The Late Edition for January 23, 2020: New Q & a Planet in an Uproar [videos] ~ January 23, 2020

Well, Earth is shakin’ isn’t she? Such dramatic news (and fake news) getting everyone all riled up.

This new Q drop has a chart that doesn’t translate well in a narrow blog format so please see the post here.


New: Title TBD

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 23 Jan 2020 – 1:32:58 PM

crowdstrike-payments-DNC.png Corrupt [D]s fighting for their lives to keep media/gov focused on POTUS.
Don’t worry, it won’t be boring forever.

Flashback: Remember when Q told us the vote would be 53 – 47? And here we have it.

President Trump Wins His First Impeachment Trial Victory as Senate Votes 53 to 47


Impeachment Would Never Pass in the Senate; D’s Are Just Feeding Hopium to Their Base

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 29 Jul 2019 – 9:34:19 AM Reminder re: impeachment.
2/3rd Senate vote required to impeach POTUS.
Logical thinking.
You are watching D’s ‘con’ liberal base using ‘hope’ tactics while maintaining ‘POTUS obstruction of Justice’ FAKE NEWS narrative.
Think 2020.

Rudolph Giuliani Later in the day Q dropped this. Watch Giuliani. 3793

New: Title TBD

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 23 Jan 2020 – 5:01:43 PM📁
Worth following.
Q There are plenty of sensitive discussions ongoing in Davos as Phoenix tells us in today’s energetic/geopolitical update.

PIR 01 23 20

Did I share this one yet? President Trump keeps saying, “Read the transcript.”


As for the coronavirus…

This Wutang virus seemed like a distraction from day 1.

— Julian’s Rum 🥃 (@JuliansRum) January 23, 2020

A friend sent this via email:

The common cold is a virally related syndrome and has been associated with over 100 different viruses, including Human Coronavirus and Rhinovirus They’re laughing at us, folks, those who are buying into their media-inflated hoaxes. Why does anyone listen to the media any more? Sometimes it’s passable entertainment but other than that… and the alt media isn’t helping by continually spreading the hysteria. I’d like to stop talking about the coronavirus now.

Field McConnell’s update for today delivered some thinly veiled intel in his unique, inimitable way. He mentioned that Trump was down in Sunrise, FLA/Broward county this week, and that some creatures found themselves getting unexpected abundant sunshine in Cuba. I don’t think I need to translate.

He also spoke of the now 144,844 sealed criminal indictments. It’s important to note that there may be 20 individuals named in just one indictment. I’m not sure, but perhaps even more. The indictment are a result of a Grand Jury (the People) deciding that evidence suggests a crime was committed and warrants a trial. That’s a whole lotta trials, and California and Texas have the most indictments, which suggests that Pedowood, the crime families of California, and the Bush cabal crime syndicate in Texas will be hard hit.

Field also spoke of the demise of Pat Tillman. So many tragedies unfolded at the hands of the psychopaths.

Operation Falling Iguanas – Trump The Republic And 4th Marine

Following the process in Virginia…

Virginia Red Flag Passes Senate Vote

It’s our turn to laugh. I don’t think the new energies are agreeing with the dimms.

Chucky’s been spotted talking to an empty chair and Shifty forgot his pupils? Is that why Hannity called him the “beady-eyed lunatic”, lol?

[VIDEO] Concern Over Schumer’s Mental State Grows After Video Shows Him Speaking to an Empty Chair

Internet Explodes Over Shocking Photo of Schiff From Senate Trial “Looks Like He’s on a 7 Day Meth Binge”

Big Gucci bags, yes, but his pupils aren’t dilated. They’re small.

Is Adam Schiff’s Ibogaine Addiction A Threat To National Security?

Trump administration releases rule to restrict ‘birth tourism’

Why is it that the poor, jobless people so often have most of the children? That is a self-perpetuating problem. If we continue to GIVE them sanctuary, homes, educations, food, jobs, and health care, of course they’re going to take us up on it. It’s just common sense that if you can’t support three children, then don’t have them.

If we close the loop holes, we can help to stem the regenerating problem of migrants overpopulating our countries outside the standard immigration rules while our own citizens have sometimes even stopped having children and can’t manage to look after themselves because our systems are broken.

Of course Alex Occasional Cortex claims Trump is “anti-pregnant women”. How much longer are we going to tolerate that thing in Congress? Shouldn’t she be in jail? She’s an illegal immigrant from what we hear, who married her brother to gain US residency. It goes on and on.

Are you riding the “Love the Royals” train? Here’s all you need to know about the “royals”. Too bad no one curbed their enthusiasm for the monarchs when they visited Canada decades ago to feast on our beautiful indigenous children.

Of course their lackeys dealt swiftly and surely with those who exposed them.

Give this video from Sarah Tonen a “like”, would you? We are the news now.

God Save Us

Here’s today’s new article from Kevin Annett about the ITCCS and the genocide in Canada. Listen or read at the link below. Note the word “ongoing”. This didn’t stop with the Mohawks in Brantford, Ontario back in the 60’s. Unspeakable things happen under the auspices of the church, law enforcement, and the government. From the blankets infected with smallpox the “explorers” purposely gave the Indians when they landed in America to the sixties when the royals preyed upon the children, it’s been a never ending slaughter of aboriginal people—and worldwide.

For the past sixteen months, a Citizens Grand Jury based in Vancouver has carefully documented the evidence of ongoing crimes against humanity on Canada’s west coast.

These crimes include the rape, torture and trafficking of women and children, the harvesting and trafficking of human organs, the cult ritual torture and murder of men, women and children, the terrorizing, despoiling and dispossessing of indigenous communities, and the targeted killing of traditional indigenous people and political dissidents by domestic and foreign powers.

Breaking Global News, January 23, 2020: Historic Trial to Prosecute Canada’s Ongoing Genocide

Ben Swann brings us news from discussions in Davos, Switzerland and the World Economic Forum.

Are Humans The Next To Be Hacked? The New “Arms Race” Actually Over A.I.

General Flynn is still in the ring fighting a war that should never have needed to be fought but his attorney, Sidney Powell, has been doing a remarkable job.

General Michael Flynn

Powell Files Memo: Prosecution Wants Jail Time Because Flynn ‘refuses to compose’ Government Lies

Project Veritas has police interpreting for their video stars now. The Bernie Sanders campaign folks won’t talk to them any more. No surprise there. The damage has been done. Touché!

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Campaign Calls The Police On Project Veritas Action Journalists

Yes, the people who have been running the world steal from charity. You’ve no idea.


I think that’s enough for one day.  ~ BP

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