Warning—Impossible Headlines: Discernment Required | UPDATED ~ January 25, 2020

Editor’s Note: Eyes open America! I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again…the whole “coronavirus” scare is a tactic used by the Dark to: (1) Take attention away from Pres. Trump’s impeachment which is not going so well for the Dark, and (2) introduce a new FEAR tactic for which the Dark may try and implement a “forced vaccination” scenario globally. Think how many “empty eaters” could be taken out that way? Just sayin…

So…read on below, get your own B.S. meter installed, try not to snicker too much over the Dark’s latest failure invloving a common cold virus, and BE…



Here’s your update. Are we feeling sheepish now?

It’s…it’s…it’s a miracle! https://t.co/T4Gagp1gDV

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) January 25, 2020

No pictures or videos. Just read.

Here’s the worst one I’ve seen.

Hal Turner Radio Show – Coronavirus in China: 23 Million QUARANTINED, 2.8 Million Infected; 112,000 DEAD

Sorry, folks. If you believe this I don’t know what to tell you. We have been protected for a long time; other bioweapons neutralized and extinction-level events thwarted—at the very least by the White Hats if not our guardians upstairs.

We need proof in order to believe what the lying, treasonous turds in the media tell us. Does it not seem too much of a coincidence that this novel coronavirus crops up just as the Dems are being made to look like the lying, treasonous sleazebags they are?

It’s a coup. They’re all going to prison.

How is it it possible for that many people to die of a virus in a few days? It’s not possible. It’s akin to a cold/flu virus.

Where is the discernment? It’s a psyop.

Following is some feedback from independent journalist Jim Stone. I showed you the video with an image of a city block of backhoes and they claim to be building a hospital in one week. Sorry but that, too, is impossible.

Here’s what Jim has to say…

Wuhan virus common sense:

Obviously, if there’s a supposed outbreak somewhere that might soon visit a town near you, it makes sense to FINALLY spend the $10 on a gas mask. Anything that has a carbon filter will do, (carbon is not necessary) but to trap the carbon in the filter, it has to be a hepa filter which will get viruses. Obviously you have to cover your eyes also, cold viruses enter through the eyes easily. Anyway, they are proceeding with the story line. I was in a panic when the site was down earlier – the main points repeated:

It makes little sense to not spend as much as $20 for a decent mask. Masks are dirt cheap and you should have one anyway. If this passes as a hoax, you lost nothing and are a step more prepared.

There is a very high probability they want to advance this all the way to a gun grab. I find it VERY odd that this outbreak happened on impeachment day 1. That right there says B.S., the Chinese government HATES Trump.

I think the Chinese government is the one being honest with this. I think the numbers really are quite low. I still think the hospital build is a Western fronted hoax. We’ll have to say what Diez En Punto says on their next report (I’ll see that on Monday) if by then they don’t have updates and extreme progress shown, it’s a hoax.

HOWEVER, IF THAT HOSPITAL REALLY DOES GET BUILT, HEADS UP. That’s the key thing that might flip me on this topic but for now, I am sticking with “this is a get everyone vaccinated hoax fronted by the usual culprits”.

Big problem and it is the browsers doing it. Server appears down on all browsers but both huawei devices access the site fine. One of the devices is a fake huawei and it still works because it has huawei software. I do not know who can see this but if the main site is blocked I will probably have to use a backup but all have been idled.

Diez En Punto covered the Corona virus in detail tonight, here is what they said: Wuhan virus has a 3.1 percent mortality, about 1/3rd that of SARS and 41 people have died. 1, 314 people in China have Wuhan virus, and it is confirmed via electron microscope, there are no kits needed for detection. There are fewer than 30 other documented cases worldwide. They claimed the hospital that was being built in 10 days was really being built, and that they’d follow it day by day. My guess is they got punked because they had no data I did not get. It will be telling if there are no updates after they specifically said they’d be doing daily progress updates on that hospital. My conclusion: If that hospital ends up getting built, China is lying out it’s butt about the number of cases of Wuhan virus. You don’t build that much accommodation for a low lethality outbreak. 3.1 percent is bad, but certainly no where near Sars and a far cry from Ebola. It was an interesting update from a source I consider credible. We’ll have to see where this goes.
VERY INTERESTING: Wuhan is where 5G was rolled out What if 5g wrecked immune systems and thereby boosted the virulency of the normal cold? One of the main points about 5G was that it would wreck immune systems and make people sick. Silicon vally does not want it and THE KICKER: People in Wuhan say 5G sucks and that 4G was better. FIGURE THAT. I remember now that Wuhan was where the tech was going to be put in place first but forgot all about that with this “pandemic”. What if all we are seeing in Wuhan is sickness from exposure to excessive 5G radiation, and weakened immune systems? Things that make you go Hmmmmmm . . . . . Wuhan rumor: Rumor has it that china only had triple digit numbers of test kits for corona virus and ran out, and that’s why the numbers have stayed in triple digits. I’m not sure this is legit, but I’ll throw it out there. One thing is certain – fewer than 30 dead.
For departures and arrivals at the following link, you must scroll down to the bottom of the page. The list is for only a few hours of flights. There are probably over 200 total scheduled today. Wuhan is not on lockdown and has not been on lockdown after all There is a possibility the entire coronavirus event was a wag done to distract Americans from Trump’s impeachment. If that is not the case, why does Flightaware say Wuhan airport is operating? There is no quarantine in place if that’s the case, and a few Chinese are managing to get through saying they are free to leave the city. This stinks of a psy op, Flightaware is not hoaxing the fact there are still flights incoming and outgoing as usual. Anyone claiming there are not, including the MSM, is lying.
Remember the impeachment . . . . . . interesting timing with that virus!
Update to below: After going over the various videos of the “hospital being built” it appears it may be an AI generated deep fake. The biggest problem is that with all of the excavators going, the terrain is simply flat. There should be holes and trenches everywhere, yet nothing is actually getting done.
New hoax? Excavators rushing to build hospital in Wuhan This scene does not look credible to me. Supposedly there’s supposed to be a new hospital here by Feb 3. That’s only 10 days. How did they design a hospital so fast? How can the machines even be used without support? There should be loads of dump trucks there. You can’t even adequately cure concrete in 10 days. Pre-fab could work that fast, but you need the foundation to cure before setting it. What about compaction? We’ll have to wait and see with this one. NOT PLAUSIBLE. Plausible is a tent city built on a pre existing parking lot in 10 days.
There’s more at Jim’s website if you scroll down. Pictures. What season is it in China? Winter. How do the photos you’re seeing look? Like summer?

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