Be in the Flow of Love ~ February 7, 2020

I’m not talking about those things you’ve wanted for the last month.  I’m talking about those things that you’ve wanted year after year after year.  It’s time, it’s time to truly acknowledge whatever that may be.  It’s time to look at the human that you are in this lifetime.  If perhaps there is something that was an intention before you were born, something that was a part of this energy, acknowledge it now. 

What I’m feeling in many of you is this open flow of anxiety.  As you consider your life, and as you consider these things that haven’t manifested or thing; why you are anxious? As you consider your life, as you consider this anxiety, I invite you to just feel the flow of love from I the Goddess and from your own Divinity.  Just feel the flow of love move into you and through you.  As that happens allow it to clear out the anxiety, the frustration, the pain. 

Be in the Flow of Love

Welcome to a new year with new vibrations!! This channel has a few changes from the Goddess’s usual channels.  I’ve been channeling for these teleconferences for 17 years now and from time to time the Goddess will just change things up! This time is felt as if there a greater commitment from the community to shifting the vibration of all.  What was interesting is those who chose not to open to change were shifted into a different vibration.  Once this happened, the rest of the community raised in its vibration.  It was as if everyone levitated!  

This year is going to be one of ease.  Most people have worked for quite some time on clearing their energies, creating changes and opening to potentials.  It feels as if now people can be in the moment.  I’m sure there will always be work to do, however a great deal of the foundation is complete and now we can be in the moment and enjoy life.  This is a transformation from the past. and wonderful to see and experience.

Lastly, rather than work with a hologram of the earth, the Goddess showed everyone in the flow of this love vibration.  This showed how there is a constant stream that goes from the universe (I imagine originating in the central sun, through the All That Is, down into the earth; she has spoken of this for years.  Now, moving forward, rather than placing all the changes and energy into a hologram; we simply step into this flow.  I believe that this is a different way of working with the energies and it will make it easier for people to understand and utilize.

It’s a new year, new energy and even greater flow of love!!

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