By Pars Kutay

As this powerful Energetic Portal opens, the Light Body will receive a Major Boost.

Super-High Vibrational Ascension Energies will pour into the planet during the 12:12 Gateway, impacting the Light Bodies of 4.5 Billion StarSeeds stationed on Earth.

The 12:12 Portal is an Energetic doorway through which Intense Waves of Energy of a Higher Vibration were ushered into the planetary Consciousness to further assist the joint Awakening of the inhabitants of Earth.

12:12 is a CODE PORTAL that, when we enter in resonance with it, activates our Merkabah Field. When this happens, we are in Alignment with the Human Heart connection to the Unity Consciousness.

Merkabah is our β€œLight Spirit Body” and is an Energetic Field that surrounds us when we are tapped into a Higher State of Consciousness. This Energetic Field forms the shape of a Star Tetrahedron and it is Known that this formation of Energy allows our Light Body to travel to Higher Dimensions.

When this spinning Merkabah Force Field is observed around a person, they have activated the ability to travel across different Dimensions. This is why the shape of the Merkabah has been referred to as a Chariot or mode of transport for our Light Body.

12:12 is the CODE that will Activate dormant DNA Strands.

As we keep getting more and more intense incoming Energies, the moment gets closer to more Portal openings, Events, and Alignments from December leading up to a Energy Apex that will release in 2020.

We have NOW entered a Time Compression as we Arrive into Eternity. . . All things are possible in this Energy and Only the Highest Outcome can and will Unfold.

The High-Frequency Light Wave that will come through the 12:12 Gateway will Be and incredible Blast of White Magnetized Plasma which will impact the Earth and Starseeds Auric Fields in profound NEW Ways.

The configuration of this NEW 5D Energy is expected to provide a Major DNA Boost to Starseeds’ Light Bodies and will BE like nothing that has been experienced yet on Earth.

This intense incoming Wave of 12:12 LIGHT is for the primary purpose of building and integrating our NEW Crystalline Light Bodies. . . Clarity concerning who we intend to BE in our NEW Reality is one of the prime Keys in building our Light Bodies.

Our Light Bodies know that it Creates through thought, and links us to the fabric of Creation.

As we approach the 5D Event Horizon of 2020 our Manifestation powers will increase Greatly in Power. At this stage We will BE close to bringing almost anything we can imagine into our World simply by focusing on it. . .


This Is Our Creator-God Power. 


with LOVE 
Pars Kutay


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