The Karmicons Series (10/12) ~ September 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is episode 10 of the Karmicon series sent to me by my friend, Senad Dizdarevic. In this article, we learn more about incarnation, but this is incarnation in which the original YOU exists simultaneously with the personality you are today (in my case…Cynthia). When Cynthia dies, the real ME is released, but incarnation happens again.

This thought is very familiar to the thought that incarnation practice imposed by the Dark was now finished and stopped as the Dark entities forcing incarnation are gone from Planet Earth. None the less, this article is an important reminder to be aware of your own personal sovereignty as you value your yourself whilie BEing…



The Karmicons Series (10/12)

Dear friends, 

Now, I will reveal the incarnation procedure. You will see how lying and deceiving are the karmicons. 

With this revelation I started the demise of Evil Karmicons organization and allowed you to live as true, original and free Beings of Pure Awareness, and Beautiful Beings of Love and Wisdom. Forever. 

Instead of who the flower blossoms, instead of who am I?  

In the consequential model of the Creator Absorbic Karmicons system higher beings go to live in lower worlds. Incarnants are aware of themselves through the whole pregnancy and they have full memory. 

They know who they are, where they are from and why are they here. They don’t want to be here but they can’t do anything to stop it and to go home. They are entering and exiting the fetus and later baby. 

With their small energy body and consciousness in which is their personality they enter the baby for the last time at around one year. Karmicons then switch off their personality awareness and they go to sleep. In that moment and in the same conscious field of energy new personality starts to develop. That is the personality of a new person different from incarnant. Some characteristics they share, some are completely different. 

After the death of a man karmicons reverse the procedure and switch off personal awareness of the person who actually lived all and his own original life and they switch on the incarnants personality. Man dies for the second time and his life moves to the incarnants shell of Previous Lives. 

They finish man, incarnant return to his world and live on. 

Until the new incarnation when they will force him again to »lend« his consciousness to another man. He will develop his personality in it and they will switch him off after the end of his life. That’s how karmicons are with forced incarnations literally creating and killing people. Hundred of billions.  

Let’s say Jack comes down and lends the consciousness to John. When John dies, they switch off his personality and they move it to Jack’s memory. Jack wakes up and lives his life on.  

That is the difference between subject and object. The subject, incarnant, lives longer and has more lives of other people in his cupboard of the Previous Lives. People, especially Earthlings who don’t incarnate, are for kamicons just an object and we have only one life. And even this one life is not our own because we are not the real beings for them. 

They wrote the scripts for our life for incarnant, for the subject, and is their own, one of their Previous Lives.  

But, subject or object, in the consequential model and the Creator Absorbic Karmicons system we will all die at the end. Karmicons, too:)  

Darlings, family, and friends are waiting home for their people that were forced to go to incarnations. The only way they can return home is that we human in whom are they incarnated die.  

Only when we die and they switch our personalities off, they can switch on theirs. And only then they can return home. Not before our death. We have to die so they can live.  

There are billions and billions of beings waiting for our death. Almost 8 billions of fathers, mothers, wives, husbands, children, relatives and friends are waiting for this very moment for all of us to die so their darlings can come home. 

They want them to come now. Now! Their love wishes for their people is a death wish for us. Their wish we die now is not personal to us but that is the only way that their darlings can return home.  

Instead of who the flower blossoms, instead of who am I?* And instead of who are you? 

*song by Vlado Kreslin 

Those are the questions for us, people in the Karmicons system as only objects, live costumes, and probes for collecting experiences for other beings.  

Which life-time are we living right now, you and I while their darlings are waiting for them to come home? They are looking with one eye on the calendar and with another one the watch. How many times do they go every day to look in their room and a bed to see if they have returned? How many times would you go to check? To see if their darlings have awakened from the dreams of another life.  

How many of them want to hold their darling for the hand, hug him and kiss him? How many are there waiting for us to die right now so their two can come home? 

The same way that these one want us to die so their darlings can return home there are others one floor above them that wish the same for the waiting ones below them because their darlings are incarnated in them! They also want them back but first, those under them that are already waiting for theirs have to die. 

And so it goes floor after floor after floor, up, up and up. In all the floors of the Karmicons system. And there are hundreds and hundreds of floors on billions of planets. 

Funny, they are waiting for karmicons, who are enforcing this system, too:) 

All that are living in the Karmicons system are waiting for the death of lowers. This cosmos is one big waiting room of Death in which all wait that somebody will die. Above the Karmic system start Absorbic system with the same model in which higher beings devour lowers. 

With the exception they don’t just wait for lowers to die, they will kill them themselves. After that, the first »god« or the highest being in this cosmos will devour all absorbers, too. They call it »to become One with god«. Or simply, suicide by god:)  

It is very important, beneficial and urgent that we become aware of the simple truth of Existence, Pure Awareness, Life and ourselves and change the consequential model into simultaneous one and finish the CREator Absorbic Karmicons system and stay alive. Our Reality is Simultaneity. In Simultaneity, we can live forever. 

We want to live. We can see that Life wants to live even if it is really hard. But we want to live differently. We want to live natural as subjects, equivalent, equal and sovereign beings.  

We will live and nobody will wait for our death for their darlings to come home. We are all Beings of Pure Awareness and wonderful beings of Love and Wisdom. We have all the rights to live exactly as we wish and wisely act for the benefits of all.  

Until now we were just bodies, objects and live costumes for the incarnants. We were just probes for collecting experiences for other beings. We were just specimens for experiments. We were just live dolls for karmicons bloody orgies and their sadistic torturing. When they finished with us they finished us and throw us away.  

We are closing now the Creator Absorbic Karmic system of Evil and living naturally. In simultaneous mode, we co-exist at the same time and are all direct streams of Life. 

We are all original, equivalent, equal and we have the right to be sovereign and decide about our lives. In the Reality of Simultaneously, we are all subjects and real beings. 

No one lives for another and no one is Master or slave to another. Each is living his own life and we all together live Life. In Peace, Friendship, and Love. Forever. 

To be continued.
Senad Dizdarevic
If you want to know more about the karmicons and the future of Earth read
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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!
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