News Burst 12 November 2019 ~ November 12, 2019

Editor’s Note: Oky-dokey…no pic allowed for this post which brings to mind my comment of, “What are they trying to hide.mimimize?”. Of course, the only way to answer this question is…to read this news report!

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News Burst 12 November 2019

  • Lao officials on Friday arrested a Bolivian woman with 3.52 kilogrammes of cocaine in her possession at Wattay international airport in Vientiane. The woman was booked to fly from Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa airport to the Lao capital of Vientiane via Bangkok airport.
  • A former British army officer and military contractor who founded the shadowy ‘White Helmets’ has been found dead near his home in Istanbul, days after he was accused by Russia of being a spy with “connections to terrorist groups.”
  • Catalan pro-independence group Democratic Tsunami announced on Monday that the protesters would continue blocking traffic on a motorway linking Spain and France for three days in a fresh act of ‘peaceful disobedience’ over jail terms to the region’s independence leaders.
  • Russian traveler aims to break the record on the longest ever trip on a hot air balloon with the volume of 10k m3 in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk. “I have broken all ballooning records, however, a Japanese man had the longest distance covered with 10 thousand cubic meters (the volume of the balloon. He covered 3,500 km, we want to beat this.” Fyodor Konyukhov said.
  • On November 10, Bolivian President Evo Morales announced his resignation, branding the recent developments as a coup d’etat. He stepped down following the demands of the country’s armed forces, opposition and trade unions. Bolivia’s presidential election was held on October 20. The country’s Supreme Electoral Court declared that incumbent President Evo Morales won the first round. His main rival, former President Carlos Mesa, said that he did not recognize Morales’ victory. After the results of the election were announced, protests and strikes erupted across the South American country. Morales declared a state of emergency and accused the opposition of attempting to stage a coup.
  • British rocker Pete Doherty was fined €5,000 and released from a Paris jail Saturday, two days after being caught buying cocaine. The singer opted for a simplified procedure for people caught using drugs, opting to pay daily 50-euro fines for 100 days.
  • The LeBaron massacre, where three mothers and six children were killed, looks less like an accidental killing and more like targeted murder. Reportedly, there were three SUV’s where the woman and children were killed, one of them 10 miles distant from the others, which suggests this was no accident, not a case of mistaken identity. It could be interpreted as the most ruthless message: ‘We will stop at nothing. Your entire clan will be exterminated.’
  • Record cold gripped Nevada last week. Overnight lows plunged well-below zero in many parts, and a freeze warning was in effect through Thursday for southern regions, including Las Vegas.
  • Illinois is the latest state to have legalized marijuana, making it the 11th state (along with D.C.) to give the recreational version of the drug the green light. Illinois will join Alaska, California, Colorado, D.C., Maine, Massachussetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington in legalizing the green stuff for recreation.
  • Plastic bottles are the most prevalent form of plastic pollution in Europe’s rivers and streams. Food wrappers were the second most visible item in the continent’s freshwater, followed by food wrappers and cigarette butts. Plastic can take 500 years to bio-degrade in a marine environment.

Strongest EQ in Europe M4.8 France
Strongest EQ in US M3.1 Alaska
Strongest EQ on the Planet M6.1 Tonga
Deepest EQ M4.4 192 km Bolivia News Burst 12 November 2019

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