Late Updates for October 10, 2019: Of the People, By the People and For the People; Reinstated [videos] ~ October 11, 2019

On the Abel Danger show on Thursday we got a fabulous education on the US Constitution, sovereign rights of the People, due process of law, Congress and the Legislature, marriage contracts, domestic violence, assault and battery, and other finer points that most of us don’t comprehend.

If we did, we wouldn’t “under-stand” (stand in agreement with what has transpired) because the corrupticats have misrepresented the law of the People and used thuggery and abuse to take advantage of us while their bankster imposters posed as “judges” in their black dresses to intimidate in their kangaroo courts.

This very clear, exposure of “shit made up” came from Marine attorney Kirk Pendergrass. This is the brave and capable man representing Timothy Holmseth, the journalist/whistleblower who exposed the crimes against Humanity committed by VP Mike Pence against children, and others.

Don’t bother arguing with Kirk Pendergrass. He can quote the law, and Humanity is using the deep state’s own law to take them down.

McConnells Miss Trump Rally Due TAMPERING By Team Pigazio

We can see that the lunatic left democrats are going after Trump, Giuliani, anything they can under the guise of “legal actions”, but it’s not how it looks. Kirk said when he began working with Timothy Holmseth his mind was blown by the degree of corruption in Minnesota—and who is giving President Trump a hard time right now? The mayor of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It’s fascinating stuff, folks. When you innerstand what the psychopaths did, the FRAUD they perpetrated, and how many they deceived and preyed upon through their brainwashing of members of the BAR and bullying, it’s hard to believe they could be successful in that endeavor but it worked for a couple hundred years and more.

The secret’s out now, however, and as President Trump said from the beginning, our movement is about a new government, controlled by the People; and shutting down the rampant corruption on the part of the establishment which seeks only to enrich itself.

We shouldn’t have to remind Humans that their representatives in the government work FOR them; to facilitate THEIR will and support THEIR wishes—NOT THEIR OWN. The People pay their representatives to perform this work on their behalf. They are our delegates and we sign their paycheques.

If they are not doing exactly what the People instruct, then they should be fired and replaced by someone who will. Most of the people in Washington are corrupt. Fire their asses!

We look forward to the next time Kirk will educate us and how the law affects what we see unfolding every day in America. We also look forward to the day when the maritime/admiralty law are nullified and we go back to Common Law/Natural Law/ Law of the Land/Universal Law.

This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

What are the chances? I have to agree with the writer of the following article. Unless something drastic changes, the Nobel is more likely to go to Greta Thunberg, because the globalists always award their own, whether they qualify or not.

Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize!

The rally in Minny is looking like it’s going to be a historical event, despite the crappy weather.

Right Side Broadcasting began the stream again after it was interrupted and the chat was running so fast you couldn’t even read it. Donations for RSBN were flooding in—including from Canada and many donations in Euros! so the world appreciates the efforts to bring them truth in media without the deep state spin.

Over 72,000 ticket requests came in for this rally that happens to be in Ilhan Omar’s district. Holy crap! The venue holds just under 20K so it will be quite the party outside in the wet.

I think it’s safe to say that since President Trump only missed taking Minnesota by 1.5% in 2016, and since the MAGAsota group has been firing up the people in Minneapolis that this state will easily go full red in 2020.

The people they are interviewing in the lineup know the truth about what’s going on in the information war and are excited to hear what their President has to say tonight. They know he is returning the nation to the constitution, is building the wall, and everything else he said he would do and that is why he is the rock star; a most extraordinary guy.

The Police Association President gave quite a lead-in, speaking out about the treatment of Trump by the Mayor and stating that while he may have claimed President Trump wasn’t welcome there, the Police beg to differ. Wow. There is going to be an upset in Minnesota in 2020.

He said they put a sign in front of the city hall where the Mayor could see it every day on his way to work.

In just over an hour or so the President will make his address. Tomorrow—Lake Charles, Louisiana, and next Thursday, Dallas, TX.  ~ BP

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