THE EVENT CLIMAX OF THE 12th HOUR ~ February 11, 2020

By Pars Kutay

Star Family our Angelic Galactic Brothers & Sisters refer to we Lightworkers / Grid workers / & Gate workers …

As Gaia’s Spiritual Teachers …..Born from her Divine womb….

And they express ….

That the (Twelfth Hour) of Gaia’s Arc of ascension is soon upon us in the eternal NOW….

This means dear Hearts that the planetary body of Gaia has been flowing Mighty Shifts for a few months of local linear time of the NOW … .

And the message from Star family is that the Earth Shifted into the ‘Eleventh Hour’ on the 11-11-11 Gateway (11th day of the 11th month in 2011)

This paved way for another very significant Shift to start to move into the Twelfth Hour on the June Solstice 2019.

Theses 12th Hour Gateways symbolizes the stages of planetary ascension That we are currently in.

And this 12th Hour understanding translates into the Earth plane through the local space-time frame ..,

For-example: Star Family refer to an allegorical understand of a (Clock ⏰) with both hands pointing to 12 (as the 12th hand poison on the clock is Gaia’s Planetary Ascension’s ‘True North , so to speak).

And how one needs to look at it … is ……. As a clock striking 12 or chiming 12 times ) within this moment of the Twelfth Hour )

As this is how it translates through this Earthly time expression…

With each Chime layering in another level of Higher dimensional Light into Gaia’s Light grid
From Star family’s perspective the (Twelfth Hour) is what many call (The Event/ Solar flash or LOVE Wave )

As we know this LOVE Wave Climax is to hit the planet … In the NOW ….

And we are in the flow of it NOW, as this LOVE Wave comes in progresses… layering another level of Higher dimensional Light through to the 12 chimes until the 12th stroke of the 12th hour … (Solar Flash)

In which the moment of (The Event ) Will be seen and felt by all Humanity.

As a vibrational moment of planetwide collective clarity in a mass Heart-Opening-Awareness That will BEcome tangible, visible, palpable around the whole Earth.

This is in relation to what some call a ‘flashpoint’ or ‘solar flash’, also described by Star Family metaphorically as a ‘standing Wave Event‘, when all the layering of LIGHT frequencies come into a particular Harmonic format ready to receive the Ascension pulse from Galactic Centre in full Coherence !!! .

From that moment of The 12th Chime on The 12th Hour ,
“ Earth’s natural Ascension unfoldment / blossoming is completely unshakeable, beyond ‘ the influence or reach of any negative energies of a distorted vibration….

This means when the Solar Flash has happened this kickstarts Full Ascension for the unawaken community.

Which means negative energies cannot project the continued procrastination towards Gaia’s and Humanity’s Ascension …

It will then start to flow like the endless Sea ….
So Feel into each chime of the Twelfth Hour … like a tap on a bell 🔔 ….

There’s the initial ringing tone, then the reverberation of that tone as it expands from the bell (diinnngggg), and that each of these chimes doesn’t diminish, but widens and softens, settling into the Earth’s energy field, orienting the planet and collective’s vibrational field into incrementally strengthened Harmonic Coherence, each chime building on the previous one…. Bit .. by Bit …

So…. in this building sequence Star family said the second “chime “ came through the peak of the Lion’s Gate on the last 8~8 (August 8th 2019 )….

The third Chime Came through the 9~9 2019 Gateway, with short integration phases between them, and NOW a longer integration phase through to the December 3rd to 4th Ding …

While there was a major (distorted red) energy removal mission that was underway through to the 11~11 Gateway 2019 … .

NOW this Energy removal has been “completed “ ….

The way was cleared for the fourth chime of this Twelfth Hour to come through, initiating through to the 12~12 – 2019

This 4th Ding was peeking into the December Solstice on the 21st Dec 2019.

Then culminating into a Massive Shift that took place on
January 12, 2020 This year ….

NOW ‘This trinary ’12’ sequence was heightened through two particular planetary conjunctions that took place on December 12th and January 12th (Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and Saturn-Pluto conjunction respectively, wrapped around the Solstice Alignment.

NOW BEcause 2020 is a 😊 4)

This 4 Energy flowed in on the vibration of the fourth chime…..

And will continue to gain momentum on more planetary Alignments…. And planetary Node points throughout the rest of the year especially on the Solstice and Equinoxes ….

We are being guided by Star family to say … That the “5th Ding “ of The 12th Hour will accumulate around this Arc through to February 20th 2020 …

With the transit on the 15th.. As There-is a Neptune-Venus conjunct energies through to the 27th of Feb ….

And on Feb 20th ….. Star / Galactic family have been saying the “completion“ of the “5th Ding Is coming through on High Venus Love vibrations….on February 20th …. Flowing of the back of Valentines Day on the 14th Feb ….

As there’s an aspect between Neptune & Jupiter on Feb 20th ….!!

Now lets look at why this 5th ding could come in on this Alignment ….

Well ‘ Neptune has a special relationship to Venus, it’s like a Higher dimensional Venus vibration….Flowing 7th-8th Vibration between the two bodies…., ‘

So rounding out the 5th Ding’ with the Jupiter’s vibration coming in, through Neptune’s assistance, on the Venus Arc….

This 5th Ding 2020 will be a very beautiful much softer Ding than the 4th Ding 2019 , in terms of the planetary support alignments and catalysts….

The Rest of the 8 out of 12 Dings will continue to flow through the rest of this year … ‘

On the powerful Planetary alignment Nodes Equinoxes & Solstices ….

Example : The 6th Ding could accumulate around the Spring Equinox …

Flowing into 21 June 2020:
Where there will be an (Annular Solar Eclipse) Bringing in the 7th Ding …

And Towards the end of June there will be a (‘ring of light’) or (‘ring of fire) eclipse….
in 2020 …. And it’s a very special one to anchor in the 8th Ding ….

Moving to the 8th Ding vibration ..
To accumulate on the 8th month of …. The 8:8 Lions Gate !!!

Flowing of the back of The Heliacal rise of Sirius (Kick starting the Great Cycle….

For example: Star Family are teaching us That …. later in the year of 2020

Saturn and Jupiter form a biquintile (a biquintile is where the aspect of the planets move their positions… And form twice the fifth part of a great circle apart… or at an angle of 144 degrees) …,

And with Saturn and then Jupiter forming a biquintile (144 angel to the True Node …
this forms a very strong energetic catalyst …,

Both Biquintiles happen in November this year leading into the huge December alignments….the 12-12 gateway….followed by a Total Solar Eclipse on Dec 14th…

Then the Solstice+Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction at O degrees Aquarius…
And the Alpha-Omega completion into the NEW Age ..

And When the golden circle (ecliptic) is opened on the 12th Ding of The 12 Hour …

This Opening paves the way for the 5th Dimension energies on Earth to flow to All …. on a mass Collective Level …. Not just the LightWorkers and Starseeds …. ALL !

This opens the Way for the 13D Ascension Light to spiral IN to this Earth field, anchoring in Gaia’s Heart… it also involves ‘True North’ in relation to Polaris and the North Celestial Pole….and the Celestial Equator….

For cultures on Earth with different calendars, the Galactic Light-pulses flow through different numeric translations, but the sequence base is the same behind all ‘earth clocks’, stepping down the 27-72 central creation code of this Galaxy)…..

This 13D Ascension Light or Catalyst of The 12 Ding on the 12 Hour – ( Love Wave / The Event )
“ Star Family explain the Event ……MUST …. come through a powerful converge FIRST !!! …

Because it needs that level of Heart opening in the collective to expand , and to open the Way for mass landings of our Star Ships …

When this happens
Our Star Ships can decloak and Star family can integrate with humanity in unity LOVE and ONENESS…

We can see That with the “Possibility” and we say (possibility) depending on probable Timelines….

The 12th Ding of the 12 Hour , Could “ Possibly come to a climax around December 2020 winter solstice ’ that Brings in The Event Solar Flash

Moving into 2021 = That equals 5 ….

As the number 5 in Numerology is the Unity/Unified Consciousness vibration, and therefore can be seen/felt as sacred union of Masculine and Feminine/ Heaven and Earth coming together the Vesica Pisces…

And when we look at the Quintile (that is the 5-point aspect in astrology) it is = 72 degrees……

So again, the number 5 of 2021 is a direct expression of the 27-72 codes, and the Sublime Triangle/Phi Ratio….

Which means if all flows in the correct sequence throughout this year !!!!!…..

2021 could possibly see the Full positive Integration with Our Galactic family on a collective scale and positive Disclosure can come into Fruition within the vibration of LOVE By the end of 2020 and The Flash or love wave… into 2021 ….

This year 2020 Shifts will Truly be the Year where we Truly start to move through into the Golden Age ….

So let’s focus our intent of LOVE to ( usher in ) the 12 Dings or Chimes..,,

To come through into fruition throughout this year and hold the intent of the frequency of love vibration and accumulation of this flow ….

And the (Possible Event) to take place at the end of 2020 on the final alignment Winter Solstice in accordance with the Divine Plan …

Let’s keep our focus our Intent to stay Heart centred throughout the rest of this year as the Great Shifts and dings are taking place….

As we flow into the Golden Age.. .

So dear Hearts ….. Please take what resonates with this information ….

and leave what doesn’t …

What doesn’t ….

Then it doesn’t serve you in the moment … As all is LOVE

Stay Heart centred and NOT in judgement …. Stay in neutrality in ONENESS…

All our PEACE and LOVE

Written by Ria Aurora Athena Ash – Ash’Tar’Ka’ree & Joanna Fey 💜

Shared with LOVE 💜
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

Please visit Joanna Fey (Heart star website) for more information on the 12th hour ❣️


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