“The Plan” and Navigating the Swamp | Storm is Upon Us ~ October 21, 2019

Editor’s Note: Good message here folks, about how seeds are planted by the White Hats, and then come to fruition later on. Yep…sure have been a lot of seeds thrown out!

We’ve yet to hear the release of the FISA Report, the OIG General’s report, JFK, Jr. announcement, gold standard brought back, financial overhaul, etc. etc. Many think this to be disheartening, and say…what the heck, why do you believe info you find on the Internet in Alt media?

I say…yes, you can! Look at what has been “touted” and “outed”. Let’s remember: Trump’s election (NO ONE thought that to be possible), the Wall (now in place), Feinstein ties with China (proven, where is she now?), Gen. Michael Flynn debacle (he’s been shown a hero, not a traitor), The disappearance of Bush Sr and Jr. (where are they…I think I know!).

So…get ready, the rest of “Red October” is sure to be interesting as we see which seeds sprout, stay aware, loose any fear, and BE…



Joe Mas Opos has a great thread going on Twitter, folks. I think you will want to read its multiple parts.

Click in the box below to launch the full thread on Twitter.

BTW, Field McConnell addressed the JFK Jr. topic this morning by request, and he repeated that he said, “I believe” this “might” happen. That tells me there is room for movement and the White Hats probably asked him to plant the seed. There are always “ifs” involved. Don’t place any bets on anything, because it can all change. Timing is everything, as Q has said all along. I believe JFK Jr. will emerge at some point prior to the 2020 election.

If Q could talk frankly:
1. “Peeps. Well done for voting right. You made the right call, Trump really is going to drain the swamp. A few things first. You have no idea how deep it goes or how bad things had become. I’m not gonna lie, some of what you’ll learn will test you…”

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) October 21, 2019

Julian Assange is in court, and the patriots are dealing… any way they can. Perhaps you can identify.  ~ BP



— DaveLew63 (@DaveLew63) October 21, 2019

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