Headlines and Updates for January 25, 2020: Information Overload and Translations in Progress [videos]

Editor’s Note: Lot’s of problems uploading this report from Starship Earth today, in fact the final video on the Red Giant star, Betelgeuse, will not load at all. Hmmm…supernova star explosion visible on Earth, “The Event” spiritual folk speak of which is seen by everyone, just sayin…

Please read the report below for more details like “State Funeral”, child porn rings, and the like, KNOW the dark are exhaling their last gasp with the Coronavirus “pandemic” (which gives you a cold, unless your immune system is compromised, stay alert, and BE…



It’s Saturday. Enough said. The travails of the week are over for many of us.

We like to begin with good news, and I am going to assume that the “plane ride” Field McConnell tells us he is expecting to take January 25 is good news. Fingers crossed, Field.

Hopefully it isn’t about extradition to Florida unless that will mean his immediate and final release from this fraudulent scam. He said he will keep us apprised of his travel.

The Last Farewell

This is crazy, man. China is building a 1,000 bed hospital in one week to accommodate only coronavirus patients. Have you ever seen so many “diggers”?

Global National: Jan. 24, 2020 | China’s coronavirus lockdown and Canada’s precautions

I would think that if the coronavirus were going to be a huge problem—a pandemic—Q or POTUS would have given the nod. President Trump told us all to “prepare” for anything a couple of years ago, and if folks did that and they are afraid to leave their home they can always use some of those supplies until this blows over. So far, there is no “this” in North America or anywhere but China, and that is no accident.

President Trump said only this:

China has been working very hard to contain the Coronavirus. The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well. In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 24, 2020

I have no doubt that the desperation of the dark cabal will mean attempts to unleash chaos on our planet. We’ll get through it, but need to remain vigilant and aware of our surroundings at all times.

The most fascinating aspect of the QAnon Phenomenon as I called it, is the irrefutable ability to tell us what will happen a year or more in advance—in detail. Deviations from actual events are very minor, if any. How else would this be possible without the “looking glass technology”?

Take, for instance, this April 2018 breadcrumb…

In case you missed it, I posted the source earlier, but I can’t get past this amazing “MARKER” OF “FUTURE PROVES PAST”. Holy 💩@Qanon pic.twitter.com/lUhDi57C1H

— Chris Fritz (@ChrisFr95077410) January 24, 2020

Since everyone wants to talk about the Novel Corona virus… China Uncensored adds their perspective, which is perhaps a little more truthful than some. (Also discussed, Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou with an ankle bracelet who’s been on house arrest in her $12m home while on trial in Canada, poor thing.)

Chinese Virus Spreads | Hong Kong Anti-Communist Rally

Here is another update from our man Gene on the underground wars to clear the tunnels and DUMBS of reptilians, negative cabal military, and to free the children cultured for sex slavery and satanic ritual abuse.

Not everyone is ready to accept what Gene shares, but for many this is very popular material. The entire world is riddled with subterranean tunnels equipped with a MAGLEV train, etc. It’s mindblowing. The US military (and possibly others) are closing down the tunnels and caverns and/or flooding them.

Gene also tells us the purpose of the many drones in the southwest/central west US. At one point when discussing subterranean areas the military have cleared out he said, “That’s how they got Jeffrey out of there and up to Greenland.” I assume he meant Epstein. Very interesting. Gene also did a rundown on the Canadian DUMB status as well as other countries. Thanks for the heads up, L.

As for his explanation of the image of President Trump that Q posted behind the two marines… he gave three meanings. Castle clean. Done deal.

This is Rick at Blessed to Teach channel and the audio isn’t sorted out until 1:12 minutes in. He’s at a hotel so be patient.

Here’s a very interesting tidbit of information regarding immigrants at the US southern border where at least one was trying to fool the US Immigration DNA testing system to determine if migrants were true families or not. A woman spit into the mouth of the child to deposit her DNA so tests would show they were related. Unbelievable. Are these the honest, hardworking, “dreamers” America wants in their nation?

“So that’s what’s going on at the border. That’s the humanitarian crisis we’re talking about, and that we’re trying to deal with,” Albence went on, noting that the woman was sent to jail and the child was rescued. “That shows the heartlessness of some individuals and what they’re willing to do come to this country illegally.”

‘The Ruthlessness’: Migrant Woman Spit In Child’s Mouth To Trick DNA Tests

We’re getting a very ugly but clear view of what the New World Order is doing across the planet. Slavery never ended; in fact, it expanded, right under our noses. That open border has been inviting an endless stream of trafficked children. It’s a racket. Big bucks. The El-ites depend on it.

Tampa, FL: (VIDEO) White Children Groomed, Branded Like Cattle & Sold for Sex by Gangs

Are you aware of this organization that is actively working with law enforcement to end child sex trafficking in many American cities? We learn that if we are renting a home to people involved in trafficking children that we can be prosecuted, so it would be a good idea for us all to pay attention to what is happening in our neighbourhoods—ALL neighbourhoods—not only poor ones. We all need to be observant wherever we are. There are other ways to help Saved in America”, as well.

MUST SEE: Saved In America . . .

Have you considered the meaning of Q’s “State Funeral” post? It’s obviously portent of coming events. I see websites flogging the “Trump – Pence 2020” lawn signs and wonder if it will be the VP’s funeral. The White Hats don’t seem inclined to reveal the treason and pedophilia. Perhaps they  feel it would be too disruptive.

Some surmise it might be former president Jimmy Carter’s funeral. Why would that event be “big”? Educate me. Sure, he was a President, but he’s old. How about Nazi Pelosi? She’s past her expiration date, too.

What about the “royals”? Volunteers, Lizzie? Macron?

Just some things to mull over. It might wind up being someone we never suspected—and it could be a year off—but I know a lot of people are itching to get JFK Jr. in the White House. It will work out for the best for us all.


State Funeral Definition

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 23 Jan 2020 – 5:39:36 PM https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_funeral📁

Why is @CBC, @CTV @BBCBreaking , @CNN , @MSNBC and all news stations Not covering this protest on France that has been going on for a year now ??????????????? https://t.co/KSDXXfwzrj

— CanadaInPeril (@CanadaInPeril) January 25, 2020

If you’re having difficulty following what has been unfolding, you may benefit from watching this update below from Bernie at Truth & Art TV, who has proven to be one of our best analysts. Once he gets past the greetings in the chat he launches into very pertinent decodes of the Q drops and what we’re seeing with respect to the “Schumer Schiff Sham Show”, and more.

The dimms are literally pathetic to the point I feel sorry for the pain they are going through to play their roles in the movie although they certainly seem unfazed. Of course the White Hats could have rounded up these freaks long ago but they didn’t. They have a purpose. The shaking of the snoozers is so violent now that anyone who doesn’t come around with these vile smelling salts waved under their noses may never wake up.

Could you do it? Could you follow this insane screenplay for years if it meant you could save Humanity and an entire planet?

I suppose knowing that 100,000 people want Trump KAG rally tickets for Wildwood, New Jersey this Tuesday would be a degree of solace. Think of it, folks. One hundred thousand people want to be in the vicinity and show their support for President Trump. The top Democrat candidates either get 30 people to a room (some of whom call them on their shit) or at the most 2-300. This is historical. It has never, ever happened before.

You can watch the rally coverage all day on RSBN at this link. We may not have fiery protests in the streets in America but the People are coming out peacefully to demand their Second Amendment rights and to support the Trumpinator. It sounds like New Jersey will be quite the spectacle—inside and out.

LIVE Jan 24, 2020: It’s All Happening!!

I shared video recently of some notable celestial activity within the Orion constellation and we have confirmation of what that is about. Betelgeuse, the “red supergiant” is going supernova and we will be able to see that “flash” with the naked eye. The big question is “when”?

Betelgeuse is Continuing to Dim! It’s Down to 1.506 Magnitude

Here is a recent video captured by long time sky watcher Eric G from his telescope in, I believe, France. Eric is deaf/mute so his videos don’t usually have audio and it isn’t necessary. To gaze at his footage in silence and contemplate the wonders of the Universe without the usual din is a gift, IMO. Even good music and subtitles can be a distraction. The view does change from time to time throughout the video from tight to wide.

(Editor’s Note: This particular video is not uploading to my site, I suggest you to to Youtube and upload “Live Betelgeuse Orion january 19, 2020“.)

Live Betelgeuse Orion January 19, 2020

That’s it for today, folks.  ~ BP

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