Maha Cohan: Pressure from the Source ~ January 15, 2020

Editor’s Note: “Pressure from Source” will shake ALL of society awake! Discomfort from drastic and sudden losses in the 3D world is causing ALL to make a choice, a decision, a standpoint.

My advice? Flow like water, BE open to change, don’t fight the prevailing currents of your life, and learn to BE…



Everything is brought into the light!

Time of conversion, time of change, time of becoming aware – time for you!

Today you can observe that more and more people have difficulties with the cosmic energies that are currently flowing in. These high frequencies are an invitation to move everything that is still underexposed into the light.

Many people close their minds to this necessity and they think that they can participate in the process of Ascension without any profound healing work.

Now is the time to use these healing energies and the unique opportunity for awareness, which means to accept the many offers for clarification.

But many are still asleep and want to bridge this time in deep sleep. So now the time has come for the source of all life to shake these people awake, to wake them up so that they can find their way into the trace of life.

How does this “shaking awake” happen?

Through massive cuts in life. Thus, the people it affects are confronted with circumstances that make a new way of thinking and acting inevitable.

“Pressure from the Source”

This “pressure of the source” will increase in the coming months, because among the sleeping there are many people with important orders and it is necessary to bring these people into their power.

The time for compromise ends at this point and it ends now.

Continue to observe and you will find that the “mighty of this world” are also struggling with unprecedented difficulties. Those people who have held the wheel of time firmly in their hands are now confronted with their intentions and actions.

The unveiling of secrets is now underway and real chasms are opening up.

So the time of unconditional clarification has come for all people. Only those people who even now consistently close their minds to this will freeze in the true sense of the word, be awakened in another way and be reborn at another time.
Making a clear decision

On these days the train into the light leaves for some, while others respond to God’s wake-up call by moving and letting the light into their lives until it has done its healing work.

JJK: Does that require a master to make or mediate the healings?

MAHA CHOAN: I tell you, if you are truly ready to understand yourself and heal your wounds, then life moves in that direction and everything miraculously comes to you.

What is important and at the same time the condition is that you make a clear decision for your healing.

This is a time of decision, a time of choice. Do not let anyone tell you that you can serve two masters at the same time or ride two horses at the same time.

As a free human being you have the possibility to make a clear decision – and the decision for light or for darkness cannot be postponed today.

Therefore, look less at what is happening in the world and more at what is happening within yourself. Remember, reflect, become aware.

Your shadow needs the light to dissolve, and your heart needs love to heal.


Translation to English by

» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl

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