Your Sunday Digest for January 26, 2020: Miracles Abound… or Something Like That [videos] ~ January 26, 2020

Since QAnon has said nothing about designer contagions or pandemics, I think the order still stands: “Enjoy the show.” We do not have the luxury of entertaining fear. This is a war for a planet and calm and high frequencies of love are key. We understand there have been unexplained pulses of energy impacting the planet and for many they may be calming, while others may act out.

So… in case you missed our update to yesterday’s post, the Chinese have suddenly come up with a miraculous cure for the novel coronavirus. They actually cured someone. Wow… never saw that coming. Look at all those heroes…

It’s…it’s…it’s a miracle!

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) January 25, 2020

Another miracle? We certainly hope for miracles for Julian Assange. I think it’s actually part of the “show”, since Julian continues to give us the thumbs up when on camera.

A truly inspiring story.
Julian is finally released from solitary in Belmarsh because the other prisoners in the prison were appalled by his treatment and took up action on his behalf.
A small victory for basic humanity – and it took criminals to teach it to the British state.

— Craig Murray (@CraigMurrayOrg) January 24, 2020

As for the little show in Washington… as painful as it is to watch or listen to the democrat imbeciles, it’s equally as inspiring to listen to the President’s legal defense team.

Coup crimes…

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) January 25, 2020

LT brings us his roundup of the headlines in this video from And We Know. It’s clear… imbeciles breed imbeciles, simply by sharing their words over the airwaves. It’s contagious. That’s the most virulent contagion on this planet.

I almost didn’t recognize Judge Jeanine in the Rudy Giuliani clip. Did she get a different makeup technician? Is she ill? Is it the lighting?

Who dunnit? Russia! Russia! Russia!

AWK News 1.26.20: POTUS Law Team DESTROYS DEMS! Panic in DC!

Seriously, Tens of them.

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) January 26, 2020

Mike at the Patriot Hour reminds us that there is anger, and there is righteous anger. Anger is not necessarily a bad thing, but it needs to be like a self-directed IRA. You do the reasearch, pick your battles, and play to win. We need to be warriors to win our freedom.

There Is Anger And Then There Is Righteous Anger

As Mike mentioned, the People of Puerto Rico, furious after learning that Humanitarian aid from President Trump was never distributed to hurricane victims, took to the streets in protest and even called for the resignation of Governor Garced. How mad are they? They brought out the guillotines. In the image below they are carrying a guillotine. Wow.

Puerto Ricans Take Over Old San Juan to Oust Another Corrupt Governor

This financial situation discussion from Dave’s X22 Report Spotlight and Lior Gantz is a good one, and suggests that in 2020 there will be a significant tax cut for the middle class.

That is in line with the tax reform via the “Fair Tax Act” Bill HR25 that Thomas Williams, Kim-Possible and the team at the Manna World Holding Trust put together and was sponsored in Congress one year ago. It’s an interesting read. It hasn’t yet passes as far as we know, but that doesn’t mean that reform isn’t planned or will not be announced and implemented soon. It has to be done behind the scenes.

I trust that is moving along well but we understand it is a delicate operation to make massive changes to the financial system in the US because of its impact on most other nations.

Trump Just Setup The End Game, The Fed Is Being Neutralized: Lior Gantz

Judge Anna von Reitz(inger) has been at it again, Thomas reports. Like members of her caste, she fools a lot of people with her acting. She penned an email full of lies, yet admitted she has been blocking the funds from the Trust Kim has attempted to disburse. We learned on Thursday’s show that Anna is actually part of the Habsburg dynasty. (The “von” is a term reserved for the “nobility”, you know.) Thomas once told us her real name. It comprised around a dozen names.

The judge is a cabal agent masquerading as one of us, and continues to spew her venomous tirades at the Trustee of Humanity’s funds. For some reason, however, Thomas and Kim continue to give the greedy turds the opportunity to repent and work for Humanity, rather than against us. At what point do they grow weary of banging their heads against a brick wall?

These people are sick, and apparently can’t change their programming. They have to control all the wealth on the planet. I’m so sick of hearing about money, assets, gold, insolvency, debt, funds, interest, the Fed…

As Thomas has pointed out, this is a replenishing planet. The oil replenishes itself. There is not and never will be a shortage. Gold can be created through alchemy as nuclear physicist Mehran Keshe has shown us. Why then, is it all so “precious”? Because that is how the tyrants take advantage of us and grow wealthier; accumulating more zeroes than any person could use in multiple lifetimes.

If the greedy “El-ites”change their tune and choose to accept an agreed upon share of Humanity’s Trust which Kim has offered and right what they have destroyed and damaged rather than steal the entire wealth of the world and try to wipe us out it would indeed be a miracle.

I envision a world without these hideous aberrations of Creation.

You may have heard about the attacks on the Natural News website. Here is the low-down on the “Vaccine Deep State”. Mike Adams’ attorneys learned that these goons have gained control of a federal court and are ordering tech companies to disrupt or de-platform those who discuss vaccine truth. They’re flummoxed and have never seen anything like it. Mike says it was a shot fired across the bow and if he doesn’t toe the line might result in them taking control of his domain. They might also do the same to other alternative news sites.

This is deep state treachery at its worst, folks. They believe they are above the law, and the agenda is to vaccinate us all. This is shocking, except for the part about there being no record of the case number. Where have we heard that before? Field McConnell and Cynthia Abcug know all about it. This appears to be absolute power. The video is here at the link on Brighteon.

I agree with Mike. Either you’re pro-Human or anti-Human. There are only two sides.

Vaccine DEEP STATE SABOTAGE behind the attacks on Natural News

The predators who sold out Humanity are being brought to heel.

Former Child Services Caseworker Charged with Human Trafficking!!

— RunningTheRace ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@2runtherace) January 25, 2020

Canada… it’s going to get more and more outrageous.

#PPC @MaximeBernier

— Grassroots Advocates (@RoysLoyalty) January 26, 2020

One Miracle we can always count on is Scott Mowry’s Miracles Intel Call. Following is Scott’s update for this past week:

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, JANUARY 26, 2020 beginning approximately 6 PM PT.

PLEASE NOTE — we now have a NEW BACKUP NUMBER for those who had issues dialing into the Miracles Intel Conference Call lines & replays: 

Backup phone# is: 425-535-9162


There were MULTIPLE MAJOR EVENTS TAKING PLACE IN AMERICA, SWITZERLAND, CHINA AND THE UNITED KINGDOM, as the intensity level continues to ramp up to higher and higher levels. In fact, Thursday, January 24 particularly was an extremely eventful day from this past week.

The White Hat Patriots continue to expose the Democratic Party, the Fake News media and the Deep State like never before through a variety of sophisticated operations to disclose the truth, in order to educate and awaken the American people, if not the entire human race.

  • The impeachment trial of President Trump kicked off on Tuesday, January 21with opening arguments by the Democrats’ impeachment managers Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler, among others. All that Schiff, Nadler and the other clowns managed to accomplish was to bore most of the Senate and the American people to death. Television ratings dropped precipitously during all four days of the Democrats’ testimony before the Senate.
  • And shockingly, the Democrats’ strategy also included insulting the entire Senate on multiple occasions. It is never a good idea to disparage the jury during a trial where you are attempting to present an extremely weak case — yet this was the very flawed, idiotic logic of Schiff and Nadler in a nutshell.
  • On Saturday, January 25, President Trump’s all-star legal team was FINALLY able to present the truth to counter years of propaganda by Adam Schiff, the Democrats, the Fake News media and the Deep State.

  • On Monday, January 27, President Trump’s defense team will continue with their defense and it is expected they are going to take direct aim at both Joe & Hunter Biden. On Thursday, January 23 “Q” gave us a hint of what is upcoming in drop #3787:

Corrupt [D]s fighting for their lives to keep media/gov focused on POTUS.

Don’t worry, it won’t be boring forever. 

  • While Adam Schiff was spewing out lie after lie in the U.S. Senate chamber throughout the week, the Department of Justice finally publicly admitted the warrants obtained by the FBI from the FISA court to spy on Carter Page during the 2016 Presidential campaign were fraudulent. This bombshell news further exposes Shifty Schiff’s and the Deep State’s  many lies to the American people about Russian collusion.
  • Realize this entire impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is yet another high level, “Q”/Military Intelligence operation which has been carefully designed to Red Pill the American people of the massive corruption within their own government.
  • While all the impeachment shenanigans were taking place in the swamp of Washington, DC, President Trump was in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum 2020 to give the keynote address on Tuesday, January 21. The President gave a very inspirational and uplifting speech which was filled with optimism for the future.

  • Meanwhile, in the nation of China, a string of really, really bad news which began with the Hong Kong protests in 2019, has only gotten worse and worse for the Chinese Communist Party government. The latest bad news is the outbreak of the coronavirus which continues to affect more and more Chinese citizens. At this time, as many as 30 million Chinese people and counting, have been put into quarantine by the government.

  • In the UK, Brexit has FINALLY officially become law and now Prime Minister Boris Johnson and will begin to prepare his nation for life without the Nazi-controlled European Union interfering with the progress of the British people. We should now expect other European nations to begin to leave the EU in the coming months.

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598 Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402 Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

Backup Number: 425-535-9162 only if you have issues logging in with the above numbers.

Thank you for your support,
Scott Mowry
Follow us on Twitter:

What a week it has been. We should now be able to comprehend the massive undertaking this is to liberate America—and the world. There have been battles above our heads, below our feet, and on the ground—not to mention interdimensionally. The information war alone is ruthless, divisive, and yields many casualties.

From insider/researcher “Gene” we might concede that the underground war is progressing well, and if he’s correct in that both Epstein and Obama are “safe” in Greenland… well, that might gel with President Trump’s seemingly odd Tweets about “purchasing Greenland”.  He also suggested reasons for the GPS blackout and how that protected the patriots in Richmond on Monday. Many were disarmed, many were packing, depending on where they wanted to be.

Interestingly enough, Field McConnell’s Field Report today remarked in their ongoing investigation they found there may be a facility under construction in Greenland that he suggests might be named, “Gitmo II”.

In another video Gene translated Trump’s visit with the Queen and suggested he now commands the British military. You might want to check this out. The “secret society” imagery and symbolism is everywhere and hopefully when this is all over we can dispense with the nonsense.

Now, we want to know what’s REALLY going on in China. Something’s up. I’m getting the feeling it’s not what it seems.

Trump in Charge of UK’s Military? Gene Decode! B2T Show Jan 7 (IS)

Do you get the feeling the Patriots are in control?

Meanwhile, up in Siberia, my other half is working… sort of… and sent proof. Probably 80.

Putin has activated the next phase of his portion of The Plan and restructuring is beginning there for his new Republik. Like Trump, when he steps down, all will be in place for a better world for Humanity.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, comrades. WWG1WGA.   ~ BP

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