The Illusion of Loss ~ September 20, 2019

By JeJa

Loss is an illusion. Completely. You cant lose anyone.

When you realize that everyone is a spirit having a human experience, and that the one you spoke to deeply, laughed with deeply, loved deeply and hugged in deep respect, is that spirit, and that spirit is eternal, you will then realize soon enough that your sense of losing this person is not real.

When you die, aka transition, you leave your body and enter higher vibrations. As higher vibrations are natural to Creation and fear, density and lower vibration is not, you tend to remember who you are instantly upon dying. You recall your contract upon incarnating and you goal in life. You simply come back after a deep sleep of separation.

This is perfectly normal, its the human earth life of the ego that is abnormal to Creation. Your friends, family, girlfriends, boyfriends, husband and wife, child, grandfather, dad, mom, and sister and brother are all up on the ships with the rest of Creation. The higher self only knows what is real and embraces the pain and illusion of separation, but it is not of it. It is of eternal love.

The only real timeline of Creation has always been love, in the present moment. No matter how long or how far away you believe your relatives who have passed are, they tend to most often visit you and float just beside you literally. But you cant see them because the human body is too unstable to handle higher energies. When people say, I know and feel my “insert name here” to be alive in heaven right now, they are speaking from their soul. They innately know that they have nothing to fear and sense this feeling when faced with the pain of loss.

They might now be fully aware of it themselves but they are absolutely right, because love, higher frequencies, the etheric, the starships and all of it is just right here beside and around us. Nothing to fear, its just where we simply come from and will return to when its the highest to do so. We are eternal beings having a human experience.

This knowing alone should threaten the sense of loss as you realize that you haven’t lost anything, and can get everything you truly want from the etheric. Because of the 3d illusion of physicality, density, tiredness, restraint, compression and resistance, the most human thing to do would be to hold on to anything you hold dear in your heart. Humans do this repeatedly with no success ever. This wont lead to a good life nor will it fulfill your hearts desires.

Indeed it is truly difficult to surpass the 3d illusion for it is a painful feeling to sense expansion and the mind manipulates this into illusory though and believing that the pain is real when in actuality the pain is temporary and is just an energetic cleansing. Pain is unnatural thats why the process hurts. Loss hurts, but when you feel into the aftermath and just breathe, you WILL feel much better. You should know from this that the illusion has faded, and you DO in fact feel better. Just that tiny “feel better” part after crying, releasing and processing, grieving and so forth, is truly enough to say, okay there has to be more to life than this prisonry.


About cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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