The Art of Consciousness Series ~ November 30, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is an extremely thought provoking video which taps into many spiritual ideas. All wonder about the ‘why’ of our existence (at least I do!) and this video sheds new ideas for the consciousnesses of you, and I, and ALL of humanity. What is the end purpose for our existence?

It appears to me that holding the highest vibratory rate (that of Love) acts as a conduit for our consciousness to expand into Light. The author of this video likens this process of vibratory expansion into to that of “evolution”, or…the upward movement of our individual life force back into the field of “ONE”, “SOURCE”, “ALL THAT IS”, “SUPREME CONSCIOUSNESS,(your choice).

Our whole experience in this life is to learn expansion by personally experiencing what life IS. Through our individual experience, our PRIME CREATOR (aka see above) learns and knows itself better. Our task, LIVE this life, LEARN and LOVE all there is to experience in your life, be HAPPY, have FUN, and more than ever…use the laws of this Universe to BE…



FIFTY8 / The Art of Consciousness
Episode 7 Part 1 – The Unfolding of Life + The Void

These films are a curation of scientific insights with the study of the unseen (spiritual knowledge) in order to integrate with the mastery of will to create a unified individual in consciousness and energy.

This video (below) will be about how we can learn what we are in a physical world and why we are in a physical world.

11 thoughts on “The Art of Consciousness Series ~ November 30, 2019

  1. It is impossible for one who does not feel empathy to love anyone including themselves. It is possible for them to feel lust. Sex is the lowest chakra and the lowest vibrational state. To achieve the highest vibrational state one must give up sex to achieve 5th dimensional status.


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