How to transform to a Light Being? ~ October 15, 2019

Editor’s Note: Hello friends…this is the latest spiritual article I have received from my Slavic friend, Seno. Many spiritual folk know the value of ascension, but often have questions about the “mechanics” for this process.

Seno’s ideas are listed below. Are these accurate? I cannot say, but I can say that the elevation of your consciousness is the “critical moment” and how this happens may well be personalized to you. There are certainly parameters of commonality which will be involved.

So…please read below, use that which feels comfortable and “right” for you, and BE…



Dear friends, in the 2. part of the article »How to transform to a Light Being?«
read how Toltecs prepared for this ultimate act, and what role the drugs have
in personal development.

How to transform to a Light Being? 2. part and a free

  1. The warrior teaching is managing the awareness and learning to use
    ordinary life for the transformation into a light being.
    He must learn to use the mind for the specific goals.
    He must release the rigidity and become fluid and flexible with changing his
    There are allies and enemies on his way. Most of the enemies will be just
    petty tyrants who will provoke, criticize and sabotage him and try to prevent
    him to succeed.
    There are very few big tyrants who will decide about his life and death. Don
    Juan said that the warrior can be very happy to meet a big tyrant:) because
    he can help him with the bigger development.
    An important part of the teaching is erasing the personal history because the
    warrior is no longer an ordinary man.
    He uses death as a counselor to work on the one and only important thing in
    his life, and that is his own life.
    The warrior is responsible for his actions. He doesn’t waste his time and
    energy on useless things anymore. All he does is taking him closer to his final
    goal of transformation.
    In time he learns to become inaccessible as he doesn’t act in the dramas of
    the ordinary people.
    Warrior is a fighter for power. He is saving and gaining the energy for the final
    transformation into a light being.
  2. The warrior uses different techniques for his life and final

He will fight against his ego and he will closely, decisively and thoroughly
watch it and stalk it. With winning over ego he will free the captured energy
and use it for other purposes.
With non-doing and stopping the world as he knew before he will release old
descriptions and learn to see the world directly and with no descriptions,
explanations, and opinions. He will see the same things differently.
Non-doing is a different kind of doing. Instead of looking directly into the
objects the warrior watches their shadows. Instead of watching TV programs
he just looks at the TV box turned off. Instead of walking ahead he walks
backward. He uses non-doing to unlearn the old way and to change his
relationship to the world.
He has to stop the internal dialogue to see the world from inner silence. Then
he will see the world as it is and not as he was learned to see it.
He stops the old world with an old description and he sees the new world.
Part of the seeing which will develop later when he will have enough energy
is watching the pure energy and the world directly as energy phenomenon
beyond the material view.
Stopping the internal dialogue is an important technique for non-doing,
stopping the world and seeing. The warrior will see the world clearly in the
inner silence without descriptions. One of the exercises for stopping the
internal dialogue is watching over horizon sitting or walking.
The warrior learns to lucid dream to realize that there are other worlds. He will
use the lucid dreaming as a very important way of gathering and expanding
his personal energy that will need for the final transformation into a light
With regular recapitulation, checking and releasing captured energy in him
and others, he will retreat his energy which he wasted in drama scenes with
others. At the same time, he will give back the energy that they have
projected onto him.
In the new era, he can also use Tensegrity energy exercises.
When the warrior erases his personal history and the self-image, he becomes
an abstract being.
Castaneda said that Don Juan is just a full sack of stories and nothing else.
No bones, just stories:)

With saving, retreating, gathering, restoring, and expanding his energy the
warrior will move the old and fixed, unmovable assemblage point from his ego
and false construction of his self-image and his self Importance to the new
place where he is an abstract being without the self-image.
He uses all activities above for the permanent removal of self Importance, the
change of his personal identity and of course for the last goal of transforming
himself to a light being.
Don Juan said that self Importance is at the beginning just masked self-pity
which develops to self Importance. In fact, it is still self-pity that is expressing
The warrior’s fight for the big passage is his personal work and can be very
alone. Toltecs warriors worked in groups but they have to do their own
personal work by themselves.

  1. After a successful transformation to light being some groups left the
    Toltec teaching says that the Eagle has passed them by him to the Unknown.
    If I remember well I read somewhere that Don Juan told Carlos that they will
    live under the giant dome in Orion solar system.
    That is not the “Unknown” and is still in the Eagles cosmos, under his wings,
    and in his claws:)
    About the drugs in the Toltec practice. Some thought that that is a magical
    drugging:) You get stoned and then you are Castaneda:) Or, if you are using
    drugs, you are already in their program:)
    Toltecs gave the drugs only to those who were crampingly holding to ordinary
    reality and didn’t believe that there are different perception and other worlds.
    When he saw that Don Juan didn’t give any drugs to his fellow students
    Indians Castaneda asked him why he gave him so strong drugs.
    Paraphrasing: “Because you were so stupid and rigid and we have to open
    you to the new possibilities of the perception and understanding.”
    Drugs are unnecessary for the teaching and development and they can have
    a very negative impact as they can frighten the student and make him stop
    his learning. Or he can become addicted thinking that he can not progress
    without drugs.

To be continued.

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