Proof the Globalists in Puerto Rico Withheld Aid Sent by President Trump from Victims After Hurricane Maria [videos] ~ January 21, 2020

Thousands of bottles of water not distributed to victims left at an airstrip in San Juan, Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Editor’s Note: Ah…the pain caused by the Dark is all too apparent in this article. The video at the end (see the Twiter link) is verbally non-understandable (unless you know Puerto Rican Spanish), but the disgust in the commentary voice is unmistakable!

In the words of a friend, of mine…here we go! Please read/watch and understand our world IS changing due to circumstances such as this…with many more intolerable acts still to surface. Despite knowledge of the inhumane acts committed by the Dark, please know our world is changing in a positive way, let this be a signal for the 99% to be BETTER than they, allowing us all to BE…



Here it is, folks. Carton after carton of Coleman camp stoves, water, diapers, bottles and nipples, Ensure, baby wipes, food, batteries, emergency crank radios, sitting in a warehouse to make President Trump look bad WHILE THEIR PEOPLE STARVED, DIED OF DEHYDRATION, AND THEIR BABIES HAD NOTHING.

We have already told you there were pallets of water found at the airport in San Juan 6 months after the catastrophe; water going bad in plastic bottles in the sun that was no good to anyone.

Mayor Carmen Yulin thought it was more important to spend her time bashing President Trump and telling the world he sent no aid than to help her own people. Another mayor outed her for not even attending the meetings the administration was holding to organize the relief plan. She’s a traitor.

And they did this not once, but twice, according to RT? Read about both discoveries in the article below, watch the video, and see the pathetic excuses (lies).

THOUSANDS of unopened bottles of water meant for Puerto Rico hurricane victims found in field… AGAIN

What’s worse: some water past its best before date, or no water at all? And what do you suppose a bottle of water cost the desperate residents after the hurricanes? This is what the globalists do, folks—and not only in Puerto Rico.

After Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey/New York there were tents with brand new generators in them that had never been distributed to the victims who were cold, wet, and forbidden to return to their homes because the globalist politicians had them condemned.

They also turned away truckloads of donated emergency supplies and clothing from out of state “because they had no bill of lading”, they claimed.

They create these storms, or at the very least whip up low pressure systems with their technology to create super-storms and then use the crises to monetize the system and serve their political agendas.

These bastards should be dumped on a deserted island somewhere they can’t swim from; no food, no water, no supplies, and see how they fare. Let them eat each other. If they die… oh well. The world is then a much better place. At least they’re animal food. Grind up their bones and scatter them to the seven seas.

Those psychopaths won’t be preying on any more children.

No fake impeachment or anything else is going to save them from us when the People learn the truth about what they have done.  ~ BP

Puerto Rican politicians tried to make it look like President Trump wasn’t sending aid to them after Hurricane Maria in 2017

A video has surfaced showing aid sitting unused in a warehouse

They were hiding aid from their citizens who needed it desperately

This is disturbing

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) January 19, 2020

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