Go Through Pain And Back To Joy ~ November 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: This author presents the lesson of pain in a no-nonsense practical kind of way. The spiritual world “words” expressing pain can sometimes be regarded as “airy-fairy” because this is not a tangible “thing”, but rather the unseen (but definitely felt) process of emotion.

The fact of the matter is the unseen process of pain is purely a personal process…that is, no one else feels or knows your pain. As a matter of explanation, emotional pain occurs when your personal rate of vibration does not match that of your Higher Spirit, which of course IS divine! This is why the emotions of F.E.A.R (false emotions appearing real) result in pain. Remember that F.E.A.R gives rise to greed (not having enough), anger (fighting against FEAR), and joylessness (the absence of hope in your life).

How to clear F.E.A.R from your life? This process is very simple, but oh…so hard to achieve in that you must…stay happy”! The best way to to achieve a perpetual state of happiness is to realize the spark of your divinity in your core. Oh…please remember that your divinity is of a high vibration meaning actions taken to support the lower vibratory emotions supporting F.E.A.R. cannot be tolerated in our BEing.

Please read this article, realize the value of accepting and then loving yourself “just the way you are” (for you are divine), and BE…



By Shilpa Menon


So have you have wondered what is this pain that we are supposed to face, stop avoiding, accept, not run away from? What exactly is this pain and how does it even look like to us or to people? Is it physical, mental, emotional or intellectual? What are its characteristics or traits or physicality? Is it dark, light, black, red or some other color hued? What the hell does it even mean for god’s sake?!

Well then you are not alone. And neither do you need to BE ashamed of yourself for not being emotionally verbose, for there are some other people like me who have it under control from here on. And this is a gift I recently discovered as a gift for I was so immune to its presence in my personality that it never made good enough sense to my low value being to consider it of any importance what so ever. Yeah that’s right, some people have a gift of writing, I have a gift of communicating enhanced by my senses of feeling deep into the energy and pulling out the core of it to help people make sense of what they are going through energetically.

So coming to the topic of this PAIN that we are all supposed to embrace and let go of in order to experience transformation of our struggling being to that of a beautiful floating being, let us understand this in the simplest way possible. Pain is that unfelt, suppressed, unacknowledged, unloved feeling aspect of you that has been very cleverly albeit unsuccessfully hidden by your conscious self of that moment when you were going through the experience of that pain without having the necessary tools or levels of awareness that are required to accept, feel and release that pain in that moment when it is BEING CREATED. Not because you can’t have that awareness in that moment to deal with it but because you have chosen not to have that awareness in that moment in order to play the role of being a victim to life effectively and easily. It is imperative for you to leave a trail of pain behind you as you grow so that you can at a point of time in life use it to reach your TRUE NATURE OR BEING OR SELF. Without existence of PAIN you see you won’t ever know WHO YOU ARE or more importantly WHAT YOU ARE? And that is to say A WONDROUS DIVINE BEING lost to its own POWER.

You see it is impossible to know POWER without BEING POWERLESS. And it is this illusion of BEING POWERLESS that is called pain or FELT as pain. It is so miraculous if you see how this PAIN hidden in multiple false identities and attachments when allowed to be felt opens up like a flower bud to reveal to you, your true potential and splendor of BEING both the flower and the bud together. The bud becomes the flower. The constriction becomes expansion. And it is this constriction which is then felt as PAIN throbbing within you, calling out to you to let go of your attachment to being a bud and open up fully to become the flower that is so appreciated and enchants the onlooker in its true and full blossoming. That’s what PAIN IS. An unfelt forgotten experience of BEING THE ALL POWERFUL. THE CREATOR OF LIFE ITSELF.

So wherever in life you are powerless you are in PAIN. Pain of a false identity and illusion of being less than who you really are. And it is this FEELING OF BEING LESS than, that this pain by its existence in form of experiences enacted out as not being loved, respected, cherished, understood, accepted or made to shut up, not express, not feel, not allow, not think, not do, not BE keeps on asking you to transmute or let go of so that you can find yourSELF out to BE THE CREATOR OF ALL THESE EXPERIENCES RATHER THAN THE EXPERIENCER OF THEM VIA BEING THE EXPERIENCER OF THEM. That’s what PAIN IS. That initially dreadful but later on delicious knock on your heart to get back to BEING JOY and the SOURCE of it.


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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