Headlines and Updates for November 9, 2019: Deep State in the Cross Hairs [videos] ~ November 9, 2019

Editor’s Note: Time to re-pop your popcorn? I like to put a just a dash of hot sauce and parmesan cheese on mine! News abounds on the patriot front…even on the weekend thanks to Starship Earth.

During your downtime, read this news report, grab that popcorn, watch the video’s, Love the meme at the end of this report, and BE…



The Q Team has been quiet, but they’re around. Everywhere.

Trump’s Air Force 1
Pic Related

Tail number 90017

9+1+7= 17 too. pic.twitter.com/SMt7TCYr8n

— I E T (@InKUNated_ET) November 9, 2019

As we know, much has been happening behind the scenes and I wanted to check in with THI/Thomas Williams for an update from Thursday but haven’t yet. Thomas is probably the best source on the financial intelligence, but other aspects as well. Here’s a quick excerpt from the crew—and a very promising one.

Thomas Williams

Thomas Williams

The three main controlling systems that were over the Federal Reserve were terminated permanently this week…
Funds are ready

~ Thomas Williams

“I caught the swamp”

Thanks, R.

.@realDonaldTrump: “I caught the swamp” pic.twitter.com/qNLI38QHyb

— M3thods (@M2Madness) November 8, 2019

I think POTUS is absolutely correct. No one else could have done it—and the proof is… NO ONE DID!

No one, for decades, and countless people including the military—despite knowing what was going on—did what Donald Trump has done. He is the only one who could, and did, and his family waded into the swamp with him.

The Trumps enabled others to step up, ignore their fears, make sacrifices, and GET THIS DONE. It enabled those who had been doing what they could in the background to make even greater strides.

Make no mistake, it was about to get ugly in America, folks. Patriots and Veterans were at the point they were informally organizing and trying to decide what to do and how to do it. If they had been pushed much further, there could have been violence and civil unrest like we’ve seen in France, Venezuela, Hong Kong, and other places.

American patriots couldn’t stand to see the corruption any more; the lies, the burgeoning Clinton Body Bag, the millions of deaths of soldiers and civilians, the poisoned food and water, forced vaccinations, grotesque amounts of taxpayer money stolen, gun and drug running, stripping of sovereign rights, abuse in the courts, rigged elections, illegal surveillance, the destruction of the education system, police brutality, and children as food… it was endless. Until 2015. Now we don’t need to worry about that.

We know what the people of Hong Kong will be doing every weekend, but beware of men bearing flowers. Our Hong Kong protest update follows.

We heard that a student was killed yesterday but perhaps that was too late to be included in this video as they state it’s a miracle no one has been killed as a direct result of the protests. Regardless, it’s certainly been a bloody battle with a woman losing an eye and many flesh wounds.

Hong Konger Gets His Ear Bitten Off | Carrie Lam is here to stay: Xi Jinping

That’s a no-brainer, Greta. My suggestion is above. Once you get over the ocean, turn off the burner. And take Obama with you. And an inflatable raft and a paddle. See ya.

Any Suggestions? Greta Thunberg Pleads for Help and a Carbon-Free Lift Across the Atlantic

Obama Hit With Lawsuit Over Paris Climate Agreement

Good grief. This is getting ridiculous. I hope Devin Nunes is correct and the American People DO see this whole thing for the outrageous sham it is.

House Republicans add Hunter Biden, whistleblower to impeachment hearing witness wishlist


Reading something in the paper seems like a totally credible source… especially in 2019 https://t.co/r6azjTHYtQ

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) November 9, 2019

COUP FAIL: Schiff Star Witness Fiona Hill Obliterates Hillary-Funded Phony Russia Dossier in Testimony

If you’ve been hard pressed to keep up this week, and who hasn’t—here’s the Judicial Watch video Themtube banned, now on Vimeo at the JW website.

New Docs Shed Light on Ukraine Scandal

In the banned video, Tom Fitton analyzed Obama WH visitor logs (gov’t docs!) that showed meetings of the alleged “whistleblower” who also is a CIA employee who held key job at WH in two administrations! YouTube censored our Weekly Update video. The coup against President Trump is destroying our freedom! Watch the JW video YouTube banned: Read the background: Thank you for standing with Judicial Watch during this constitutional crisis!

For our Canuck content…

How Justin Trudeau Is Setting Up Canada For A “Great Globalist Revolution” | Cultural Action Party of Canada

And the UK… Another journalist gone. Forty-eight is awfully young. Just sayin’…

Ahmad also co-presented “The Truth About Child Sex Abuse” on BBC Two in 2015, and wrote a book about six months she spent undercover working on supermarket checkouts. Her cause of death has not been disclosed.

Award-Winning BBC Journalist Dies at Age 48

We have some interviews here with real people in California telling us what it’s been like for them during the fires with no power, and as a result, no water. They tell us fires are starting even with the power off.

When will something be done about the sham of a civilized society there? How can we ever make it up to them? How can we make it up to anyone for the atrocities perpetrated on Humanity and other species over the millennia, lifetime after lifetime, recycled in the soul trap of the Reptilians?

The tales that will be told about how this planetary jail break came to pass will be stunning.

EXCLUSIVE LOOK at California Blackout Fires with Chris Burgard

Anna at Project Weeping Angel did a good video about how the controllers managed to dupe Humanity and almost destroy our entire civilization and how it began in the churches.

Once the masses are aware of the deception and betrayal, they may very well call for a “pope on a rope”. The White Hats executing the liberation of Humanity are doing everything possible to avoid vigilantism and civil unrest.

I doubt they will reveal the worst news until they have something so positive and so exciting to slide in with it that The People will be distracted with the good part and lose focus on the bad.

ALERT: Babylonian Takeover of America . . .

More and more of our news is pedophile-related. Have you noticed? I want to do the job, but I hope we won’t get to the point that it’s all we have to report. We will need some “feel good” stories to sweeten the pot so we don’t choke on the soup, and I’m sure those are coming, too.

The plethora of arrests and exposures has to show the masses that child sex trafficking and the offshoots are far more prevalent than we ever knew, and thrive right under our noses.

You may have heard Dave at the X22 Report tell us last night in his update that he saw a raid in his own neighbourhood with a large number of officers removing a lot of stuff from the home and he’s guessing it had to be related to child trafficking.

Former Disney Employees Among the 17 Arrested in Florida Child Pornography Bust

Area17 Ground Zero digs deep into a rabbit hole as a result of Field McConnell’s arrest and The Children’s Crusade he is running. The research goes in some very interesting directions, there’s no denying. He likes to do decodes and that alone takes him on unique tangents, including Epstein Island, Ghislaine Maxwell, NASCAR, and disappearing children who set out to march to the Hold Land and were never seen again.

Just a heads up… Ivanka Trump shows up here, and most of you don’t need to be asked but please just keep an open mind about everything we learn every day. There are so many stings, and double agents and as Q has said, this was all planned long, long ago.

We previously acknowledged that the Trumps traveled in the “elite” circles, but have since distanced themselves and because of what they are now doing for Humanity we at least owe it to them to stay out of judgment until this is all over. They are the perfect ones to take down the cabal because they had personal experience with many of the deep state players and understand the game.

The Kennedys traveled in those circles as well and were friends with the Trumps and we saw what happened to them. They weren’t perfect but they weren’t Satanists and didn’t hurt children.

We have also acknowledged that some folks who may have been involved in the dark side had the option to play for the other team and many made that choice to switch and join us. It’s what they are doing today that matters.

We’ve all done things we’re not proud of. The truth will come out about who is who eventually. As far as we know, no one in the Trump family was involved in child trafficking or ever hurt a child. If there was proof of it, you can bet it would have come out by now.

Let’s not throw stones at the warriors on the front lines, and that includes Field McConnell. This is 5D chess and very few are in on the strategy. That is why we have to trust. We have plenty of reason to trust it based on what has been transpiring for the past three years.


Thanks to President Trump and the White Hats, it’s happening. Grab a box of Kleenex.

I’m Coming Home Reunited Past, Present, Future

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas banters with the lamestream media.

Not only that, @megynkelly, Ashley Bianco didn’t leak the next ABC insider video either… #EpsteinCoverup https://t.co/ryE18m8SHX

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) November 9, 2019

The background on that exchange…

Why does Kelly say Epstein was an “accused” serial pedophile? He was a “convicted” serial pedophile and did time—despite the pathetic sentence that saw him away from the jail for hours every day while he attended to who knows what; proof that a different set of laws apply to the “elite”—the protected, and those who protect them.

These people don’t provide “journalism”, they prefer Hollywood scripts. Ask Adam Schiff. And they also like to refer to Epstein as an “investor”. He had significant investments in attractive young women, if you wanted to stretch it. They tell us he paid for grooming them, whitening their teeth, etc., and taught them how to do massages on his clients… which included former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

And Amy Robach is on a first name basis with “the palace”—like we all know what she’s talking about. Is it the Saudi Prince? No, it’s the pedos at Buckingham Palace in the UK.

“Kate and Will”? Yeah, they came over for dinner last week. We’re on a first name basis here at the station. She’s using office terminology with her peers.

Clearly it’s a tight relationship if she doesn’t need to elaborate to whomever is on the other side of the camera. They’re all in on it.

This young woman, Ashley Bianco is NOT the one who provided the clip to Project Veritas, and Kelly’s return to the airwaves at this network is only about ratings and partial truth. The convenient kind. The spin is still there, protecting the pedos and minimizing the criminal behaviour of a guy who’s supposedly in the grave. But who knows? He may turn up again one day.

Megyn Kelly interviews Ashley Bianco, ABC News producer accused of leaking Amy Robach clip

We can’t let this go by without sharing one of our old posts that keeps popping up in the “search” at Starship Earth and seekers continue to discover. A naked young man (except for one sock) scaling the walls of “the palace” to make a hasty escape.

The fake news lost no time in concocting a story to cover this up. It was the old “contest” trick. We don’t fall for that any more.

They used the same excuse to cover up photos of the giant human skeletons photographed around the world, claiming some of the photos were a result of a PhotoShop creative contest. Who believes anything they say any more?

“Who is the Naked Boy Escaping Buckingham Palace?”

That post is the gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately the video has been removed, surprise, surprise, but it’s an indicator that people are indeed wanting to know more about the “royals” and the reported illegal activity regarding children and their connection to Jeffrey Epstein—who didn’t kill himself.

By the way, that might be the biggest slogan in social media history because it went viral and escaped the Internet, infecting an airport, and now beer cans! Priceless.

It just goes to show how much fun we can have trolling the deep state. We expect to see this meme anywhere and everywhere in short order. It will be like an Easter egg hunt to find all the places clever folks have slipped it into view. It shows who the patriots are and turns anything into a meme. Thanks, R.

LOL! Fresno Brewery Prints ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ on Bottom of Beer Cans

Follow Matt on TwitterA Fresno Brewery in Clovis, California has taken the “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” to a whole new level. The majority of Americans… Continue reading

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