The Late Edition for November 11, 2019: Waking Up to the End of an Era [videos] ~ November 11, 2019

You never know what tid-bits of information will come up on the Internet, and many times we don’t have proof or even evidence of any kind but we have a hunch about what is correct and what isn’t.

While listening to the Field Report I caught a couple of comments in the chat about “JJ”, whom I assumed was JFK JR due to the previous “intel” we got about a shootout in Ireland. This was the first one I saw.

Sharry Roberts
They said it was true, it came across QAnons feed! They said JJ was shot in Ireland! They have hired doubles to act!

The second said JJ had been shot in Ireland and survived, but I couldn’t grab it.

Obviously we have no verification of this, but it’s possible because Field McConnell and Dr. Good Vibes stated on the Abel Danger/Field Report show prior to the Dallas rally that they hoped JFK Jr would be there. We hope all the patriots who are making a difference in the world remain safe in these dangerous times.

The dark will do anything to stop their removal, and as more and more of their corruption is exposed, and more arrests take place, more indictments are unsealed and the treason is acknowledged by the American People, the more desperate they will become. As it is, they don’t even try to hide what they’re doing. They’re going for broke.

sports commentators Don Cherry and Ron McLean

I also hear Don Cherry was fired after his remarks about immigrants to Canada and the fact that so few wear poppies. Canada really disgusts me any more. The election was a total clusterf—k. To call the colour commentator of Hockey Night in Canada and passionate patriot a racist, ignorant, and a xenophobe? The treasonous media really brainwashed Canadians, didn’t it? But Don didn’t apologize. Nor should he.

Cherry himself would not apologize for his comments, telling the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington that he’s “had my say.” But Rogers Sportsnet, which produces “Hockey Night in Canada,” issued a statement from Yabsley on Sunday morning condemning Cherry’s comments.  Source

Wake the hell up, Canada. Your country is being destroyed from within, right under your noses. Don’t you pay any attention to what’s happening in America and other countries? Turn off the bloody television, quit reading the newspapers full of fake news and propaganda and start getting your news from the Internet patriots who know what’s going on.

I’m glad I now live in the USA. At least here major improvements are well under way and people are waking up quickly and supporting President Trump and his actions to end the corruption. At least here there is a national pride that is seeing a groundswell of passion. America will survive.

Canada? We’ll see.

If you don’t speak out about Don Cherry’s firing you can take credit for killing Hockey Night in Canada. Demand he be reinstated! Or lose your voice.

Canadians might well begin evolving without mouths because they don’t use them. The days of the “polite Canadian” are over, folks. Speak up! For godssake speak up, or forever hold your peace.

If you do nothing, you just ushered in a new era without the Coach’s Corner icon and the end of free speech under a clown of a puppet Prime Minister.


Thank you @JustinTrudeau for welcoming corruption AND criminals into our nation… and I didn’t even mention ISIS fighters.

— Nicky P (@cravecreative) November 11, 2019

G’day, eh? Yes, Canada—you have forgotten who you are and that you have a right to retain your cultural identity. You are not required to bow down to immigrants and allow them rights above your own. Get real and stop giving up your national identity. Immigrants can assimilate Canadian culture and customs or leave. The value systems are being flushed down the toilet and free speech is DEAD in Canada.

Thank you, Frank!!!  Don’t miss this monologue from Frank Vaughan who ran as a representative of the People’s Party of Canada in the federal election in October. At least he did everything he could do to prevent a repeat of the previous atrocities.

FPV #102 – Lest We Forget And Don Cherry’s Firing: We Have Forgotten

Sarah Tonen weighs in, doing her part. Listen up, Hosers: if they can do this to Don Cherry, they can and will do it to you. Your right to dissent and express opinions is almost extinct.

Don Cherry was fired for being Don Cherry. Are we Awake yet, Hosers?

Where have we heard this name before? Chair-a-MEL-la. The “whistleblower” we all know about but aren’t supposed to talk about because he was employed by the Democrats. Yeah, him.

PAY DIRT: “Whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella Hosted Jan 19, 2016 WH Mtg. – Same Day US Told Ukraine in WH Mtg. to Fire Prosecutor Investigating Hunter Biden

A young mother once told me her child has never had a vaccination but is displaying autistic qualities regardless. I bit my tongue. Apparently she is unaware her baby was vaccinated at birth; which is SOP in the US.

We Chose Not To Poison Our Children With Neurotoxic So-Called Vaccines So Our Children Would Have A Future! — Truth To Power

We need to stop giving hospitals business. They only screw up the natural process of birth. And then they “make” you give toxins to your baby to “Allow” you to go home??? Doctors have zero knowledge of vaccine ingredients, ZERO! Medical school tells them that vaccines are safe and effective.

And who controls the medical schools, folks? Righto! The globalists and their blackmailed and bribed “doctors” who apparently care naught about the Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm”.

And right after injecting that into the post, I got this:

Thanks, L.


…potentially endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands of medical patients.  This constitutes material fraud by omission, and deliberate denial of remedy, indicating collusion in criminal conspiracy by globalist deep state agents in the media, academia and in government at all levels, as well as by those in the medical and pharmacidical industries.  — REC

If you’ve never seen the rest of the cropped Starbuck logo you might be grossed out. Cute little mermaid? Not.

Starbucks Symbolism Is VERY Demonic! :coded:

That concludes our ranty post for today.  ~ BP

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