Headlines and Updates for January 21, 2020: New Q and New Energies [videos] ~ January 21, 2020

Editor’s Note: I’m going to say it again…Wow…just Wow! As detailed below by Starship Earth, the show just doesn’t get any better than this! So many folks out there, currently in power, are just plain c-r-a-z-y! Those of us in the know are exactly aware of what’s causing their (can anyone say “high vibrations”) bizarre actions, and our train towards FREEDOM is now moving mighty fast!

So….read on below, be sure to watch the videos’, know truth is erupting everywhere for our benefit, and BE…



What to watch for: Bernie Sanders is going down, and the hysteria over the “corona virus” is going up.

QAnon left another breadcrumb last night to educate the patriots about the roll of President Eisenhower and the deep state/military industrial complex; a brief video from January 17, 1961.


Eisenhower Warns Us of the Military Industrial Complex

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 20 Jan 2020 – 9:18:10 PM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y06NSBBRtY📁

Q didn’t venture down this path today, but people who do the research will also learn that Eisenhower had multiple meetings with extraterrestrials. The image below is from my archive but it’s available on the Internet.

President Dwight Eisenhower and an alien Grey

Agreements with the negative ETs changed everything and were kept a secret to manipulate the People, not simply for “national security”. And here we are, nearly sixty years later, with most Humans believing UFOs and ETs are a joke—despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. It’s wakey-wakey time. If you want to learn more, this article explains. We are already a space-faring people, but the control freaks don’t want you to know that.


Sometimes I wonder if Dwight Eisenhower’s granddaughter, Laura, isn’t Dwight himself come back in an attempt to atone for his devastating mistakes to Humanity. It was a turning point in America, and for Humanity in general. We have been prey.

Eisenhower tried to warn us; Kennedy tried to warn us, but no one did anything much. It was too little, too late. They all underestimated the ruthless, sadistic, and evil nature of the creatures who ruled the world.

People are now realizing they have been told what to think, what to believe, what to buy, what to eat, what to wear, and what reality is. It’s all at the hands of the globalist “elite” who believe they are superior and deserve to rule over Humans and use them for their own personal, perverted appetites.

Today, Trump and the US military with help from our positive friends upstairs are taking this evil regime to task. Together, we will eradicate the infestation, but it will take time. It’s a delicate operation, and patience is required. Patience, cunning, and courage.

QAnon flag at Virginia gun rights rally, Richmond Virginia January 20, 2020

Yes the spirit of “Q” was present at the Richmond rally.

None of the fear porn around the gun rally came to fruition. Surprised? I told you it was to keep people away. A lot of people heard the wake-up call, however.

Reveille resounded throughout America and the patriots showed up en masse to protect their rights and their country. AND they picked up all their trash before they left. Admirable, don’t you think? These are the New Americans; woke, winning warriors.

Many Americans don’t realize the power of the Sheriffs. They are key in the revolution because they have supreme power in their jurisdictions. If the Constitutional Sheriffs stick together and uphold the law, honour the constitution, and protect the People, the Patriots can take back America.

They can send traitorous governors like Ralph Northam packing after being named and shamed. The globalists seem to have thrown him under the bus and he will never recover from what he’s done—whether the black face, his appalling abortion stance, or the brazen gun confiscation.

Grayson County Sheriff Richard Vaughan:

“If the bills go through as proposed, they will not be enforced. They are unconstitutional.”

via @bennyjohnson


— SomberPrayerful.357 (@ASimplePatriot) January 20, 2020

If you thought that quickie above was good, don’t miss this video below, patriots. From Richmond, Virginia. This was the prelude to that historic day yesterday.

Here is “the law” standing up for your rights, and protecting their careers which they take very seriously. “The Governor lied.” Look to the Sheriffs who say we need to vow, “we will not be the sheep they want us to be.” Outstanding.

I’m so proud of the men and women who congregated in the capitol, Richmond, Virginia yesterday—not that I was worried. It was what I expected.

VIRGINIA: Media Painted Rally As Dangerous Event To Keep Folks Away

Project Veritas sent out this shocking video. “Guillotine the rich!” Yup. The revolution will be televised and the socialist sickos will be unveiled.

#Expose2020 Part 3: 2nd Bernie Staffer “I’ll straight up get armed” “Guillotine the rich”

A friend emailed this to me today. Thanks, L.

Bernie Sanders Caught Stealing — You’ll Never Guess From Who

by Pam Key about 5 hours ago 3.3k Views

By Pam Key January 21th, 2020 | Image Source: The Atlantic During Monday’s broadcast of Sean Hannity’s nationally syndicated radio show, author Peter Schweizer explained how 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) funneled what he deemed to be “taxpayer money” and “school money” to members of his family.While discussing his new book, Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite, Schweizer said, “Bernie over the course of his 30-plus years in public office has funneled huge sums of money to his family. That includes hiring family members even when it was not justified in the Burlington city governments. But more specifically, the 2016 campaign, there was this mysterious media-buying company called Old Town Media that was set up.”“They funneled $83 million through this media-buying company, which was located in a house on a cul-de-sac in suburban Virginia,” he continued. “Had no website, had no presence whatsoever. That company was run by two of Bernie Sanders’ wife’s friends. When she was asked about her connection or relationship to that firm, she hung up on a local Vermont reporter. So there are various ways taxpayer money, school money other things that have flowed to the family and have made the Sanders family very very wealthy.” There is only one good, honest candidate running for President who will work to improve the Human condition, and I don’t need to tell you who that is.

Wow, check this out! Norway’s administration is crumbling, too. Peter Sweden has been keeping us informed about the horrific state of affairs in Sweden. It got so bad, he actually left the country. He’s still reporting on global events, however.

Huge news from Norway today.

The government has collapsed after the populist party is withdrawing their support.

This comes after the prime minister took home a woman who has been with ISIS for years.

This was something the populist were strongly against.

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) January 20, 2020

They just never stop trying to control the minds of the People. I guess they don’t know we are no longer listening. We’re just laughing at them.

Nadler: GOP Senate ‘Complicit In The Cover Up Of The President’

Kellyanne Conway cautioned the dimms to be careful what they wish for. That is a prophetic comment because this “impeachment”  which is actually a coup, will not go the way they hoped. Just sayin’—and I’m not going to watch their stupid trial, either. I enjoy listening to the patriots ridiculing the lunatic left, however. Someone has to put it into perspective for the American people.

The Republicans are going to protect their Commander-in-Chief and ensure this charade of a hoax trial doesn’t become a year-long circus—because we know the lunatic left would love to keep that cloud hovering directly over the President’s head during the entire election cycle.

Breaking News: McConnell drops two-day limit on opening arguments

Chucky Schumer wants everyone to ignore the “foibles” of the criminals and give them a pass. LOL. Nice try, Chucky. I don’t think so. Don’t you just want to poke his eyes out?

McCarthy on impeachment: This isn’t politics, this is a nightmare

Oh-oh… Doug Collins has joined the President’s defense team. He’s a fiery speaker and a fearless warrior. I really hate it when they show us Nazi Pelosi, though.

Doug Collins lays out Senate impeachment after joining Trump’s defense team

Regardless of the histrionics in Washington, President Trump continues to do his job. The impeachment hoax is like a flea on his back. Inconsequential.

The most popular and simultaneously UNpopular president in history made a brilliant and inspiring speech in Davos, Switzerland as the keynote speaker. He didn’t waste the opportunity to again call out the globalists. Listen to it here.

Davos 2020 – Special Address by Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America

Meanwhile… up in the North Forty… Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appeared to be on a low-key (low-cost?) vacation in Costa Rica and was photographed buying a wee sack of groceries… probably on his own dime for a change… if you get my drift. “Personal reasons” my ass.

Translation: HE WAS OUSTED. I suspect he is now going along with the script presented by the White Hats, if he knows what’s good for him. It’s time to rouse Canadians from their delightful, dismissive reverie and show them what’s really going on. They have to rise up and take control, just as Americans have now that the “movie” has been playing out in front of their eyes for three years. At some point Humans have to come out of the hypnosis and realize no one is going to fix the problem except them. The deep state has infiltrated their government and their goal is to destroy the country and their way of life. Freedom is on its way out unless they step up and GET THIS DONE.

Trudeau’s Costa Rica vacation enters third week

According to the Prime Minister’s official itinerary, Justin Trudeau has been in Costa Rica for “personal” reasons since December 20th, 2019.

Trudy was back in the news more recently with a beard so perhaps he couldn’t afford razors, either, lol. Just between you and I, he’s never been quite the same since his eyebrow fell off, has he?

Check it out here on the Candace Malcolm Show on True North News, as well as other key headlines, such as the ratings in the tank now for Hockey Night in Canada after firing Canadian icon Don Cherry.

Back at home, however, Turdeau and his cronies can enjoy $47/dozen donuts while 50% of Canadians are $200 away from insolvency. Read about that here. They had to go to Winnipeg in the middle of winter for their retreat? Ouch. That’s punishing. It’s too bad they didn’t go to St. John’s Newfoundland. We could have buried them all in the snow. Permanently.

Here’s the turd in this morning’s address, (bilingual) trying to convince the People he’s serious about fixing problems, while claiming that “wildfires and floods are the new normal.” Where have we heard that before? That’s right; globalist California Governor Gavin Newsom. Same script. Will it twig with Canadians?

Things are going to get really outrageous in Canada now, folks. If you enjoyed the show in Washington, as QAnon advised, then you’ll love the sequel north of the 49th parallel. That’s my feeling on it. Make mountains of popcorn. You’re going to need it.

And of course the Crime Minister used the most exalted globalist keyword in his speech this morning— “sustainability”—oh, and he sneaked “gun control” in there, too. They’re still harping on the Ukraine plane crash, the black box, and getting to the bottom of the obvious deep state hit—like they don’t know what really happened.

Justin Trudeau addresses reporters in Winnipeg | LIVE

This young lady doesn’t seem to need a black box and has a lot to say about Iran, Soleimani, terrorism, the globalist agenda and the subterfuge involved in the Ukraine Flt #752 crash and the role of the US “space force” in that event which is still unfolding. While it sounds fairly accurate, since this channel is related to “Info Wars” I would use discernment.

Space Force’s Secret Mission

To what lengths will the sickos go to keep the truth under wraps? Max Igan might give us an idea of what a “psychic attack” can be and how it manifests. I featured some videos from Max Igan down under about the “wildfires” ravaging that beautiful nation and apparently they went far and the deep state didn’t like it. If they think an electromagnetic attack is going to stop Max they will probably be disappointed.

Many vloggers have documented attacks the deep state/globalists have directed at patriots who bring us the truth. Some psychotronic attacks from directed energy weapons leave physical marks like burns and bruises as Dr. Katherine Horton has shown us.

She and many other “targeted individuals” have documented the painful hits like these and other harassment techniques, prepared the legal documentation to take their cases to court, and are appealing to the magistrates to stop these illegal attacks on civilians from the “secret space program” psychopaths. We’ll see where that goes and I must go and listen to her update.

A Message from Max Igan – Jan 21st 2020

I watched this video below yesterday and it’s excellent. The sub-humans running the world/military industrial complex know how to control weather. They know how to make rain and storm systems, snow, can control the wind currents, create earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, all of it, yet the world is perpetually suffering from droughts, landslides, floods, record snowfall, fires, you name it. It’s not natural. There are technologies to mitigate extremes and moderate temperatures and precipitation. They have weaponized weather, as you will see below. Look at the record-breaking statistics here at The Watchers News.

What’s Really Happening With the Australian Fires

Humanity is organizing for the revolt and the Ozzies are pissed because they know exactly what has been going on, including the pedophilia. This is Oz-some. The audio kicks in around 45 sec.


Humans have been monetized in so many ways it’s difficult to believe. They lied when they said slavery ended. Selling Humans is criminal and has to stop. We have to protect the children.

Pedo Paradise: UK Pedophiles are Buying Gambian Children for $2.60 for Their Sick & Twisted Pleasures

And this excellent, revealing video shows that information is definitely “managed” with real or fake sources and authors. They get ahead of the narrative by putting out the first headlines and steering public opinion. Sources may be completely manufactured and the reader would never know.

HRH #PizzagatePrince Larry Celona – The Slave Trading Baby Raping Duke of York

This next video sums up what has been happening for a long time on our planet. People must distinguish between a nation’s true government and the shadow/deep state parties that infiltrated nearly every country. That evil regime has been masquerading as a government, a military, a financial system, while it only sought to protect and enrich itself.

That evil regime takes actions independent of the policies and desires of the People’s government yet rarely were blamed. It’s time the blame is placed where it belongs.

Since most of Humanity is unaware of how the world really works, we can’t expect the White Hats in charge of this purge of evil to explain truthfully the events unfolding, or tell us their plans. The enemy is formidable and this has to be handled with military precision and secrecy, with plenty of disinformation. We’re pretty much on our own to discern what is really unfolding, and who did what.

That has been the role of QAnon. Military intelligence has given us just enough information so that we understand a global operation is underway to route out the tyrannical controllers, without jeopardizing national security.

It’s under control, but it’s going to look chaotic at times. We have to trust the patriots in charge in America and elsewhere to do this. We have no choice. Peace will come, along with prosperity and a whole new world of abundance and joy. Transparency in all things will not be a reality until that time, so don’t try to figure out “The Plan”. It’s working.

President Trump and the positive elements of the US Military are assisting many countries to oust their terrorist deep state factions. All of Humanity will benefit once the operation is complete. It will take years, and that is why it’s imperative we re-elect President Trump. The alternative means the ultimate demise of Humanity. We would be sitting ducks.

Thanks for the share, L.  BTW, this isn’t entertainment; it’s an education. Pay close attention. There is no audio in this video on the Brighteon platform.

TvNI – Pentagon to Homeland Security, FOIA response Letter


Allow me to share Donald Trump’s jaw-dropping campaign speech. It’s historic, and every word is true. It give me chills every time.

The threat isn’t over, folks. The migrants are still coming as you can see in the live-streamed video from RussiaToday at the Guatemala/Mexico border. BUILD THAT WALL.

Migrants attempt to cross the river at Mexico-Guatemala border [Streamed live]

Now that I have more time, I want to get back to leaving off with humour. You’ll need it after watching the video above. This “Greta Thunberg” sketch is just the ticket. Thanks, J.

There’s a thick, Scottish brogue so it might be difficult for some to make out but what should be clear to all is that there is no “global warming” trend and no climate crisis and the globalist lies won’t make it so. The People aren’t falling for their fake science fear mongering and we’re not paying their damn “carbon tax”.

Humanity will be on this planet for a long time—but the deep state psychopaths won’t.  ~ BP

Hilarious Greta Sketch

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