Headlines and Updates for November 5, 2019: Humanity Battles for Freedom from Satanic Tyrants [videos] ~ November 5, 2019

Editor’s Note:Wowza! Another daily news update from Starship Earth that put’s it right out there…many times over! Please join me in taking in this article, being aware of tactics used by the Dark, cheering on the side of the Light, and BEing…



It’s so refreshing to have a new sheriff in town. The news is incendiary. The Truth is setting us free and it’s looking like November may be “Pedo Month”.

Some patriots are moving on to the next phase.

To clarify, I am going offline indefinitely. We have all we need even if Q never posted again. #WWG1WGA https://t.co/S2R5jzAhl3

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) November 2, 2019

The media protected Jeffrey Epstein and Project Veritas delivered this morning, as promised.

Watch the video at the link or below. The Epstein story was a story years ago and the lying, treasonous, turds at the lamestream media killed it. They protect pedophiles! Some of them ARE pedophiles. Some in the media have tried to tell the truth but were threatened.

Project Veritas released an undercover video Tuesday in which ABC News anchor Amy Robach is seen alleging the corporate news network spiked a bombshell report on Jeffrey Epstein three years ago.

Project Veritas: Anchor Amy Robach Says ABC News Killed Jeffrey Epstein Story

Give this video a thumbs up, folks.

VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup “We had Clinton, We had Everything”

Trump was read in early on and told the public the truth. He put his life on the line to take these sick psychopaths down.

Imagine the self restraint required to be the arresting officer and having to deal with this guy https://t.co/cYH0Qb3uaU

— I E T (@InKUNated_ET) November 5, 2019

If you want to watch an exciting rally, Kentucky is the best one yet, IMO. Lee Greenwood himself sang his amazing, “God Bless the USA” and shook the President’s hand.

The lively crowd took every opportunity to chant, “USA! USA!” and when POTUS panned the crowd while Greenwood sang he was smiling and looked genuinely appreciative, humbled, and maybe even wowed. It was beautiful. If you missed it, you can watch the entire, unedited event here, with RSBN. It made me wonder if DJT wasn’t inwardly musing… Wow. It’s working. It’s really working.

The fans needed no encouragement in a rousing version of,”Lock her up!” and President Trump walked the coup back even further and revealed that BEFORE he was even elected the corrupt establishment was scheming to prevent his advent onto the US political scene.

He didn’t miss the opportunity to troll the media about the possibility of being in office for 21 years. LOL. What a guy. He was brutally accusatory with the legacy media and the crowd booed. If they do take down the fake media in the near future I don’t think many will care.

For a nation in love with drama and their super-sized televisions, the White Hats recruited the right man. President Trump is colourful and knows exactly what he’s doing. He knows how to work the crowd and deliver what they came to hear; the Truth, and the exposure of the villains.

A number of people directly behind POTUS were wearing white T-shirts with a scarlet command to, “Read the transcript!”. I love it. It just gets better and better.

Rand Paul spoke a second time (once before POTUS arrived) and was terrific, considering you never know what he’s going to say. He is a free-thinker and doesn’t lick anyone’s boots.

One thing is clear: Kentucky is indeed “Trump country”, and when Donald Trump says, “the best is yet to come”, you can bank on it. Our imaginations hardly dare venture to ponder the final destination for Humanity.

This is the link for RSBN’s stream of the Monroe, Louisiana rally tomorrow, Wed. Nov. 6. Tickets and info here.

Mark Steyn and Tucker Carlson have a great chat about the Lexington rally and Biden’s handlers, among other observations and predictions about the political strategies in play. Steyn thinks the Biden handlers want to put him up against Trump in a debate. Seriously?  if so, they truly are in self-destruct mode.

Mark Steyn reacts to Trump’s explosive Kentucky rally

This next video would not be good news, if what it infers were true. Field McConnell does speak out against the deep state criminals on his show, and they have been making his life miserable for years. The report says he is “in custody”. I believe he is. But whose?

We will be watching closely to learn more about this story because the US legal system has been persecuting Field, Timothy Holmseth, and others who are exposing the pedophilia and pedovores. I don’t trust Craig Sawyer. We have never heard of any children other than one or two that he has saved despite claims about the organization he created. He seems to be a placeholder.

Field set up two organizations; one to assist the children who have been trafficked (and worse), as well as the war vets so I would not be surprised if they had their goons go after him in Wisconsin, where the men in black dresses tried to take down Timothy Holmseth.

Field is also the one who urged President Trump to make the penalty for crimes against children “capital punishment”, to which Trump responded, “Make it so.” And so it is.

To say Field has enemies in high places (or low places, as is the case) is an understatement. He is a target.

The satanists tried all their intimidation tactics in the courtroom (including guns!) on Kirk Pendergrass, the Marine attorney representing Holmseth, and the pre-trial was a disgusting sham.

Holmseth is currently under protective custody from a White House Task Force at an undisclosed location. One day they took him covertly to Field’s home where he was a guest on Field’s show but he didn’t know where he was going until a few minutes before arrival. It was then called Abel Danger, now The Field Report.

Holmseth is the journalist who exposed high profile people (like VP Mike Pence) for child trafficking, murder, and conspiracy to assassinate President Trump. Field has spoken of this on his show as well as calling out others. No one ever complained. No one denied it, and no one accepted his invitations to call in and refute his claims.

We will energetically support Field and his wife Denise, who had to leave the country for her safety, and keep them in our thoughts. IF this were true, we believe President Trump, the First Lady, and the Marines would help Field in his hour of need.

Anyone who uses or supports the corrupt cabal, Law of the Sea kangaroo judicial system against veterans and those who support President Trump and the removal of satanic ritual child sacrifice criminals, is not on our side.

I assume this poor baby below is one rescued by the US Military or other White Hats. It’s real, folks, and the perpetrators/predators must be stopped. It’s one of President Trump’s prime initiatives.

The children who come out of the underground bases and breeding nurseries run by the sub-Humans will be treated at places like Field is supporting via the Children’s Crusade. As Scott Mowry explained on his Miracles Intel Call, there are off-planet medical technologies/energetic healing tools that are used to rehabilitate these caged creatures who have been used as less than farm animals. They can be integrated into society and live a normal life.

We are at the point where we have to choose sides, folks. If you’re not for Humanity and the warriors like President Trump, Timothy Holmseth and Field McConnell, then you’re against us. The dark will do ANYTHING to keep the truth about pedophilia and the pedovores from coming out—particularly with respect to prominent figures in the government.

They cannot stop QAnon from sharing information, but they wouldn’t hesitate to pick on a seventy year-old man, a former Marine, who champions trafficked children and damaged war veterans, and has former Illuminati victims on the show, like Cheryl Hersha Beck, who talked about her experiences as a trafficked child in the system and by some miracle survived and wasn’t sacrificed by the satanists.

My question with this video is, why is Nancy Morgan Hart ending with the stern inference that she, personally, has a stake in this? I listen to nearly all Field’s shows and I’ve never heard him mention her name. Does she have an alias? There are a significant number of thumbs down on this video. Comments are not permitted on her channel. Perhaps she is playing a role. She could be on either side, depending on your view.

Does this have anything to do with the fact that former Marine attorney Kirk Pendergrass is at Field’s home studio now doing an audit for emolument violations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa and reporting back to Congress? See that update from Pendergrass below, uploaded yesterday. No mention of Field being arrested, and he would know.

Incidentally, Field changed the name of his show/channel from Abel Danger to the Field Report recently because other parties hijacked the name Abel Danger for other channels, he said.

This is WAR folks, in the information age. Don’t believe everything you read or hear. Disinfo is necessary, and QAnon does it, too. Our trusted sources will vet the info for us in many cases. Other than that, consult your inner guidance system. My final thoughts on this story are below.

Thanks for the heads up, J.

Breaking: Field McConnell in Custody

In the video below, Kirk explains in simple terms what is going on, and who and what “E-Clause” is. It’s about the serious Human Rights Violations, Human Trafficking, Domestic Violence, etc. that President Trump stated we are going after back in December 2017 with his Executive Order.

I highly recommend everyone listen to his update. It’s short, concise, and great information. You can see more from Kirk at the channel called Kirk’s Law Corner.

As Field stated a week or so ago, the Field Report will be used for Kirk to report on their activities to the public. There are 44K subscribers and I hope more will jump on. He stated, “It’s going to be good.” I’ve no doubt of that.

President Trump requested this action so you can rest assured that if Field McConnell is “out of the picture”, it’s most likely for his own protection, not because he committed any crimes. We have previous knowledge of how the Marines/Military protect their own, and those who expose pedophilia. Got it? In my opinion Field McConnell is a national treasure.

The marines told him not to fly, and that Denise needed to get out of the States and over to the UK for her own safety. That will set the stage for this recent development, as I see it, and Field has repeatedly said he’d like to retire and focus on the CC and MVR.

Kirk has just arrived at Field’s studio as of November 4th and says they are beginning their audit with Child Protective Services. Oops. That will put the psychopaths in a tizzy.

You may be aware that CPS and affiliated groups have been in the spotlight recently and they’re being exposed for what they are. Whether it’s CPS in the States, Planned Parenthood, Family and Childrens’ Services in Canada, or Foster Care, they’re going down because what they are about is Human Trafficking. NO—let’s call it what it is: Child Sex Trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse—and it’s GLOBAL. It goes on right under our noses involving people most would never suspect. Organ trafficking is also part of it.

The legislation to seize the assets of those who commit Human rights abuses and harm children is one more reason to hate President Trump and get him out of office. I think you get the picture now. No worries. The Patriots are in control.

The down side of this change is that via Field’s shows we had such incredible intel coming in from warriors in the trenches like Agent Mad Dog and Agent Margaritaville who brought us up to speed on the things happening behind the scenes with respect to the financial situation and the pedophilia roundup in Canada respectively, and Cheryl Hersha Beck who told us what she experienced as a trafficked child.

Field has served Humanity well all his life. I’ll leave it there. Kirk has now taken over the reins and will doubtless bring us more fascinating updates.

Enjoy the movie.

E-Clause Comes To Wisconsin, Minnesota & Iowa: Kirk Pendergrass

Hitting them hard in November over election rigging and organized voter fraud…

Good job, Kip, who reports from Ontario, Canada. There are many Canadians working for the cause in America. After the US is cleaned up, Canada may be next.

Top Democrats FREAK OUT Amid ARRESTS for Voter Fraud

I can’t wait to see how this impeachment movie turns out. It changes daily.

Jim Jordan speaks out on his possible move to House Intel Committee

Sondland, Trump’s appointee, changes testimony to say there was clear quid pro quo

I watched this live with over 300 others. The cabal is alive and well in Canada, folks. Dan Dicks of Press for Truth reports from British Columbia, Canada where the CSU (Community Safety Unit) is confiscating medicinal cannabis and the RCMP is on site supervising the armed robbery.

And these guys are “just doing their job”. Selling out Humanity. The “modern day mafia”, Dan says. I’m surprised they haven’t booted him out. Oh, I forgot, these are the polite, Canadian police.

He says the corrupt federal government wants patients to have to purchase the Monsanto seed products from them, not the safe, healthy products independent retailers provide.

There was a video interruption as Dan explains because a violent protestor in Vancouver the other day bashed his camera out of his hands and it has some issues. These cameras are very, very expensive so if you can support Dan in his independent news coverage, you know what to do.

Please listen, be informed, and give the video a thumbs up.

LIVE: Raid on Medical Cannabis Facility in Squamish BC!

How to destroy a society in eight simple steps.

1. Remove God.
2. Promote abortion.
3. Promote p*rn.
4. Promote promiscuity.
5. Make people forget their history.
6. Replace culture with globalism.
7. Replace beauty with ugliness.
8. Indoctrinate with propaganda.


— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) November 5, 2019

Here’s some interesting stuff. Eyes to the skies! Thanks, L.

The matrix continues to be exposed. I can’t wait to see what’s REALLY in our sky if it was all clearly visible and not masked. I think there are some big suckers up there.

Protests and unrest continue across the planet. Hong Kong protestors are still at it, and Chile, too.

Anti-government protests in Chile take place amid continuing unrest | LIVE

Later, possums.  ~ BP

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