or numbness mixed with itching in the palm of the hand and fingers, especially in the thumb, index and middle fingers.

acute and chronic pain in the wrist or hand;
swelling around the wrist;
the emission of a creaking or crackling sound on the movement of the wrist joint;
Stiffness in the wrist joint, especially in the morning immediately after waking;
Inflammation and redness in the wrist carpal tunnel area, where inflamed/irritated tendons are located.
Pain on the outer side of the wrist and at the base of the thumb, which can be accentuated by gripping action performed with the thumb, and inclination movements of the wrist;
Swelling where the inflamed/irritated tendon resides;
The formation of a protrusion on the wrist;
Widespread pain up to the forearm.
The Advanced Technology 7 Wrist Health Strap also:
Improves finger flexibility
Improves blood circulation
Helps in the recovery of aching muscles and joints relative to the area of application.
Increases the vitality of cells and tissues.
Keeps the wrist in a normal position in order to facilitate the healing process. Can also lead to a reduction in the extent of the osteoarthritis symptoms, including a reduction of pain in the hand and forearm;
Improvement of motor activity and sensitivity of the hands and arm.
Decreased or eliminated tingling.
Improved feeling in a swollen hand and reduced numbness,
Improved perception of the distinction between whether the hand is hot or cold.

Again, you can see the variety of technologies for improved health here.

And that concludes the Sunday Digest. Enjoy your weekend, all.  ~ BP

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