Headlines and Updates for January 13, 2020: The World at War with the Deep State [videos] ~ January 13, 2020

Editor’s Note: I really, really like Starship Earth’s style of reporting. Her daily news report could be perceived as full of woe and angst while reporting humanity’s looong struggle against the Dark on our Earth, but she manages to portray the reality of our war with just the right touch of lightness, humility, and yes…FUN!

This IS a spiritual war with manifestation in the physical 3D plane. Please read below for skirmish details, learn the details behind humanity’s looming FREEDOM, and Be…



Ha! “Nothing is what it seems” has never been truer. How dare you!?

Facebook Glitch Reveals Greta Thunburg’s Father Posting As Teenage Climate Activist

DAHBOO77 did a video on the emergency alert for the Pickering Nuclear Power Plant and the crew has checked in as well.

Nuclear “Incident” Warning Sent Out To Millions of Canadians, But Was A False Alarm

We expected the news releases to be damage control. We hope the people of the beautiful city of Pickering will be fine. I didn’t get a time stamp on the alerts I got via email on Sunday morning and didn’t know about the “9-11” so appreciate this tip.

Here’s something interesting for you from the Alerts about the Pickering nuke plant. There New it was an error as soon as it happened and guess what time they sent out the second alert to tell us Oppppps it was an error? 911 was the exact time of the second alert. A mistake? Not a chance.

Indeed, S. Thanks for sharing.

And there’s this from Sarah Tonen.

They made everyone within a 10 mile radius of the pickering plant take anti radiation pills. the pills have been sent out previously, apparently, but authoritieswere said to have gone door to door telling residents to take them!!!!!! :O

I checked in with a friend of mine in Pickering via email and asked her if she knew anything about the emergency. I’ll let you know her response.

Hal Turner covered it as well, and inquiring minds want to know… why? Why do the facts/details vary so much? How many truths are there? Americans want to know… if there was an “event”, could the contamination wind up across Lake Ontario in New York?


“You Killed Our Geniuses” – Regime Crackdown Intensifies As Iranians Flood Streets In Third Day Of Protest

They killed our geniuses and replaced them with clerics,” demonstrators chanted at a one protest outside a university on Monday, a reference to the dozens of Iranian students who were returning to school in Canada who were aboard the flight.

Video: Iranian police fire live ammo, tear gas at protesters

In one of the more dramatic protests, students at Tehran University reportedly shouted on Saturday that “They are lying that our enemy is America! Our enemy is right here!”

There are reports that the police lied about not harming the protestors.

Dave’s excellent analysis of the Iran fallout follows. He points out that 6 other planes flew in that area near the Tehran airport after the missiles were deployed and before the Ukrainian plane departed the airport. It was no accident. It appears they took out that plane, purposefully, and we already know who was on board.

Prosecutor Outside Of DC Ready To Bring Pain, Patriots Set The Timetable – Episode 2068b

Of course they blame Trump. Everyone blames everyTHING on Trump. And that’s ok, because he’s draining the swamp and the creatures who have been subjugating and murdering Humans for eternity are going to be expunged.

Canadian CEO blames “narcissist in Washington” for jet crash in Iran

The network assembled to control the world is hidden… but not impossible to find. When you want to keep secrets and you want an impenetrable veil, you control the minds, who marries whom, change the names, and keep it “all in the family”. They also decide when members will make their timely exits; such as the brother of Hillary Clinton, Tony, who appears to have been used as the body double for Jeffrey Epstein. Close, but no cigar.

#snclavalin #Bronfman #Libya #Liberals pic.twitter.com/ZzoZ5vEvfz

— CanadaAgentShowTime (@CanadaSpecialA1) January 13, 2020

They will do anything to get into position to take out Trump.

Not a smart move.

“Magnan was charged January 6 for impersonating an officer or employee of the United States, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Secret Service.” https://t.co/kHStDcWcxJ

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) January 13, 2020

M3thods shared this regarding Mark Levin’s viral remark about the Q Research Center. We don’t know what we don’t know, right?

Everyone probably knows I hate being that guy, but…

(Q)uinnipiac University Poll is a research center that is also referred to as “Q Polls”, of which Mark is more than likely referring to in this case…

Just trying to help. https://t.co/gdD1eMqVVY

— M3thods (@M2Madness) January 11, 2020

As is often the case when the really BIG stuff is going down, QAnon is silent. We do have Q proofs from the President, however. For example, at the end of his “pencil neck” jokes in Toledo Ohio on January 9, he explained why they didn’t consult Congress before erasing Soleimani, saying they would have leaked to the media that it would happen “in about 20 minutes… 19… 18… 17” he finished—17 of course the number assigned to the letter Q we’re so familiar with. You can watch/hear that excerpt here.

The President will be holding the next KAG rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin tomorrow evening, January 14. Register here.

Watch the “celebration” live on RSBN, viewer-funded television with no editing of the speakers or the President, as some networks (including Fox) have done in the middle of Trump’s address. See the huge crowds outside, the fan interviews, speakers, the standing room only crowds inside, and almost feel like you’re there.

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Milwaukee, WI 1-14-20

The truth is, the People of Iran did not love and revere Soleimani. They want to erase his memory. Unfortunately, they cannot erase his crimes and the deep state regime in Iran doesn’t want the world to know it is both hated and feared and the People want them gone.

Seems a bit different than the stories I’ve seen repeatedly in the media of how he was loved🤔…

He was loved like Al Baghdadi was an austere religious scholar. pic.twitter.com/trhqQlqHch

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) January 12, 2020

All In Europe Are Talking About The Uprising In Iran

— Sam Ghannoum (@Sam2323_43433) January 13, 2020

Fox highlighted the “elites’” propaganda on Soleimani, who fail to mention the ethnic cleansing and everything else on his agenda. The team also ridicules the current circus impeachment act, and more. I believe Dan (former secret service/NYPD cop) has probably educated and converted quite a few Americans because he is credible but his delivery is entertaining and lighthearted in a crisis.

Dan Bongino: Elite media’s Iran propaganda is ‘shameful’

And We Know published a new video this morning, infused with the distinct flavour of the Middle East.

AWK News 1.13.20: POTUS returning POWER to the PEOPLE around the world.

The imminent fall of the “elite” is evident every day. Their pathetic representatives in the Presidential race are falling like leaves from a dying tree.

Senator Corey Booker

Cory Booker ends presidential bid

Mayor Pete (because no one can pronounce his name) encountered some folks demanding accountability at his Iowa rally yesterday. The People are definitely emboldened by Trump’s encouragement to demand their rights and expect transparency, honesty, and integrity from their representatives. Video at the link.

Protesters interrupt Buttigieg at Iowa rally

The POTUS and FLOTUS rarely get credit for the positive work they do and equally as important—the example they set for Humanity. Melania, however, was honoured in West Palm Beach recently and she is a solid role model.

Who is she really? I mean, at the soul level. Is she just a gorgeous, Slovenian super model who married the wrong guy? Was she expecting to be yanked from the best life possible to the worst over night? Hopefully one day the dynamic duo will be recognized for their remarkable valour. I love the way they hold hands in so many photos.

I have to say this period in the evolution of our planet is very much like a movie. It’s a panorama of epic characters, heroes and villains; it’s louder than life, with edge-of-your-seat non-stop drama, convoluted subterfuge, betrayal, and yet full of life-saving, selfless intrepid acts. All we need now is a happy ending with evil vanquished forever. Sigh.

Melania Trump Named 2020 Woman of Distinction

Sarah Tonen weighs in on reports that the “royal couple” have now relocated to Vancouver Island. Canada. Yuck. Please, make them go away.

If you’re not aware, Canada is a hot-bed of pedophiles, and Sarah goes into the connections to the royal family, the Clinton Foundation, snuff films (where they murder people), and just about every highfalutin creature on the planet who thinks their “royal bloodline” makes them “elite”, so thank you, Sarah. Feel better soon.

Yoko Markle and her new founded connections to the notorious Pickton pig farm

Sniff-sniff! Smell that? It’s sulphur. A stinky ol’ egg. I hope Nazi Pelosi likes it, because where she’s going, sulphur is the predominant aroma. Hot sulphur. Here’s my favourite “impeachment egg” analogy brought to life.

The Canadian contingent arrives for a visit tomorrow so I’m in prep mode. Eyes on, patriots.

Just for fun I’m going to wait for 11:11 to click over to push the “publish” button.  ~ BP

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