Twin soul ascension report: timeline jump for 1st wavers.. we are now collectively stabilizing ~ September 27, 2019

Dearest divine brothers and sisters,

greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with great news to share with all of you who are vibrationally drawn to these words.

Many of you are currently experiencing a timeline shift unlike anything you have ever experienced before, please know that all of the positive energies that are streaming to you you have been building up on a collective and individual level, and now that we have come out of that very intense Saturn retrograde period (which had us all collectively feel like we could take no more,)  the cosmic tide has well and truly turned.

A perfect analogy to explain what we have just come through is: if you take an elastic band and you stretch it, and you keep on stretching it, there truly is only so far it can go until it snaps. All of us collectively and individually have been experiencing this particularly  since the time of the 9:9 portal. This was such a monumental upgrade gateway that even those who are stabilized in high fifth dimensional consciousness felt overwhelmed at the pressure that our individual and collective higher self was putting us all through. 

As with an elastic band, it can only go so far and then at some point it must spring back. This is exactly where we are at right now collectively. All of us first waivers (and this refers to the 144000 first wave of Ascension Pioneers) have now experienced a significant and profound timeline jump.

This means that we are all now in Earnest on our highest Christed timelines, which translated means that from now on, in earnest we are aligning with companions of Destiny and are experiencing and extraordinary heightened and intensified number of synchronicities, and that the experience that our vibration now has the capacity now to instantly heal all who come into contact with us.

It is very hard to explain in human language the energy that we are speaking of,  because these frequencies are so heavenly and so holy, and truly unlike anything this earth has ever known prior to the fall of Atlantis.

Suffice to say dearest light workers, please carry on doing what you are doing – cleansing and purifying your vessel, becoming absolute living Masters of self-love, going forward in your day being kind, attentive and present with every soul who is privileged to cross paths with you and of course including your own divine eternal precious inner child.

You are being encouraged to actively pursue anything that raises your vibration or keeps your vibration at a high and stabilized level, we remind you that the most efficient way to raise your vibration is to be in service and to be attentive to your brothers and sisters and to practice random acts of kindness and go on endless rampages of gratitude in your day. We assure you that this is the most efficient way to raise your vibration and stabilise in fifth dimensional consciousness. 

The energies are now building up for the huge galactic sacred mission from Avalon to Mount Shasta which is the central focal point of Lemuria,

This trip is attracting a huge amount of attention from many many galactic beings who are assisting us us on such a deep unfathomable level to fulfill this mission, bringing and anchoring the deepest and intense frequencies of the Holy Grail and establishing that template in all its Magdalene and yeshua glory,  in the sacred portal that is Mount shasta.

Please know that all of you who come forward are Avalon Priestesses, and Holy Grail Knights, and we have all been together in Avalon, Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt together thousands and thousands of years and lifetimes.

This sacred reunion has been prophesied by the highest beings of light, and we are being guided to come together in order to fully activate the codes of the holy grail with all the participants who come forward to be part of this pilgrimage.

The 10:10 transmission will be facilitated in Mount Shasta, and in this transmission we are being guided on a very deep level to work with our galactic elder brothers and sisters too deeply anchor this rainbow light Bridge  from Avalon to lemuria, In this transmission we are also being very much guided to work with the oceans of the Earth and many of the sacred sites within our oceans, such as pyramids, and galactic portals. We are being asked to send  a very powerful beam of light energy into our oceans in order to activate and open the stargates in time for the imminent solar flash event

Please know that the work that we are doing is directly related to our lifetimes in lemuria whereby we set forth the seeds that would become the the self realised fruits of this lifetime, which is known as the turning of the great cycle -the shift from the age of kali to the Golden Age.

Please know that the work that we are being guided to do do will profoundly assist all oceanic life and will massively Accelerate the timeline of the cleanup of our sacred oceans. This transmission will also largely benefit all of the whales and dolphins and will fully assist them to activate, Accelerate and empower their atlantean DNA. It is very important that we do this work, as the oceans of the Earth carry light information directly related to communication from prime creator, so please understand we are being guided to to send a massive wave of upgraded healing energy to every single aspect of oceanic life including the coral reef.

Dearest ones, It is time now for the Divine feminine to fully and absolutely step up as the sexual healer and priestess that she truly is, it is no longer appropriate for the awakening Divine feminine to wait for her divine masculine to turn up on his white horse to whip her away into the Fifth Dimension. This is an illusion of the highest order. The Divine masculine is currently experiencing unprecedented levels of purging shame and guilt particularly with regards to clearing their 3d  sexuality templates, so therefore it is appropriate now that the Holy Grail priests and priestesses free themselves of all patriarchal programming and re-established this sacred contract which holds that the Divine feminine must lead the Divine masculine into the sacred temple of healing one’s sexuality.

Pease know dearest ones, as soon as you make that shift in your own consciousness to be able to offer that invitation to your divine masculine, your higher self will align you with a  divine masculine who you have a profoundly deep soul contract with to work with in this way in this lifetime. Now truly is the time.

The Divine feminine needs to focus on clearing all shame and guilt connected to  her sexuality and sexual ecstasy codes, this is the only way the Divine masculine can be healed. it is time now for the Divine feminine to step up as the spiritual leader that mother Father God created her to be. This is a very challenging thing for the Divine feminine, due to the horrendous memories of patriarchal persecution, however we must put this behind us now and focus entirely on reclaiming all codes of sexual Innocence that lie in our galactic womb and DNA.

There are  still places left on the Sisterhood of the rainbow rose online retreat taking place this weekend and please know that all the sisters who come forward to be part of this work have an extremely important role in terms of igniting and activating these codes of feminine empowerment in many many women.

These are the times we have all been praying for and we are the ones we have all been waiting for. There is no more waiting now brothers and sisters. It is time now to claim our innocence and our sovereignty, that we may rise as the Christ consciousness beings mother Father God always intended us to be.

In love and eternal like jenji and the white wolf tribe

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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