Don Juan: reality or fiction? ~ September 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: Ah! Another message from my spiritual friend, Senad Dizdarevic (Seno) who continues on with his presentation of material on the relationship of Don Juan/Carlos Castenada.

Please read and learn another way (method) for taking human consciousness into another state of BEing. Is there any wrong way to achieve “ascension”? I think not. So please read about this method, think a bit, and BE…



Toltecs were very careful with presenting their explanation because it was too
strange, mystical and magical for ordinary people who wanted only everyday
bread and games.

Persons on the positions of power who preferred the meat with bread were all
that could harm their system strictly punishing and killing. Similar or the same
as today.

That’s why the Toltecs were very careful with whom they will invite in their
community, tell him the secret of this world and help him to get out of the
deadly prison. As Don Juan said, the Spirit or Intent selected the new
candidate and not people. And even after that, they were testing him a lot
with searching for signs and confirmations.

That’s the reason that Toltec’s teaching is very storyful, symbolic and
abstract. The second reason is that some phenomenons as Pure Awareness
is not so easy to describe.

Don Juan told us a lot, but he didn’t tell us everything. Once he said that he is
an Indian and that he speaks in metaphors. He could present the Toltec
system so everybody could use it alone and without a mentor.

Maybe it doesn’t work without the mentor and you need somebody to literally
take you out of here. I assume that all of his group ascended and transformed
into light beings with the direct help of their mentor. As we know Carlos didn’t
transform, and he died as a human.

There were and still is a lot of speculations about Castaneda’s books. Is Don
Juan real or Carlos invented him and constructed everything from different
spiritualities and religions as some claim.

From the first book on many readers wished for the teaching to be true.
Thousands were searching Don Juan in Mexico to pass the test of Intent and
become his students or just meet him and confirm that he is real but they
couldn’t find him.

How we can know what is true and what is fiction? Usually with the proof. If
something is true, then there must be proof for its existence. Funny thing is
that often the thing itself is not enough to be a proof for its existence and there must be a sealed paper to confirm it:) Only when is properly evidenced as evidence then is a real proof. The scientific proof is supposed to be true if it’s measurable and can be repeated. Personal experience is not true evidence for the scientists and the doubters.

Many know that lucid dreaming is a real thing and many indeed lucid dream. I
assume that some scientists are among the lucid dreamers. But they can not
prove the lucid dreaming with the scientific methods because they don’t have
scientific proof. They have measured different brain waves in different sleep
phases but they still don’t have scientific proof for lucid dreaming. Despite the
fact that hundreds of millions of people have a personal experience with lucid

Not even one of approx. 4 to 5 billion religion believers don’t have a personal
experience with so-called god and there is no scientific proof for his
existence. They can’t have the personal experience with god because there is
no such being.

God is just a karmicons construction and a big fat lie. Read more about it in
my book Letters to Palkies Messages to my friends on another planet where I
present a concrete proof for it.

Here just the fact that Energy was never created and it will be never
destroyed because that is impossible. So god or the “Creator” doesn’t exist.
He is impossible, too.

To be continued.

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All the best to all.
P.s. Before the end, I reveal where are the nagual boys. They are alive, one
more than the other:)
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