Qsday January 28th: All About Trump Rallies: Today is the Day [videos] ~ January 28, 2020

It’s rally day in Wildwood, New Jersey and the official word is that 175,000 ticket requests came through for this rally with a venue supporting 7,500.

A ticket doesn’t mean you’ll get in, of course, and people begin camping out days ahead, as I showed you, to ensure they get inside. City administration needs to know what kind of crowd to expect so they can get their barriers up, signage, parking, and security done adequately. It’s a little cold in NJ for outdoor events but the patriots will keep each other warm in front of the Jumbotron.

This page has a lot of information about the Trump KAG (Keep America Great) rally and a 15-min. interview with Lara Trump. Thanks to the CAT Report for sharing.

Do you suppose it is an accident that Lara Trump, Eric’s wife, just happens to be the best woman for the job? I think not.

This is the link to the best network to bring you all the rally fun and activity from a pro-trump standpoint, the Right Side Broadcasting Network. These young folks are on their feet, trying to make themselves heard above the din, for about 8 hours at these rallies so we don’t miss a thing.

It’s free, but RSBN relies primarily on viewer donations and patriots across the planet are happy to pitch in as you will see during the live stream. The chat is already flipping along and the stream doesn’t start for over 90 minutes.

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Wildwood, NJ 1-28-20

I see the public funding as a positive reflection of how people are waking up and engaging in the way their lives are impacted by those in power—and those who would like to be.

Humanity is showing their approval or disapproval now in many ways from rallies to town halls to protests and petitions. Barriers and borders are dissolving as Humanity’s spirit swells and coagulates as one to make indescribable things happen. Magic is happening, folks.

The Great Awakening.

The grass doesn’t grow under the feet of His Trumpness and on Thursday January 30th he will hold another rally in Des Moines, Iowa. You can watch with this RSBN link. He also scheduled one for Manchester, New Hampshire on February 10th.

The President is a machine. I don’t know how he does it all. He powers through critical tasks that have stymied others for decades, despite the constant, unrelenting opposition from the many deep state operatives. He builds positive relations with other nations and brings Peace where it seemed we might see war.

This is the link for Manchester.

Tickets available here.

Apparently the deep state operatives have lost the plot and their sanity and we see viral footage like this circulating on social media. These idjits can’t help themselves. They’re pathetic. They really believe they are “elite”.

What do they hope to accomplish by insulting the American people? They certainly make it clear they are not one of us, and this is all they have left to offer as a supposed “news” network that pretends to broadcast journalism and political analysis. Fake people can only bring fake news.

As President Trumps reminds us, “WE are the elite.”

Enjoy the show, folks!  ~ BP

America, this is what CNN thinks of you…

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) January 28, 2020

Is this enough perspective for you?

Gone for 2 minutes and Q thwarts Jimmy Carter’s state funeral distraction, Bolton suckers the swamp into a testimony trap, Rudy launches a podcast and Biden’s quid-pro-quo confession is played to the Senate. All [they] got is a helicopter crash and a contagion. What did I miss?

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) January 28, 2020

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