The Importance Of Death – Soul Contract ~ September 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: Wow! Information in the article by Teri Wade certainly opens a whole new can of worms for me to think through. I “get it” that death is a transition, I “get it” that the Earth/humanity is undergoing a never before seen process of Ascension.

My confusion stems from the claim of two separate 4D timelines to which humans will go through what we perceive as “death” in that our life force will be sent elsewhere for a slower transition? Separation of humanity for “other” 3D worlds is familiar, transitioning to another 4D experience is not. “Death” is now important to our Ascension process?

It seems to me that we are now witnessing views that seem a bit cockeyed from what were considered reliable and trusted in the Lightworker community. Michael Love endorsing a “super” digital currency system, “Hashgraph”? Teri Wade espousing death (removal of souls from Earth) as good for the Ascension process?

My advice? For me, the facts and details of our transition to 5D really doesn’t matter. The important thought we all must hold is that of our own personal sovereignty. WE are creators and we CAN DO what it is we want to do, we CAN be successful in ourselves, and we CAN BE…



The Importance Of Death. By Teri Wade.

As you all know we are in a time of great transformation and souls will be relocated to their applicable timelines per their Soul Contracts of each individual.

Its been said that there will be two separate fourth dimensional timelines kept in tact for the lower density soul experience and growth.


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One 4D timeline will run for about 2 to 3 years linear time with an apocalyptic ending. The other 4D timeline will run for about 71 years also with an apocalyptic ending.

Unfortunately sometimes transformation on such a massive level comes with severe cataclysmic consequences. We are in that current time of transformation.

The souls that have chose the transition to one of these 4D timelines are currently being placed on these timelines.

What we perceive as death is the actual placement of souls on one of these timelines to carry out their experiences in human form.

The Importance Of Death - Timelines


The Importance Of Death

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While others are ascending to the 4D timeline there are others ascending to higher timelines through the death transition which will make it appear to others they have died.

Death is not what it appears to be to the human race.

It’s actually a transition, a relocation effect to secure what’s really transpiring.

The Importance Of Death - Ascension


The Importance Of Death

This is happening now because of the level of Ascension that we are at currently. The Divine Plan is now being shared.

As you connect within more directly with Source you are transitioning into a new way of being while existing in human form.

Natural occurrences are assisting many souls which means you will see death increasing as this relocation continues.

Remember, death is a complete transition into another timeline.

We will start seeing an increase in global deaths but remember this is the relocation process of souls to certain timelines.

Because, Nature always brings its creation back to balance. More understanding of this will be given to all of us in due time.

Currently some of you are experiencing this departure through the death of your pets but they aren’t dead they just went somewhere else.

The reason I am addressing the death issue is because of the low vibrational energy surrounding the thought of death for it must not interfere with the human Ascension as we go forward.

We need to be very careful about bringing down the quality of the Ascension process as a whole.

This Ascension process requires a high vibration by each and everyone of you as an individual to allow it to continue unhindered.

We must except death as being part of the process and any preconceived notions of never seeing them again must be left at the door. This is the way it has to be while still in human form.

The timelines are separating now because we are at that crucial pivotal point in our Ascension because the light quotient has been reached within us. We are all doing this while still in human form. I’ve said this many times it has never happened before on this planet with the human species.

Creation of the new 5D timeline while still in human form is currently happening which is freeing us from the ever so dense, heavy, mundane reality of the current 3D reality.

We are freeing ourselves from the programs that will transition us to this 5D timeline.

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