How to transform to a Light Being? Free e-book. ~ October 10, 2019

Dear friends,
this is the continuation of the comparison between Toltec teaching and my
model of awakening. In the previous article I’ve presented you exercises for
the awakening, today you will see their benefits for you and your darlings.
And then about Toltecs and their way.
“With regular practice, I released all of my partial personalities and their
harmful behaviors, Importance and Poorness, stopped to oblivion myself and
fully stabilized in 1 year. I reached the perfect and permanent state of Pure
Awareness and stayed in my true home. 14 years without one interruption.
More about the exercises for the awakening with which you will – in Toltec

 become aware of the Awareness and become the Being of the Pure
 easily stop the internal dialogue and stay in inner silence for hours
 stop the world as you knew it before
 become perfect stalkers of your partial personalities
 release all of your users and wasters or beneficial energy, save it and
gain it
 completely get rid of the ego
 easily learn lucid dreaming
 create and strengthen your unbendable intention and become
impeccable without the teacher
 become candidates for the enlightenment and transformation into a light
 you will much better understand books of Carlos Castaneda or even
actually understand them for the first time:)
in the presentation of my model for natural life. Before that here are the main
features of the Toltec system for personal evolution.
Toltec teaching for the transformation into a light being

This is a short presentation of Toltec teaching for transformation into a light
being and liberation from the Flyers prison as described in Carlos
Castaneda’s book.
I intentionally repeated the title and the first sentence as I noticed that many
readers of Castaneda’s books don’t understand what the Toltecs were doing.

  1. The Master of life and death in our cosmos is Eagle, the giant energy
    being who springs out of an unimaginable big Source.
    Eagle gives and takes singular lives and feeds on experiences of living
    beings. Those who become impeccable warriors and transform into light
    beings the Eagle gifts with free passing by him to the freedom and unknown.
  2. Intent or Spirit is supposed to be the force that rules Everything.
    Toltec myth says that you too were chosen by the Intent to read Carlos
    Castaneda’s books and this book as well:)
  3. Flyers are inorganic beings without physical bodies. They control the
    whole planet and they feed on the consciousness energy of humans. They
    gave them their predatorial mind, and that’s the reason that they are so
    selfish and violent, Important and Poor. They are only interested in hunting
    the prey and they don’t care for the important thing as eternal life and
    Flyers are some sort of the Eagles petty tyrants for humans:) while the Eagle
    is the Big Tyrant who decides about the life and death of all beings.
  4. Man on Earth has two options.
    In 1. he can stay an ordinary person who is occupied with his fascinations,
    fixations, and addictions with objects, his Importance, and Poorness and with
    fighting for the power over others. After their death, the Eagle will devour all
    the ordinaries folks and appropriate their experiences. The rich and the poor
  5. option is for the warriors who leave ordinary life and start to save energy
    for the big transition and transformation into a light beings (ascension).
    The warrior as the light being becomes a man of knowledge and seer and he
    can see the energy in the world and other persons as shining energy eggs.

He can see them as ordinary physical bodies or as energy balls when
ordinary people can see only physical objects and nothing else. Many don’t
see even that because they see only their fantasies about those objects:)
A warrior is a man of knowledge and he knows of the Eagle, Flyers and the
meaning of life on Earth. He knows that the Flyers are farming humans as
chickens and they feed on their negative energy.
That’s why he lives tactically and strategically. He is releasing the harmful
behaviors which are wasting his energy. He is saving and gaining energy with
the recapitulation of his previous and daily life.
In the final act, he reaches the double (energy body) with remembering the
lucid dreams that activate single energy points in his energy body that were
created every time he lucid dreamed. Those single energy bursts join into the
internal fire who changes the physical in the energy body.
To become a man of knowledge and seer, one must know, develop and
become 7 things.
»The goal of my teachings is to show how to become a man of knowledge.
The following seven concepts are its proper components: (1) to become a
man of knowledge is a matter of learning; (2) a man of knowledge has
unbending intent ; (3) a man of knowledge has clarity of mind; (4) to become
a man of knowledge is a matter of strenuous labor; (5) a man of knowledge is
a warrior; (6) to become a man of knowledge is an unceasing process; and
(7) a man of knowledge has an ally.«

  1. The warrior teaching is managing the awareness and learning to use
    ordinary life for the transformation into a light being.
    He must learn to use the mind for the specific goals.
    He must release the rigidity and become fluid and flexible with changing his
    There are allies and enemies on his way. Most of the enemies will be just
    petty tyrants who will provoke, criticize and sabotage him and try to prevent
    him to succeed.

There are very few big tyrants who will decide about his life and death. Don
Juan said that the warrior can be very happy to meet a big tyrant:) because
he can help him with the bigger development.
An important part of the teaching is erasing the personal history because the
warrior is no longer an ordinary man.
He uses death as a counselor to work on the one and only important thing in
his life, and that is his own life.
The warrior is responsible for his actions. He doesn’t waste his time and
energy on useless things anymore. All he does is taking him closer to his final
goal of transformation.
In time he learns to become inaccessible as he doesn’t act in the dramas of
the ordinary people.
Warrior is a fighter for power. He is saving and gaining the energy for the final
transformation into a light being.”

To be continued.

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