Headlines and Updates for January 2Q, 2Q2Q: New Q and The Revolution Will Be Televised [videos] ~ January 20, 2020

Editor’s Note: Storm warnings ahead…for everyone! Pretty interesting week ahead with the VA gun rally today in Richmond, VA, (let’s all pray for the best outcome there!), the impeachment trial starting up in the Senate tomorrow on Tuesday, Jan. 21, and other interesting news coming down the road…read more below.

It’s wake up time, folks! KNOW the American revolution IS underway leading to freedom for our country, which leads to the rest of the world (!!) allowing us ALL to BE…



The Q team broke their silence last night to say three words: “The Great Awakening” then posted a flashback from a year ago… how prophetic. And let’s be clear; the “shot” can be metaphorical. We don’t need any spent brass flying around. Intent and a brave display of force can be very persuasive.


Redrop: The Shot Heard Around the World

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 19 Jan 2020 – 9:36:23 PM Anonymous 19 Jan 2020 – 9:32:47 PM


Top of mind today, of course in America, is the Richmond, Virginia gun rally where Patriots from anywhere may arrive to show the tyrants that they know what they’re up to and they will have none of it. No gun grab; no disarmament; no castration of their Second Amendment rights. Period.

I just listened to the PIR update from Friday, Jan. 17th and I agree with Phoenix: this is a revolution, and we can’t have a revolution if no one will do anything. Forget the fear porn and get out there and do what is necessary. He points out that the current energies do NOT support a false flag event, and we must keep our thoughts positive and focused on what we DO want.

Perhaps the Patriots will convince people to remain outside the chain link barrier. Maybe some will enter and most won’t. Whatever happens, it has to happen for Humanity to move forward and for Americans to finally wake up, stand up, and call these tyrants out.

The People control their government—not the other way around. The Patriots need to take the reins and drive the wagon. If it requires waving their guns around then so be it. This is what the New World Order fears; the People waking up, and Americans are now progressing rapidly.

This next detail would have to be handled far in advance but the headline just recently came out, from my perspective. No surprise here.

Virginia Crisis “Actors” Sought Ahead of Northam’s Lobby Day Trap

Douglas Ducote is covering the rally live all day, and already as we speak with Dustin Gold in the studio, so we can see exactly what’s going on at the Capitol grounds in Richmond. They’re saying a hundred bus loads of people are known to be coming, and even patriots from Canada.

Some are chanting, “Abort Northam” and “We will not comply. She will not comply. He will not comply.” Awesome! They’re awake.

You may also want to visit Doug’s website.

LIVE from Virginia: 2A Rally

Did you hear about the GPS blackout that will include Richmond,Virginia? Dave Hodges—who is so often all about the fear and what “they” are doing or planning to do to us, addresses this positively, and the brilliance of POTUS to take control of the situation. The People are protected, he says. Fear not. Calm heads must prevail, and it will go off without incident.

Thanks for the share, L. Interesting perspective, and fairly short, as well. The playing field is level, is it not—other than the patriots being far smarter than the corrupticats, of course.

Potus Has Negated Northam

BREAKING: Military to jam GPS signals across East Coast through Jan. 24th; FBI asserting imminent domain to seize night vision devices from distributors

Sir Patrick Mack discusses the GPS blackout and other topics with his usual wacky flare and will probably take the edge off if you’re feeling a little anxious. Very interesting—and fun!

There’s also a comprehensive visitation of many curious technical plans… hmmmm… another plane incident, the CIA, the Farm, and a plan to drop swamp bombs in Florida, and the gun rally, of course. Timing is everything, and there are no accidents.

It sounds as though the rest of this month will be busy and may capture our attention on multiple fronts. There are so many operations going on, it can’t be a coincidence—and an earthquake cluster in Missouri???

He also covers a bizarre incident in Honolulu, Hawai’i I read about yesterday. Very odd.

Ordnary – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 1.20.20

Is it time? Is it time to “get” the little pencil neck?

interesting… about Adam Schiff:
seems that some of OUR gys (GOP Congressmen) have found some SALACIOUS PHOTOS of Adam Schiff in Los Angeles…

good timing!

read the whole Thread by Jack Burkman:
Thank you, @Jack_Burkman and Nicole @hereforpotus https://t.co/TgDBtcaU17

— Greg Rubini (@GregRubini) January 19, 2020

Andrew Peek

Donald Trump’s top Russia expert on National Security Council is ‘escorted off the White House grounds amid a security investigation’

People far and wide are hearing the wake-up call. Yes, 9/11 was an “inside job” and there is plenty of proof and thousands of scientific minds agree. What convinced so many people to share this one article—primarily since 2016? Find out for yourself at the link.

‘Europhysics News’ Article on WTC Demolitions Surpasses One Million Views

What will they think of next? Every form of attack on Humanity they can think of will be employed by these psychopaths and their minions. Everything we trusted and championed they have infiltrated and corrupted. They live to create misery, pain, and suffering—-none of which were ever intended by Source. The deep state/globalist minions are a scourge to be wiped from reality; totally, and permanently.

Police warn of ‘highly addictive substance’: Girl Scout cookies

Did you see the latest video from LT at And We Know? Gen. Flynn is going to come into play big time.

AWK News 1.15.20: Targeted and Silenced for a Reason. Pain Coming.

I don’t get these programs on television so I enjoy the odd video. Jesse Watters does a good job and keeps it light.

Watters’ Words: The media’s getting nervous

I want to get this out as things are shakin’ in the East already so I’m signing off for now.  ~ BP

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