POLE REVERSAL – IMPORTANT MESSAGE -Magnetosphere – Pleiadean Council of Light Channeling ~ January 6, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes! Someone has echoed that which I know as my truth…no longer must mankind worry about the “fears” being touted by those in control…global warming, elimination of gender, nuclear war, border issues. The only “fear” (false.evidence.appearing.real) to be concerned about is…the fear you carry within YOU.

Fear and Love cannot co-exist…it’s with one, or the other. Fear pulls you into the dregs of despair, Love however lists one up, up, and away in a balloon of JOY! (listen here) So…think the thoughts that leave you reeling in happiness, know this is where your heart belongs, and BE…



!VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE! Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! In recent days I’ve been receiving some fantastic channelings from our galactic counterparts. In this channeling Pleiadeans explain what the Pole Reversal that is accelerating, is all about.

When I was receiving this information it began with a lot of very complex words that I did not understand, and so I asked for them to switch to easier to understand words to explain what is happening, which they did, and what they explained is simply incredible!

The electromagnetic energy field, magnetosphere, that GAIA has had for many eons is changing and everyday releasing from its energy bodies all the debris that has been generated by the human collective consciousness and GAIA’s experiences thus far.

The energy that Gaia is receiving from the Central Galactic Sun at this very moment in time, is disrupting the electromagnetic energy field which is very important, and must occur in order to release various self-limiting conditioned beliefs that human collective consciousness has acquired throughout the human experience on this planet.

As this is happening, the earth template or blueprint, is also changing in accordance with the ascension process. All in order to shift our present reality out of the old thinking patterns and finally allow human souls to have a clean slate from which to generate a new reality, filled with energies of love, peace, harmony, cooperation, unity, freedom, and interdimensionality. To allow all on earth to return to their true nature of being, and for a new era to begin.

And although this is quite tough for our human bodies to go through with all the ascension symptoms that we are experiencing, this truly is a magical time, which we are all, as hard as it might be to believe, have signed up for to enjoy and are truly blessed to be a part of. And that is what our Pleiadian counterparts are telling us, that this is a time of joy and celebration. The time to BE is NOW.

Please remember this as we continue on this magnificent journey. And if you find yourself having too tough of a time going through the unpleasant ascension symptoms. You can always utilize all the various vibrational remedies, such as flower essences, cell salts, gem elixirs and most importantly homeopathic remedies that I’ve talked about in my previous videos and articles. Do yoga, breathing exercises, meditate, ask your guides and angels to bathe you in loving and healing flame of the violet. Let go of all the emotions holding you back. I put a whole online guided course which takes you step by step on a journey of release and purification, you can learn more about it here.

Practice cleansing exercises that I shared with you a while back, drink plenty of clean water preferably that has high content of Silica because silica is known for getting various toxins out of the body, reach out to an energy healer, make sure you are getting adequate intake of vital nutrients and probiotics, but again most important on the list is homeopathic remedies. As I mentioned many times over before, to me homeopathy is like a mini healing session in a pallet, that you can take with you.

Whilst going through ascension is necessary, we are blessed with so many healing modalities to help our bodies adjust to new frequencies whilst releasing all the debris we’ve accumulated over the years, and for some eons, on this planet. So please look into all of these healing modalities, and nurture yourself as much as possible.

Now having said this here is the channeling that I have received. 

The geomagnetic activity that you have experienced in recent days, is indeed linked to the magnetosphere or the “pole reversal” as it is known your world.

The electromagnetic energy field, is indeed being changed, supercharged with particles that are coming into your vicinity from the Central Galactic Sun to the Alcyone in the Pleiades which are being delivered to your Sun in your planetary system, and is then delivered to the very core of your planet.

And yes many of you are wondering how it is then possible to deliver said energetic particles directly into the core of your planet, it is indeed possible for the planet that you currently occupy is structured in such a way as to enjoy, yes enjoy the energies that are coming from the cosmic gateways from energetic junctions, if you will, chakras if you will, akin to your bodies chakras, which is thereby delivered straight to the core of your planet. And from said core your planet then receives its energy, its vital force if you will. Akin to what you have experienced.

And from your planets core, said energy is then released and distributed throughout the whole planet. And so, and thus, indeed your earth is experiencing what is known in your world as the “pole reversal”, however, and without going into too many scientific details which the channeler simply does not have enough knowledge and word capacity necessary to explain said actions, and hence we cannot fully deliver such detailed information to you through this specific channeler, we shall say in plain language for you to comprehend indeed what is happening, is the following:

Indeed the truth is such that your planet is experiencing said phenomenon, however, that which is understood to be a pole reversal in your world, is misunderstood, for no extinctions of any kind shall come from said process, and said process shall indeed happen gradually, as has been happening with all the changes in your world, for Earth’s new era has arrived on your planes and within said era, the idea that shall flourish in your world is such of nothing shall come to harm and everything shall be brought into alignment in order to experience true coexistence of true heaven on earth.

And so, poles energetic magnetization is indeed happening as we speak, and indeed is affecting many on your planet, the effects shall continue to increase, and said changes shall spur the changes within your very own vehicles of creation, your very own vehicles of time and space, and in so doing many of you shall experience various strange sensations as you have already been experiencing, but more so, due to said changes, you shall be able to pin point and comprehend a lot more about the nature, the true nature of your reality. And in so doing you shall be able to use said energies that are entering your planet in order to improve your very own lives, your very own health and your very own energetic pathways.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that the energy, the magnetic energy that is coming your way, is not the cause for alarm, for it is that which has been intended, and your vehicles of time and space have indeed and are indeed being upgraded daily, in order to assist you in flowing smoothly through this transitionary periods.

For the idea is to allow all who dwell on your planet to experience the ascension in unison, to experience it with your planet, to experience, to know, and to truly enjoy each moment that said energies present to you. For in truth the only energies that are harmful are the energies that are being generated by the negative thinking processes of many on your planet, and the energies that are being generated by various technologies that you presently have.

But, all of this is going away, and is being replaced by better technological advancements, by technology that will be nurturing for you and shall be in unison with the rising natural energies of your planet. And so, and thus, many in your world who are inclined to the sciences are indeed receiving tremendous amount of informational upliftment and informational encodings to help them bring new energies, into the universe in which you dwell, for the new technologies that are coming your way and have already been instituted into your day to day activities will allow technological innovations which shall in turn allow you to truly enjoy Being on your very own planet, and allow you to be as in tune with all that is as much as possible.

Many of you may be asking how is it is possible for technology to assist us in making the true connection to the divine, and the true connection to our very own selves? And the answer that we have for you is as simple as your “internet”, from which all the information that indeed you needed has been made available for you to receive upon your very awakening, for without said infrastructure many of you would not have had access to said information and would not have been able to truly tune into that which is happening with you, for you simply would not have understood, and the answers would not have been readily available for you, which of course is the awakening process and return to your true selves.

And so, the technologies albeit filled with trial and error, are steadily rising and coming to you in the very near future, which shall allow your bodies of time and space to find relief from overworking, overdoing, over indulging, over taxing your systems, and instead, find peace, harmony, bliss, and more time in you day for peaceful contemplations, and peaceful nurturing of your inner selves. The technology that we speak of shall work in tune with the natural forces in your world, and instead of taking from the earth, shall have a give and take phenomenon, allowing that which has gone from nature to return and blossom anew, whilst keeping each one as comfortable in their daily activities as possible.

That is all that we have for you now. We are with you. We love you. Goodbye for now.

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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