Late Edition for October 17, 2019: Wow. Just Wow. Are You Ready? [videos] ~ October 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes…the momentum builds for those of us who have been aware and awake for just what will happen at the Trump rally tonight in Dallas. From the report below you can readily see the “gloves are off” in terms of bringing the negative and horrific action of the Dark to Light.

It’s all too easy too become fixated on this drama, I mean…this is the moment of geo-political change on our world. Yet…this is also a very good time for each to go within ourselves knowing that the change we see in the outer world must certainly be evident inside each one of us as well!

So…please read the report below, watch the Trump rally live to night on RightSide Broadcasting, and BE…InJoy!


Lots of wows today! It certainly is sounding like monumental events are on the brink of changing life on Earth. I hope you have lots of popcorn.

A ceasefire declared in the Middle East for five days!

See? It’s not hard to know what to expect when you see the truth and . Trump is the . He is working for us. He will NEVER let us down even if we don’t always understand his methods. 

Scott Mowry spoke of this on the Miracles Intel Call on Sunday. The US military confirms Q—again.

The Blue Angels just drew a big Q in the sky over SF.

Apparently Texans do it bigger.

“MAGA For Miles!” Trump Supporters Line Up TWO DAYS in Advance to Attend Trump’s Rally in Dallas (VIDEO)


Rick Perry is currently with President Trump in Dallas today as he made this announcement.

Rick Perry resigns as energy secretary amid Ukraine investigation


Am I reading this correctly? Are all the Presidential candidates self-destructing and going down in flames? Bernie’s physically out of it. Beto is telling everyone he will sick the police on them to take their guns or put them in jail.

OMG—Trump will profit from conducting business at his own resort! He should be impeached! It doesn’t matter that he is not drawing a salary as POTUS. Off with his head!

We now know who Adam Schiff’s secret whistle blower is. He is identified as Eric Ciaramella. He is an Obama holdover who is an analyst expert on Ukraine, Russia & was detailed to the National Security Council in the Obama times. He has been outed. What a liar he is. So is Schiff

We can see the direction the Canucks are being herded toward as the days tick down. Jagmeet Singh has been called out as a globalist racist and we are hoping the People’s Party of Canada is going to take the country by storm, amid all the storms—literal and figuative.

Scheer says ‘modern convention’ means Trudeau must quit if he doesn’t win the most seats

Canada is a few days away from their federal election October 21st (which may be historic) and getting hit hard with extreme weather. Eastern Canada, including Québec, are now lashed by heavy rains and high winds and Nova Scotia still hasn’t recovered from the storm that hit in early September as Hurricane Dorian made its way up the Atlantic coast and took out power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses.

The number of customers still without power after a Manitoba snowstorm late last week has dropped to just over 9,000, according to the Manitoba Hydro website. Repair crews have been working around the clock to deal with extensive power line damage: 

is about justice, but also the eradication of evil. Anti-humanity globalist administrations of old would not expend the resources to cleanse our world of this monstrous filth, but that’s all changed. And if you thought your payment was anonymous – THINK AGAIN! 


Feds take down the world’s largest child porn marketplace, that had 200,000 videos totaling 8 terabytes of data.


Even the CBC is reporting it. No mention of children in this story, however. Thanks for the heads up, R.

31 arrested, 300 charges in multi-provincial sex-trafficking operation based in Ontario

Even the CBC is reporting it. No mention of children in this story, however. Thanks for the heads up, R.

Field McConnell had a victim call in to his show today that he broadcast from Dallas where he will be watching the Trump rally. His guest told us horrendous stories about the satanic ritual abuse she and other children endured when they were stripped naked and stuffed in a small cages for transport from California. She named names. Bush, Cheney… at a castle in Colorado.

You may have heard interviews with Cheryl Hersha before. She goes beyond what I’ve heard from anyone else.

The experiences she relates are probably unbelievable for some people. It’s brutal and disturbing what these satanic pedovores do to innocent children as well as adults. Cherly had multiple broken bones that were never set and ongoing health problems as a result of all the physical trauma.

She speaks of the red shoes made of Human skin and the jewellery worn by some members of the Illuminati made of the small bones of children’s fingers and toes. Also the fact they conjured up demons, and that the programming breaks down and victims have to go to a facility to be reprogrammed. They use electro shock to remove memory and trauma.

The torture they are forced to watch is appalling and surpasses the worst horror movie you’ve ever seen. She’s been in many dungeons, particularly under churches. She says the Appalachian Trail in Eastern USA connects many of the underground bases.

I’ve never heard such detail from any other victim. Cheryl speaks of the implant they insert by removing the eyeball and then replacing it afterward.

It’s beyond horrific, but it has to come out and we applaud brave people like this woman for having the courage to revisit their experiences while they relate the pain to us.

She also tells us that when they were tortured sometimes their soul would leave their body it was so bad and angels would fly them over their town until they returned to their bodies.

I would say don’t miss this testimony that came after the 1 hour mark of the video below. It will change you.

Connect with her on Twitter  cabeck  or @cabeck1961


In case you missed it, we heard this the other day. There’s more, below. In Canada.

That’s it for today as we await the beginning of the the (historic) Trump KAG rally in Dallas with 20K+ inside and probably that and more outside. A prayer is taking place at the moment as they say it’s important to begin the evening that way.  ~ BP

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