Canadian Alt Press Wins Battle to Cover Federal Election Leaders’ Debate October 7 ~ October 7, 2019

Editor’s Note: Now…I Am not Canadian,but I do know our neighbor up North is facing their own battle of Light vrs. Dark, particularly in their gov’t allied with Canadian MSM. It’s the same story everywhere on Earth right now, isn’t it?

However… tremendous advances are being made (legally, at that!) the same way they are in America. This looks like a global trend…wouldn’t you say? Please read the report below, Go Canada (!), and BE…



They had to go to a judge to fight for their rights, for godsake. Go Canada!

And it cost a mere $10K in legal fees. Unbelievable.

In a free society @JustinTrudeau can’t keep you or @AndrewLawton out. The judge will rule that way this morning.

— Joe Warmington (@joe_warmington) October 7, 2019

Congratulations @RebelNewsOnline and @TrueNorthCentre, see you there!

Free speech and freedom of the press will prevail!@TheMenzoid @TheRealKeean @AndrewLawton @CandiceMalcolm @ezralevant

— Maxime Bernier (@MaximeBernier) October 7, 2019

I call foul on this poll. There is so little difference between what is unfolding in Canada and the United States. What the corporate media says is usually the opposite of the truth. We know the PPC is killing it out there and we’re expecting an upset in the federal election on October 21st.

We also know the Canadian people have had enough of Justin Trudeau and his scandals and theft of the People’s money. Do you really think the Libtards are neck-and-neck with the Conservatives? Hardly.

Once the Canadian people have the opportunity to hear the sensible views and plans of the People’s Party candidates they will be switching to PPC. Many already have.

Strong and Free!  Forte et Libre!  ~ BP

Do you trust the people who present your reality every day? What if they aren’t human? I’m serious.


— DC Cesspool (@dontcha_know1) October 4, 2019

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  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    The Deep State is found in all countries, but especially the United States, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.


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