Headlines and Updates for January 27, 2020: We Came for THIS? [videos] ~ January 27, 2020

Editor’s Note: Man, oh man…I agree with Starship Earth in her daily news report below…it’s wild out there right now and as many have suspected, the Dark are playing their last card with the coronavirus episode. This is a common cold virus (has it been genetically altered?) and has been instigated in a city smothered in dense and heavy layers of commercial smog on a consistent basis, which incidentally is also the “roll-out” city in China for 5G. Just sayin…

For more details, please read on below, know the Dark are desperate because they have lost/are loosing control of Earth, both physically and spiritually, so wrap yourself up tight, KNOW the Patriots are winning big-time, and BE…



It is getting increasingly wild out there, folks. I hope you’re strapped in.

Reality Check:

Let’s get it out of the way right off the top. Yes, the cabal appears to have used their designer coronavirus as biowarfare against Humanity.

Yes, the deep state is at the end of their rope and there’s no telling what they may do next as they climb all over each other and flail around to avoid falling into the abyss.

They and their minions are doing their best to take down people online who speak the truth and reveal their strategies. They knock people off Twitter and YouTube all the time to shut them up. WordPress killed Jon Rappoport’s website some time ago and he’s an outspoken vaccine investigator.

May 11, 2019: WordPress.com suddenly took down my blog after 10 years of continuous operation. There was no warning or advance notice of any kind.

Obviously WordPress can’t take down everyone who talks about vaccine dangers or it would impact their bottom line too much but they can hit the biggest ones.

If you listened to Mike Adams’ update on the “secret vaccine court” his attorneys discovered, and the moves to instruct Internet providers to shut down those like Natural News who speak the truth about vaccines, you understand the lengths to which they will go.

Phoenix is responding to all of this in his video uploaded this morning where he mentions the “black swan event” he anticipated.

If you are concerned about the coronavirus, get a supply of nanosilver and vitamin C. Not Walmart/Costco crap. Get it from a reputable supplement company.

Nanosilver or even colloidal silver are known to eliminate all viruses including the killer MRSA. High-dose vitamin C is powerful and even used to cure cancer. Now they’re saying this coronavirus is “special” and more virulent than others but you know how that goes.

Coronavirus is a flu, and they’re telling us it can be spread before any symptoms manifest so it’s important to keep a strong immune system so have a good defense against any contagions you may come in contact with. Don’t panic, and stay positive. It doesn’t infect everyone who comes in contact with it and it doesn’t kill everyone who gets it, only a few.

There is a video below from some medical folks who present some facts about novel coronavirus.

The people of Wuhan may have severely compromised immune systems due to the manufacturing effluent and toxic fumes and/or other threats to the Human immune system. Designer viruses can attack specific people displaying specific DNA, we’re told. I’m not a geneticist. They may also have contagions that can be dormant and then are triggered by something else introduced at the time of the “attack”. We just don’t know all their tricks.

If you’re really overcome with fear, shelter in place. Don’t go anywhere, don’t see anyone, use your stores that you should have put aside several years ago when we told you to to stock up, and wait it out.

Sorry. That’s all you can do, unless you have a space craft and can leave the planet, then by all means try it—but we’re told no one is allowed to leave quarantine Earth and you will probably be shot down. I’m serious. That is the situation. The cabal has been forbidden from leaving and they will have to stay here and live with whatever conditions they try to create here on the surface of the planet. There is no escape for them.

They, too, are contagions and other civilizations don’t want them infecting their colonies or planets. We’re stuck with them for now. This is what we’ve been told by credible sources.

The tactics of the dark to try to save themselves will fail. They are past the point of no return in this war. We came to do this and we will. Humanity will prevail. It will be a roller coaster, but the Q team and President Trump prepared us, and will continue to guide us. I suggest we follow their lead.

I see Phoenix has removed this video already. But later on he re-uploaded. I discussed his virus talking points above. He will be in touch to tell us his next plan for broadcasting in a secure environment. Like many vloggers, he realizes he needs a Plan B to continue his work.

We have a satellite ship (blog)and I occasionally publish there at The Captain’s Blog. It is a WordPress blog for which I just paid another $120 yesterday so you might want to “follow” on your WordPress account and check in now and then. I work from there when we have those “mysterious” issues here that prevent us from publishing. We recently learned that the same company that owns our old host, Hostgator, also owns our current one, Bluehost. I hate monopolies. I trust no one.

WARNING! PIR 01 27 20

Here’s an interesting additional note about Wuhan. Thanks, S.

Wuhan, China’s Experimental city for 5G

One more very interesting update from Jon Rappoport that came via email: “The Chinese virus is spreading”—deception and false news

Most people are accepting the news that the Chinese coronavirus is spreading across China and the world.  They don’t understand ground-level facts.

First of all, in every so-called epidemic, diagnoses of patients are eventually made by simple observation.  The patient has typical flu symptoms?  Fever, cough, fatigue, weakness, respiratory problems?  He lives or works in an area where the epidemic has been reported?  Boom, tell the patient he has the epidemic disease.  Obviously, this is absurd.  But it happens.  And then you hear or read, “Today, three more people were found to be infected with the virus in (insert name of city).”

If a patient is actually tested, before a diagnosis is made, the most prevalent method is the antibody test.  It’s fast.  But there is a problem—a major problem.  A positive test means the patient’s immune system has come in contact with the virus.  Before 1984, this was generally interpreted as a good sign for the patient: his immune system responded well and defeated the virus.  But then the science was turned upside down.

Suddenly, a positive test meant the patient had a disease.  Therefore, huge numbers of people were falsely told they were in danger.  During times of hysteria, they became “new cases” of some purported epidemic.  They were cited on the news to bolster the idea that the “the virus was spreading.”  One more point: antibody tests are known to cross-react.  This means: some irrelevant fact about the patient makes the test falsely read “positive for a virus.”  He drank wine the night before the test.  He has a cold.  Etc.

In very few cases, a patient might be tested with a method called PCR.  In simple terms, this test takes a tissue sample from the patient—a tiny, tiny piece of something that might be a virus…but it’s much too small to be observed and identified.  To overcome this problem, the PCR test amplifies that tiny fragment many, many times—like blowing up a photograph.

If the test overcomes several challenges and is done correctly, researchers and doctors might be able to infer that the patient has the virus.  BUT the test would reveal nothing about HOW MUCH of the virus he has.  And why is that important?  Because two or three little particles of virus floating around in the patient’s body mean nothing.

In order to cause disease, there would have to be millions and millions of a virus in the patient’s body.  However, that obvious fact is ignored.  A patient with a positive PCR test is added to the list of epidemic cases—and the news reports, “Today, four more infected people were found in Alaska, leading experts to state the epidemic is spreading unchecked across the world…”

As you can see, these major blunders and false interpretations will result in news about “the spreading epidemic.”

I should also mention low-level security personnel, police, and soldiers, in airports and other transportation centers, waving wands at people to see if their temperature is elevated—signifying they might be “carrying the virus.”  These “tests” are about as reliable as randomly pointing to a figure in a photo of a crowd and saying, “He was the one who just robbed the bank, arrest him.”

Referring to Wuhan, called the center of the epidemic in China, photos of people jamming hospital waiting rooms are cited as “evidence” of the spreading virus and epidemic.  This is preposterous.  Many of these people, experiencing a few typical flu symptoms, have been brainwashed by public announcements into believing they have the “epidemic virus.”

And then, Wuhan has highly dangerous levels of air pollution.  Wuhan is notorious for polluting smog.  Last summer, thousands of people in the city showed up on the streets protesting the air quality and a newly planned waste incinerator they believed would cause even more harmful smog.  This pollution causes lung problems—cited as a symptom of the “coronavirus epidemic.”

Keep these issues in mind when people automatically claim “the virus and the epidemic are spreading.”

Could this be a good thing? Perhaps it’s time to bring them back to America.

China Closes Foxconn, Johnson & Johnson, And Samsung Factories Amid Virus Outbreak

BREXIT is on and the toppling of the UK deep state is in motion.

I would add here that last night Scott Mowry mentioned that the Queen suddenly cancelled (30 minutes notice) her trip to her usual vacation spot due to a “cold”. And Prince Harry was recalled. Odd, wouldn’t you say?

Oh look, possums—the Royal Family Channel!

Queen Attends Church Service After Illness at Sandringham

Someone sent me that “man claiming to be the real Prince Harry found dead in Irish Hotel” story but I sat on it as I wanted to hear more because it sounded familiar. The timing of the rehashed article is interesting, however.

We live in a wacko world, but there IS good news for our friends in the UK.

Britain’s Brexit bill becomes law

Can’t bear to watch the impeachment trial? How about a summary? Mark Levin isn’t called, “The Great One” for nothing.

Mark Levin: Dems’ impeachment case has been an embarrassment

I rather enjoyed this sardonic article from “What Does It Mean”.

Doomsday Clock Makes Fearful Historic Move As “Trial By Stupid” Impeachment Hoax Collides With “This Time I’m Petrified” Pandemic Warning

And speaking of the Kremlin… thanks to S for this image, who says “dolphins don’t lie”. It seems dolphins love the guy who’s going to take out America. Go figure. (I do trust dolphins)

Tomorrow President Trump’s KAG rally is streaming LIVE on Right Side Broadcasting. Hopefully Big Tech won’t be messing with it. It will be YUGE and RSBN will be there all day interviewing fans in the lineups, showing us the crowds, and will not edit any speakers or the President’s address.

They’re already camping out.

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Wildwood, NJ 1-28-20

It’s wild in Beirut, Lebanon, too, as the People rise up against their government.

As the Lebanon Uprising Hits 100-Day Mark, Protesters Allege Torture by Security Forces

Jay Sekulo wore the ‘uniform’: navy suit, red tie. I like it. RSBN brings us the coverage. It’s interesting that SCOTUS Antonin Scalia’s name comes up in Ken Starr’s opening, as he was murdered a few years ago.

How freaky was it that a car rammed a bus full of Covington Catholic School kids enroute to the March for Life? Scott Mowry suggested it may have been a message to Pat Cipollone. The driver of the car died (no doubt a mind-controlled bot), and no students were hurt. Coincidence?

Trump’s White House counsel attended Covington Catholic High School

President Donald Trump Senate Impeachment Trial- Day 2 of Trump’s Defense 1/27/20

The deep state globalist psychopaths want war very badly.

U.S. military plane crashes in Afghanistan, Taliban claims responsibility

Yesterday a US embassy was under fire in Iraq… again.

Three Rockets Thought To Be Fired By Iran Score Direct Hits On The US Embassy In Baghdad Located In Heavily-Fortified Green Zone In Iraq

And look what the globalists are up to, still. Forced migration to wreak havoc on Italy, who are in alliance with President Trump, Putin, and the rest of the alliance to take down the New World Order.

Media blackout…

Ever since #Salvini was removed from government, the international mainstream media has completely stopped reporting on activities of NGO vessels shipping migrants from Africa to #Italy.

The NGO vessel #OceanViking has 407 migrants onboard & is going to Italy pic.twitter.com/4iRXWL5gNR

— BasedPoland (@BasedPoland) January 27, 2020

Here on US soil, some are wondering if Michael Bloomberg, anti-gun cabal agent has been lobbying or applying pressure to the administration in Oklahoma leading to the bills reviewed in the video below.

2A Under Attack in Oklahoma

Life is anything but boring these days. The globalists are very entertaining.


That’s enough drama for now. I’m done.  ~ BP

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