Late Updates for January 26, 2020: Distractions R Us [videos] ~ January 26, 2020

We’re on one crazy ride, folks, so I hope you’re strapped in. We’ve been warned it’s going to get even wilder and more intense.

Since the coronavirus hysteria still hasn’t gone away… a few words of wisdom from Randy Maugans. Thanks, R.

This is a big story—but I don’t believe it’s what the media purports. There is an agenda and it will work out in our favour, as President Trump has indicated.

Do you see the coding?
They want to eclipse you, take away your crown chakra. This a fear virus…watch the memes spread over social media, the “news”…the fear infection of your light body.
Nothing to fear but fear itself.
Fear is an entity.#CoronaOutbreak

— Randy Maugans (@RandyMaugans) January 26, 2020

As “Global Guy” mentioned on Scott Mowry’s Sunday call, nano-silver particles are the antidote to pretty much all of the bio-weapons the deep state uses for political warfare against civilians, including MRSA, Ebola, Zika, Corona. Nano silver is better than straight colloidal silver, they said. It’s a good idea to have some silver water in your home at all times to combat any viral contagion, including the common cold.

Former NBA star Kobe Bryant is dead after his private helicopter crashed near Calabasas, California, killing everyone on board, including Bryant’s thirteen year-old daughter

Sunday morning. Another aircraft. Nine deaths. You’ve no doubt heard by now—but did you hear all this?

Could the real “state funeral” still happen? Of course. Some feel, however, that “state funeral” refers to the death of the deep state. Others have suggested it might be ol’ Ruthie Bader Ginsburg. They have not announced her death officially and some believe they have been saving that for a pinch when they really need a big distraction—like now.

Would it surprise you to learn that a cartoon from December 2017 “predicted” or joked about this very scenario with Bryant? These people are sick. They laugh at us and we don’t even realize we are the entertainment. Don’t watch television, folks. The “programming” sucks.

What would you say if you saw a social media post from 2013 saying Bryant would die in a helicopter crash?

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

(Editor’s Note: Image blocked)

NBA legend Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

(Editor’s Note: Video blocked)

Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant

(Editor’s Note: Image blocked)

You didn’t think it a coincidence, did you? B2T covers the suspicious timing and the bizarre prognostications. This video ties in Canada’s Steve Nash involving Soros Fund Management. Are you aware Bryant has been battling Big Pharma because they wanted to use his nickname?

The deep state psychopaths love to pull off a stunt that will meet multiple objectives. This news will take many people away from the impeachment Schiff Show.

Kobi Narrative? Vs. State Funeral? Bible Study Acts 11. B2T Show Jan 26 (IS)

If you have a deeper interest in this incident, Juan Browne at the BlancoLirio channel does excellent analyses of most of the aircraft crashes from a former military/pilot perspective. It seems to me there are an inordinate number of crashes lately and I like to hear his opinions and data.

Kobe Bryant Sikorsky S-76B Helicopter Down 26 Jan 2020


This is life in the real world. The pathological liars and opportunists spin their webs with impunity and lull good people into a state of trust and then betray them. Nothing is what it seems. TRUST NO ONE!

Apparently people who expose pedophilia are targeted in many ways. Field McConnell is still in jail and hoping Gov. Ron DeSantis will work with the Gov. of Wisconsin to free him from his unlawful incarceration.

Protecting myself from E-Clause LLC – Timothy Charles Holmseth telephoned Senator Lindsey Graham

Do you suppose it’s possible that we could ever live on a planet where everyone is honest, transparent, generous, kind, of service to others, and there is no crime? Or is that a pipe dream?

There are so many things we can do to stop this predation on children, but also adults. We all need to be aware and watchful.

UPS to train delivery drivers how to spot signs of sex slavery

Despite all the negative news… can we squeeze a laugh out of you? He who has the last laugh wins. Bill Barr has a wicked sense of humour.

Listen Very Carefully To This [SHARE]

That’s it for now. Lots going on every hour of every day now and it’s impossible to keep up.  ~ BP

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